Why do well-known products still need advertising

Why do well-known products still need advertising – Each company will have different specific goals, but most will try to grow by reaching more consumers and convincing them to buy the products and services the company offers. To do this effectively, you must take advantage of all the latest marketing resources and technologies used by many people in the modern world. The internet is at the top. This makes digital marketing necessary for every business.

Over the past decade, the world has shown a paradigm shift towards digitization. More and more people are consuming all kinds of information online. With the increasing maturity and digitization of the Internet and technology, digital marketing has become one of the most important roles for companies

Why do well-known products still need advertising

Anyone aware or not, big brand like




it’s still advertising. Why do big brands that are already known to the public still need to advertise?

Back to the topic, why do big brands still need advertising?

Not only ayang, brands also need ATTENTION.

How do you mean? Gini…

In one day there are:

– 500 million tweets

– 95 million ig posts

– 720,000 hours of youtube videos

and Indonesians use the internet every day for 8.5 hours.

Can you imagine how difficult it is for a brand to get the attention of consumers?

Even if a brand was once big and became top of mind, based on the product life cycle concept…

Everything will be declining, unless an update is made.

When a brand makes an innovation or renewal, one of the channels used to convey this information to consumers is advertising.

Imagine if all brands did the same thing. Advertising is a necessity.

To understand more, here are the types of ads in general:

– Print media: banners, billboards, stickers, posters, etc.

– Electronic media: TVC, fb ads, google ads, etc

Advertising also serves a different purpose. If all the goals are the same, it’s impossible for the brands above to run hundreds of ads at the same time.

The most common advertising objectives are twofold:

Increase awareness (from people who don’t know, so they know, so they remember, so they know best)

Increase conversions (can lead to transactions, download apps, etc.)

So, is it clear? Why do big brands also need to advertise? No threat of new competitors~

Oh yes, advertising is only a small part of digital marketing. There are so many strategies and implementations that can be done.

Learning digital marketing is easy and fun, right?

That’s why well-known products still need advertising


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