YouTube content ideas suitable for beginners

Welcome to IT People Blog. The trend of becoming a YouTuber has increased quite rapidly when you see new faces appear in popular videos with a number of viewers between hundreds of thousands to millions.

Many people want to venture into the world of youtube aka video blogs to earn income and gain popularity. So don’t be surprised if there are ecourses out there that are said to teach easy ways to make money from YouTube videos,

When you enter a YouTube study group, most of the group’s contents are never empty with questions like “I don’t like playing games, so what video should I upload?“and questions like this”what is the niche / topic of youtube content that can be successful quickly?“.. most beginners are confused about what kind of video to upload

Actually, it’s not just on YouTube, yes, some blogger groups also don’t go far to ask for microniche ideas that are still potential at this time or blog topic ideas that have a lot of visitors, the difference is that YouTube focuses more on moving media (read video) while blogger contains a collection of articles accompanied by illustration/pointer gambar

YouTube content ideas suitable for beginners

Being a youtuber who focuses on uploading 1 video content every day is more difficult than a blogger who can post 1 article per day, that’s because the process of taking videos and editing takes a long time unless the video content is very simple like lifting a gallon, cooking noodles or eating meatballs hehe

Because I’ve been a blogger for 5 years, it’s not hard to find ideas to write articles, but the action is really boring. Likewise with youtubers, I’m sure there are many services out there that tell you what kind of content is currently popular.

Falling as a youtuber, as long as uploading videos is something that in my opinion is detrimental. In addition to the loss of time also loss of costs. Therefore, a novice youtuber must join the youtube community (paid or free) so that they have an idea of ​​how to build and develop their youtube channel long term.

As beginners, we really have to learn a lot, upload videos, see engagements, repeat, research content that the market is interested in and evaluate the growth of the YouTube channel. So that the channel that you manage is gradually growing and increasing in the number of followers. At this stage you have to leave the habit of begging like and subscribe

Being a content creator must be willing to think creatively, don’t want to be bribed with ideas and buy other people’s content that is not necessarily in accordance with market interests. But in this post I will give some ideas for youtube content that is suitable for beginners

1. Video story/storytelling

It’s also fun to tell fun and stressful moments in life, we can share life experiences, travel stories, feelings when falling in love and unexpected events.

Creating storytelling content is also easy, prepare a text script that has been prepared previously, add additional background effects, backsounds, and video effects to support video content. Here are some examples of ideas that can be discussed in storytelling;

– Share horror story experiences during KKN

– Tells about love stories from elementary to middle school

– Tells about the current work profession and we successfully accepted the job in the position you currently occupy

– Life tips when you are an overseas child or a boarding house child

– Share stories when dating first then compare life after marriage

– Experience going to prison during high school because of a brawl

– The story of how it feels to be drunk, is it true that when you are drunk you can get everything you want, even if it’s just an illusion, etc

However, as much as possible don’t poison the audience’s brain with useless content, create useful content, for example when you get a scholarship to study in Japan there is a name Joshi Kosei namely high school women who peddle themselves hehe or maybe do a survey about prices Joshi Kosei among high school students from the cheapest to the most expensive price… well this isn’t even true

2. Reaction video

This is also the type of video content that is suitable for beginners, you just need to look for video content from movie trailers or those shared by other people while showing an exaggerated expression in front of the camera, really easy, right?

It was the same way when you first appeared, playing games while fighting, I think it’s really tacky but we live in a country that supports useless content going viral

So what are the tips? show an expression that is out of the planet, lebay to somersault and scream like a stabbed person

Unless you are good looking, just smile calmly in front of the camera, the audience is already happy.

Even though I think this kind of content is useless, it’s very suitable for beginner YouTubers to train mentally in front of the camera. Hopefully the results are not creepy disturbing

Apart from the film’s content, what do you think is worth reacting to? Just make a plot setting for cheating boyfriends, the appearance of kuntilanak on a date in the garden must be crowded

3. Roasting Influencers

Seeking attention with artist roasting is indeed different, usually claiming that the food is better than the master chef’s cooking or claiming to be able to beat Joe Taslim

So, the content of the video content is self-praising and considers influencers to be unmatched. Thankfully, if our account is noticed by an influencer, it’s guaranteed to have high views and subscribers right away

But the idea of ​​roasting content like this is not ethical, because it makes us arrogant and if we get out of hand, slander can go to jail. Even if they manage to grow a channel with roasting influencer content, not many brands are willing to cooperate for fear of being labeled a bad brand.

