Tips for securing blogs from hackers/thiefs

What is the price for a blog if it is sold? I don’t know, maybe I can buy a BTN house if the earnings are multiplied by 200 hehe

Securing the blog This is an important thing that unfortunately some people don’t care about, it is considered trivial but when we lose it then we feel very sad, it turns out that small things that we often forget can become a blog loophole that hackers break and take over.

Tips for securing blogs from hackers/thiefs

1. Pay Attention to Email

Don’t just use 1 email for all blogs, gmail allows that to happen but you have to be more careful, make at least 2 emails. Usually in our web/blog we usually include a contact menu, contact via email, what I often do is create a special email for a place to receive feedback, file submissions, contacts or whatever, the email used is not the same as the main manager’s email on my web / blog.

If possible, set your blog email to be confidential. .

If your email is successfully hacked by hackers, they can take all your blogs and even if your email is deleted then you will lose all your blogs

2. Pay attention to Password

It is very important to do that is to create different passwords for certain accounts, do a simple combination of some unique characters and don’t make you forget. For example, if you use the same email, I myself usually use a password of more than 20 characters, consisting of a combination of letters, numbers or symbols:

Facebook password : [email protected]

Blog password: helmysikuat2021

paypal password : helmy-kediri221

3. Save username and password data on google drive

You can save your login data on google drive or other then set it as private. But it is highly recommended that you do not write it down in full, it is too risky. Just make a list in notepad or word about your username and password which is only partially written or as a clue. Our brains will be provoked by themselves when they see some of the words of the password that have been written down.

Example: Username and password: beautiful (girlfriend’s name) impunity123 (name of billionaire corruptor who was sentenced to 1 year) Save in GDRIVE: ctksekali (user) invulnerability (password)

Save the master password collection into a file (doc) then archive it with RAR and don’t forget to give the password

When you download pirated files from certain sites, they ask for permission to view your files on Google Drive.. this is also dangerous for the security of your privacy data.

4. Be careful when using rekber

You’ve used rekber, how come it’s still not safe?

Pay attention to the following tips for choosing a trustworthy accountant to avoid fraud;

– Choose a famous account (if an individual) / use a system account such as fiverr, pstore, projectcoid is recommended

– Be careful with fake accounts, some famous accounts tend to have fake accounts created by fraudsters to trick their victims

– Avoid transferring money to virtual accounts created through ewallet accounts, don’t also transfer to Chinese banks and so on.. ask for a local bank account to make it easier to track

– Check the account of the rekber service at the kominfo service whether it has been reported by someone or not

– Be careful with spam, initially you are entered in 1 group with famous accounts then fraudsters send a lot of thumb icon spam until you don’t realize that famous accounts are removed from the group and fraudsters enter clones of famous accounts with the same name

– Do not be easy to believe, give access to the blog just like that because the fraudsters look very religious because most of the fraud cases that I have seen in the group.. the fraudsters look very religious

5. Keep the OTP code secret

Maybe you get a whatsapp from someone who tells you that you won a prize in the form of cash of 1 billion from Instagram .. to withdraw this prize you are asked to fill out several forms and one of them is an OTP pin / code which according to that information is a confirmation that you really are the owner cellphone number even though it’s an OTP code forgot the password to change your gmail account password

The point is never to share the OTP code for any reason, the fraudsters say that the request for the OTP code to confirm identity ownership but mostly in the community related to account burglary cases come from the carelessness of the user who gives the OTP code to the fraudster even though it is an OTP code to reset the password

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