Types of articles made by bloggers

Having a blog with thousands of visitors is a blogger’s dream, what causes a blog to get traffic from Google? the answer is clearly content.

A blog without content is impossible to get organic traffic unless the type of blog is a checker, for example, they have content on price comparison sites.

This means that you have to be diligent in posting first, optimizing, and finally organic visitors start arriving… it’s that simple in theory

Types of articles made by bloggers

Without content it is impossible for a blog to bring in traffic

Without this traffic, where does the income come from?

Without income how do you want to pay for domain renewal and hosting?

The contents of the blog are text articles, the content of Tiktod is a video with a maximum duration of 5 minutes, the content of the mangaka blog is comic images, so if the tiktok content is in the content of long text articles in the description section, it is also not suitable.

If you plunge into the world of bloggers then inevitably have to write articles. Then what kind of articles bring in a lot of visitors?

This is an example of an article made by bloggers;

1. Article tutorial

We usually find tutorial content on wikihow sites and are quite popular because they are made sequentially explaining step by step regarding how to do something

Tutorials are the type of content that most people need because they are experiencing a problem and looking for a solution to solve it.

Complex tutorials are usually found on specific blogs such as programmers, while simple tutorials can be found on cooking blogs

2. Listicle

Not a tickle (tickling) but a listicle, containing a collection of lists of a particular topic for example “12 of the most effective natural acne remedies to get rid of acne overnight“, discussed per point starting from point 1 there is spirit, point 2 is orange peel etc

This is a blogger’s favorite type of article and is easy to optimize, if on the internet competitors talk about “12 acne remedies” then you just make more complete content until “69 natural acne remedies” to attract organic visitors

The more the number of lists, the more it attracts the attention of visitors to click

3. Basic explanation

Google users usually look for the meaning of a certain word, for example, what is village self-sufficiency, what is a farmer clump, what is coli, etc.

The content is usually not too long, just 500 words. when Nisya Sabyan said “gelay” then people were curious and looked for the meaning of the term, it turned out to be quite simple, namely not liking and slipping her tongue to become gelay

You can also explain the basic understanding of scientific terms so that your blog doesn’t look silly

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4. Content comparison

Comparing 2 things that have the same function but which one do you think is better. For example, HP Realme from Oppo is actually better than Redmi from Xiaomi

Many people feel hesitant to choose something and look for information about comparisons on the internet. Yesterday I bought a cellphone with 8GB of RAM, I was hesitant to finally buy a Samsung A32 at a price of 3.5 million

5. Review content

Reviews of any product must have a lot of fans. On YouTube, there is a gadgetin channel that often reviews gadgets and laptops. Their advertising income is more than the products they buy for review

If you like watching review content, it means you also like reviewing a product, there’s nothing wrong with taking a niche review because it fits your personality which always feels curious.

Selular.id is one of the most popular gadget review websites, so don’t feel inferior to the gadgetin channel, okay?

6. Infographic content

There are rarely blogs that present infographic content because generally this content is not in the form of original text but images with illustrations, objects and text in it.

Complete with graphics and typography in image format. Because the gadget generation likes an attractive visual appearance, it’s no wonder that this infographic content is the easiest to share if you share it on social media

The process of creating infographic content takes time, starting from collecting scientific data, finding the right illustrations and designing them to look attractive. Infographics are one of the fastest ways to increase blog branding because the process of spreading it on social media is very fast

Including when our infographic content is picked up by other blogs, they need to provide information on the source of the image and it is impossible to delete our blog credit there. One of the blogs that quite often shares infographics is tirto.id



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