Tutorial on Zoom Meeting Meeting Schedule on HP and PC

IT People Blog – During the pandemic, people carry out their activities online or virtual. Even meetings are also held virtually through various video teleconferencing applications. One application that is quite popular is Zoom Meeting. Users can make video calls with many people in one room.

The existence of this application really supports meeting or gathering activities during the pandemic, where almost all community activities experience restrictions. There are tons of similar apps out there, but Zoom is more popular and has a lot of users.

Although in the past there was controversy regarding the security of user data, until now Zoom is still the choice for online meetings or events on a large scale. Well, by using this application there is a feature that makes it easy for users, namely Schedule Meeting. This feature serves to create and schedule virtual meetings complete with meeting times and durations.

Then, how to use the Schedule Meeting feature? Don’t worry, here you can do it very easily. You can use this feature via PC or HP. Well, just take a look at the tutorial on scheduling a Zoom Meeting on the following HP and PC.

1. Using Schedule Meetings Through Mobile

In order to apply this tutorial, make sure the Zoom application is installed on your cellphone. If you don’t have this application, download it immediately via Google Playstore and then wait for it to be installed on your phone.

Next, open the Zoom application on your cellphone then log in by registering an account or creating a new account. You can also log in through a Google account that has been installed on your cellphone, which is enough to link your e-mail with the Zoom application by pressing the google image icon.

After successfully logging in, you will see that there are options for new meeting, join, schedule, and share screen at the top of the menu display. Now, to schedule a meeting click on the calendar icon with the caption “Schedule”.

Using Schedule Meetings Through Mobile

Next, you will enter a new page with the title “Schedule Meeting” which is a Zoom Meeting virtual meeting schedule setting. This filling begins by listing the topic that will be carried out during the meeting or the name for the room. Then, set the date and duration of the meeting. It should also be noted that Zoom basic or free users can only have virtual meetings with a duration of 40 minutes.

Using Schedule Meetings Through HP1Using Scheduled Meetings Through HP1

However, if you want a longer time, Zoom can be rescheduled by the host so that you can get additional time. As for Zoom premium users, namely the Pro, Business, or Enterprise versions, there is no need to think about this because it can achieve a longer duration. In addition, you can add meeting members with a large capacity as well.

Back again to the “Schedule Meeting” settings, here you can manage everything related to your meeting. For example, such as settings by allowing all members to enter Zoom Meetings without host approval or with host approval. If you want members to be able to log in at any time then you can disable the “Enable Waiting Room” menu, but if you want to enter through the host’s permission then activate the menu.

This mode is one of the security features provided by Zoom Meeting to filter out who will enter and follow your activities. It is highly recommended to activate this feature if the meeting is a closed meeting. However, if many participants are participating, you can disable this menu so that participants can enter quickly without waiting for the host’s permission.

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After completing all the requirements in the schedule, click done. Then, you will be directed to send it via e-mail to participants who follow, or directly return to the “Meetings” menu. There you will be displayed your meeting schedule. You can share the meeting link via the “Send Invitation” menu at the top.

Using Schedule Meetings Through HP2Using Scheduled Meetings Through HP2

You can send meeting invitations via message, g-mail, messenger, or copy the link for distribution on wider platforms such as WhatsApp or others. Click “Copy to Clipboard” which will allow you to copy detailed Zoom Meeting information for wider distribution.

2. Using Scheduled Meeting Via PC

For users who prefer to install the conference application via a PC, they can also schedule meetings using a PC. Of course, what should not be missed is that users must already have the Zoom application on their device. You can download Zoom for PC which has been provided on the official page https://zoom.us.

The way to set the schedule is not much different, it’s just that the appearance on the page interface is slightly different from the Zoom Meeting application installed on the cellphone. First, make sure the application is installed on your PC. After that, login or register an account first, you can also use a Google account to log in or login to Zoom.

If you are already logged in, pay attention to the left side of the Zoom menu. There are several options, to schedule a meeting click on the “Schedule” menu. Next, you are redirected to a new page in the form of filling out the meeting schedule. At the top, you can fill in the topic of the meeting to be held then set the date and duration of the meeting.

Using Scheduled Meeting Via PC

Now, if you have finished determining the topic, date, and duration of the meeting, you can make other settings as needed. You can set to let participants in at any time or use host permissions to screen members who will enter the Zoom Meeting.

Not only that, you can disable the participant’s mic after joining by checking the “Mute participant upon entry” menu. Adjust the existing settings according to your needs.

You need to know that all those who schedule a meeting will automatically host the event so that only people who can start a meeting can register for a meeting schedule.

Next, when everything is filled in, click the “Save” menu button. Usually you will be directed to enter the Microsoft Outlook page, no need to be confused you can close it and this has no effect on the meeting schedule that has been made.

After that, you can share the link by going to the “Meeting” menu and then clicking on the scheduled meeting, then selecting the “Copy invitation” menu to copy the detailed meeting information that you can share widely either through social media or others.

In order not to be late for meetings, you can link the schedule that has been made with the google calendar or set an independent alarm via your cellphone. If this meeting is held regularly, you can activate the “Recurring meeting” menu to repeat the meeting schedule that is held regularly

Well, that’s an easy way that you can follow to schedule a Zoom Meeting. Through the Zoom application you can hold meetings even from home. This application really supports Work From Home (WFH) activities.

Besides being easy to use, this application is also available for free but with certain limitations. So that place and time are not an excuse for not being able to carry out activities as they should.



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