Virtual Reality is part of Artificial Intelligence

IT People Blog – Surely there is a lot of information about virtual reality as one of the technologies that is widely discussed today. Virtual reality is one part of artificial intelligence that is produced with the aim of facilitating human activities.

Virtual Reality Is Part Of Artificial Intelligence

Even today the use of virtual reality technology has begun to be applied not only to large companies but also to technological devices that are usually used in everyday life such as smartphones. Actually, the concept of artificial intelligence has been initiated since the 1940s and continues to be developed along with technological developments

One form of application that is widely used today is virtual reality.

We can find virtual reality in the learning process and playing games. In the past, when we wanted to play games, we used the television screen to display the characters and the background of the game, but nowadays it is much more fun to play using virtual reality.

What is Virtual Reality?

Surely many of you are asking what is virtual reality?

Virtual reality is a technology that allows users to interact with the environment in cyberspace.

This is because of the computer simulation so that users feel like they are in a graphical environment that they usually see on a monitor screen. The purpose of this program was originally to provide a rough simulation of the appearance of the city of Aspen in Colorado which was created by the MIT company in 1977.

So. With virtual reality technology, users can wander in one of the three seasons provided, namely summer, winter, and polygons. Until in the end this technology continues to transform where it is equipped with multisensory stimulation so that users can see while walking and even hear sounds.

Even this technology also helps users feel the vibrations while in the virtual world. Especially now that the use of VR is also pegged at an economical price with high quality so that you can feel the virtual thing for real.

Virtual Reality Work System

Of course, these virtual reality glasses have a working system where users can see a pseudo-world that actually comes from a computer-engineered graphic image. Later, to be able to see the picture, the user will wear special glasses so that they can interact directly with the pseudo world.

Even later users will get feedback so that it feels real, both physically and fictional. Only you can see this display while other people who don’t wear these special glasses can’t see it.

Advantages of Virtual Reality

Of course, there are several advantages possessed by this virtual reality where in addition to making work easier it also helps in the training process, one of which is flying a plane without using a real plane but in the form of a simulator.

Even this technology is also used in games which are one of the media to release stress for most people. Using this technology will feel real because players feel directly immersed in the game and interact virtually. So with this technology you can visit places you can’t afford to go. Even places you can’t possibly go to like a fantasy world

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Benefits of Virtual Reality Technology

Information about virtual reality, of course, you must know, especially the benefits of this technological advancement. Because this technology was not developed massively, here are some perceived benefits, namely:

1. Facilitate training activities

As we know that virtual reality technology can help someone feel like they are in a different world, so it’s no wonder that this technology is also used in various trainings, such as practicing doctors, driving a car or flying an airplane.

So with this technology, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to pay for training costs and of course minimize the risk of accidents. You improve your basic skills and knowledge without having to do it for real but really effectively. So don’t be surprised if many companies use this technology because it has been proven to reduce budget spending

2. Able to conduct remote meetings

As we know that everyone who works must have a meeting to discuss the technical implementation of the work. However, with this technology, users can hold meetings without having to gather in one place. So later all meeting members must use a virtual reality headset and connect it to an application.

When connected, the meeting members will feel like they are in a room, even later the Avatar on each meeting member will also show emotions and facial expressions so that it feels like doing it directly. This will certainly make it much easier for you where you can hold meetings even though they are far apart.

3. Can save budget

The main reason why many companies from various industries have used this technology is because it has been proven to save operational costs. Especially in a company they want to minimize expenses and get as much profit as possible. Even this technology is proven to make it easier for humans in daily activities.

Virtual Reality Example

There are several examples of devices that use virtual reality systems including;


For this one application, it must be familiar because it is produced by Google. With this application, you can directly enjoy the experience of the VR world only with an application that can be directly connected to a smartphone. Even with this application and help from Google earth, you can visit a place. So you can travel the world even though you are actually at home.



It is one of the VR products that can provide an interesting experience because you can view videos up to a 360-degree angle. Even with this application, it will help you to come to various interesting places in New York to enjoy the beauty of the beach and the sound of music.

3. Cardboard camera

For this one application, it has advantages that cannot be found in other virtual reality applications. Because with this application you can take pictures with a 360 degree angle so that the image can be seen from various angles.

Even when you are trying to go on vacation using this product can help to see a beautiful panorama. You can record sound as well as reminisce to reminisce about past experiences. So this technology can help you vacation without incurring flight and lodging costs.

No wonder by knowing this information about virtual reality, it is hoped that you will begin to adapt to technology that makes life easier, be the leading pioneer in utilizing virtual reality technology in your work environment.



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