YouTube Vanced Will Be Discontinued Why?

YouTube Vanced Will Be Discontinued Why? An Official YouTube Vanced post on Twitter and Reddit posting about Vanced being discontinued. On Telegram Vanced and on Reddit, the developer of the Vanced YouTube app recently announced that they would be ceasing operations. Also, all download links will be removed in the next few days. But the website, Telegram group, and subreddit will be around for a while.

YouTube Vanced will be discontinued

The Youtube Vanced App is a dedicated YouTube app for Android that adds the same premium features as the original app. Youtube Vanced can remove all ads and can be set in the background. actually the developer of brave browser is also the developer of vanced youtube

Why is YouTube Vanced Discontinued

Contents of the Official Admin:

Vanced has been discontinued. In the coming days, the download link on the website will be removed. We know this is not something you want to hear, but it is something we need to do. Thank you all for supporting us over the years.

The currently installed version will work fine, until it becomes obsolete in 2 years or so.

*It is not yet known why YouTube Vanced was discontinued, Netizens suspect that the Problem with Google Continues.

In the next few days the download link from YouTube Vanced will be taken down. Discord servers, telegram and subreddits will be around for a while. We know this is something you don’t want to hear, but it’s something we need to do. Thank you for supporting us over the years.

For those who are still confused or feel a dilemma about installing Youtube Vanced, maybe this info can help.

Advantages :

1. Block annoying ads

2. Can use dark theme

3. Still running on the homepage background

Deficiency :


2. It hurts Google and content creators because they don’t get revenue from blocked ads

3. Don’t appreciate advertisers who have spent a lot of money to place ads to watch

4. Can’t see ads that are sometimes interesting to watch

How many YouTube Vanced will be discontinued Why?

Youtube Vanced alternative

NewPipe is a good choice. It is based on a web scraper using the API from the YouTube website. Ads completely remove the app. Unfortunately, there is no SponsorBlock integration there. An alternative is the NewPipe x SponsorBlock fork

His name is youtube pen looking for more money, like yesterday the musok bot that used source yt was stopped

Actually, there are still many applications like YT Vanced but the convenience provided by YouTube Vanced makes it more famous and has many users. That’s what it means

Yt Vanced is really in the gray zone.

Moreover, the previous ones also made a lot of noise, it’s better to vanced than the original, etc.

Actually, there are still many Vanced alternatives, only that many people know about this Vanced.

1. Picture in picture

2. Adfree

3. SponsorBlock

4. Play in the background

5. The Dislike button looks like a number (it hasn’t been implemented for a long time)

6. Spoof video quality can be higher

Usually what many people know will die quickly too.

So many YouTube Vanced will be discontinued Why?


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