What is a Programmer’s Niche? How to Become a Niche Programmer

What is a Programmer’s Niche? How to Become a Niche Programmer – One strategy for being successful as a software engineer is to become a “niche programmer”.

Instead of being a “React programmer”, you become a “Clojure programmer”.

The competition is lighter. Eh, by the way, Gojek uses Clojure.

What is a “niche”? It means niche.

React is very “mainstream”. But Clojure, Haskell, Vyper are still “niches”.

Java, PHP are mainstream.

Rust is still a “niche”.

Golang has started to become “mainstream”.

Ruby has started to become a “niche” after being “mainstream” for years.

The strategy for becoming a successful “niche programmer” is a strong GitHub portfolio. Instead of practicing LeetCode, you strengthen your GitHub portfolio.

To quote the article:

Look at the average compensation of “niche” languages ​​like Clojure and “mainstream” languages ​​like PHP.

Clojure =

What is a Programmer's Niche?  How to Become a Niche Programmer

Son of active Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong authored a book on the Scala programming language and gave a presentation on COMPILER.

Book site: https://handsonscala.com

I always joke:

Boomer uses Java.

Cool people use Kotlin.

Smart people at Gojek use Clojure.

IQ 200 people use Scala.

If you want to play it safe, learn at least one language “mainstream“, and at least one “niche” language.

So there is a “safety net”.

Learn PHP and Clojure -> live a safe, peaceful, prosperous life.

What “niche” language do you want to learn/have mastered?

Clojure / elixir / scala / rust ?

Gojek uses Clojure. you know

Question session:

1. I want to ask, does clojure itself have a lot of market?

Answer: Not much. In Indonesia, as far as I know, only Gojek uses it. That’s why Clojure is a “niche”.

Must look outside if Clojure.

Golang is a favorite of Indonesian startups.

2. Btw Zenius also uses Clojure. Slow but sure more and more people are adopting

Answer: Yes. Just checked on their github.


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