No need to be sad, I’m sure penis enlargement brands or body white ointments don’t mind posting ads on your channel

4. Show off content

Don’t be grandiose, want to show off a Tesla car or private jet, which one do you have?

Fortunately, showing off is not meant here in a negative way, for example, if you are good at playing rubrics, just make a challenge, right, set a timer for 10-20 seconds to set the color of the rubric

If you are a graduate student majoring in mathematics, you can give quick tips on solving problems, if you are good at karate, you can demo crush stones with your bare hands, if you are good at making poetry, try a random challenge to seduce girls in public, flute masters can cover songs that are currently occupying the Indonesian charts.

Don’t forget to give tips so that your audience is smart. Who knows, it can become a charity if you die in the afterlife

Don’t have the skills but the son of a rich man? You can buy a container of milk to give before breaking the fast, or give money to motorcyclists who obey traffic at the crossroads.

If you want to show off branded bags, make-up kits, and figure toys worth tens of millions, you shouldn’t do it, for fear of being kidnapped when you leave the house and then being dumped on the side of the road.

I think every human being must have 1 field that they like and pursue, if there are humans who have no interest in anything maybe they can start thinking about the future so they don’t bother their parents

5. Content of backbiting

This backbiting is actually a sin, but if you don’t follow it, your mouth feels itchy, hehe. I don’t think the content that deserves to be shared will never run out, starting from the victim of a robbery who was made a suspect for killing a begal, to bullying incidents that ended in sexual harassment which was initially allowed to happen. teacher or uniformed person who forced his girlfriend to have an abortion

If you want to be safe, you can adopt the way of playing lambe turah, you never see his face right? only the mouth looks like nagging non-stop

The minus is that making backbiting content is definitely a sin, our ridicule can go back to ourselves/family, like people who don’t work, have a lot of haters and can also go to jail

Other tips can discuss current phenomena but are discussed with the intention of educating so that it is useful for many people, for example the news of people being struck by lightning in the middle of the rice fields then we explain about the laws of physics and geography from a scientific point of view, who knows what the name of the science is.

In the end, the key to becoming a successful YouTuber is to upload content consistently and always think creatively without being bothered by the insults of netizens, when netizens are insulted, they get frustrated.

Meanwhile, for equipment, usually a cheap microphone so the sound is bad, a home wifi connection is the cheapest package so that uploading videos is slow, the camera quality is also average so that when the video takes process it looks wobbly

Thank God the times are getting more advanced, the internet connection is now based on 4G to 5G and the internet quota specifically for youtube/tiktok is cheap and not as expensive as a decade ago

If the home wifi internet connection feels slow, you can stop by the RT post because every RT has wifi installed (there is a government program) if at the kamling post there is no wifi, try going to the RT head’s house and just saying you want to share

It’s also a good idea to stop by a cafe. In the past, cafes were only available in big cities, but now they are even on the edge of rice fields. Just buy coffee and fries for 18 thousand and enjoy wifi access for up to 5 hours

Meanwhile, for devices, you can buy a credit cellphone first, the capital is only an ID card, right? for microphones, you can buy used goods but in good condition, examples of other content ideas that are no less useful in the midst of a pandemic;

– Sing or play a musical instrument at home

– Playing games all day

– Cooking for the family, not extreme cuisine huh

– Face makeup tutorials and assembling motorbikes/motorcycle modifications

– Simple science experiments like drinking coca cola and mentos

– Make parody videos with your sister at home

– Culinary walks

In fact, unusual content that deals massive damage is more popular and enters fyi

That’s my view as an experienced blogger when it comes to YouTube content, I’m not a YouTuber myself and I’m still just wishing I could try it. Thank you and thank you

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