Why Programmers Now Choose Golang?

Why Programmers Now Choose Golang? What are the advantages of golang? – Golang is a lightweight open source programming language. This programming language was developed by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson of Google in 2007, but was not released as an open source programming language until 2009.

This year, Golang is ranked 13th in the popularity index, up from 65th in the last two years. Golang is widely used in Google’s production environment and many open source projects. Golang was created to simplify the software development process, especially for complex architectures and processes.

That’s why tech giants like Facebook, Apple, Google, and Docker use it.

Why are programmers now moving to Golang? What are the advantages of this language made by Google?

What is Golang

The Go programming language or commonly called Go Language (Golang) was originally designed by Google as a static-type programming language and is also compiler-based.

Golang was born with the aim of having advantages in terms of speed, reliability, and simplicity.

Don’t you know? The Golang language is designed in such a way from the C language, you know. Yup, Golang is compiler-based so it produces binary code that can be compiled.

Unlike the Java programming language, which requires a Java Virtual Machine to run the program.

Why Choose Golang

So, what are the advantages of this Google-made programming language?

Here are some reasons why you should learn the Golang programming language. This programming language was designed by Google, which means it is suitable for production-based code and efficiently managing large programs.

1. According to the slogan of the website, Golang was built so that a program can be built faster, more reliable, and efficient in software scalability. In addition, this language is also open source, you know, friend!

2. Many big companies now use Golang language, such as Meta, Netflix, Google, Twitter, and many more!

3. Has a garbage collector feature. Unlike C language, in Golang we don’t need to clean up unused memory locations.

4. Golang is a concurrent programming. There are not many programming languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat offer this capability. With this capability, the computer can perform goroutines, channels for synchronization, and select to manage multiple paths concurrently.

Interesting right?

5. Overcoming high traffic. Now, with the concurrency feature, high traffic on the web can be easily resolved. This is really suitable for back-end developers who often have problems when users continue to grow.


6. Today, cloud computing has been used in various sectors. Well, with Golang we can create a scalable system based on cloud computing too, you know, friend!

Well, friend, that’s the reason why programmers move to the Golang language. In addition to its popularity, this language is also suitable for server-side development because it can increase efficiency so that the web that we develop becomes even better!

Hopefully it’s useful!

So Why Are Programmers Now Choosing Golang?


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