Tips for choosing a blog topic for passive income

After creating and getting your blog online, you will continue with the article creation stage. This is where the real challenge arises, you have to determine the topic correctly, what to discuss, write, and publish.

choose the topic of blog discussion so that you can get passive income

In my personal opinion, write what you want to write first, over time, you will understand how a true blogger works with the best techniques resulting from days of experience.

Also understand what your goal is to create a web / blog. Is it just for personal purposes to read online, establish a certain community/sect or do business and is the content you share focused or mixed?

The meaning of a personal blog here does not mean a blog that only contains complaints about the author’s life. But a personal blog means a blog that is managed by you alone, whatever your niche is… write yourself – post yourself – spread your own link – sad alone

While Niche is a topic or discussion that is focused and interested by certain groups. Niche blog is when we write about a topic and only that topic we discuss. For example, a blog that only discusses football is only about football news.

In addition to determining the topic of discussion from what you are good at, you can also determine the topic through the help of a 3rd party, you can write topics that have a lot of interest, for example by looking for them on Google Trends, in LKS books, please use the table of contents to find the material, there you can choose what topics can later be written in the blog.

There are several topics that are generally chosen by bloggers, including:

1. News (Politics, economics, crime, etc.) Look for popular news as long as it’s not a hoax… it’s dangerous to be caught by the police

2. Video and audio editing tutorials

3. Image editing and design tutorials

4. Computer and gadget tutorials (market and easy to write)

5. Food blog (cooking hobby?)

6. Fashion blog (cosplay hobby)

7. Travel blog (hobby of running away)

8. Online business, suitable for those who like to look for referrals

9. Online shop or service

10. Blog about answer questions (prone to getting banned if you use blogger)

11. Health (difficult SEO if the site is abal2)

12. Automotive

The list of topics above are general topics chosen by bloggers, they can still be further broken down into microniches, examples for automotive, you can discuss specific problems for cars, motorcycles and even reviews of the best vehicle oil brands, and whatever you like.

After finding the best topic, your next task is to start creating new articles by entering the most suitable keywords and bringing organic traffic. These keywords are the most important part in writing, when writing articles, we must type a lot of words there, a collection of words that are strung together into several paragraphs with the number of letters reaching hundreds, even thousands, and of the many series that exist, finally it becomes one whole article

At least there must be 1 keyword that is the focus of writing, namely the word that will be shot (seeded) in one article post that is made. To make things easier, if you use wordpress, install the Seo Live Assistant plugin.

Then what if you don’t use wordpress or don’t want to use a plugin? Our brain is the best optimization tool given by God, basically we can always look around and make it into writing. You don’t need to do research with confusing keyword techniques.

When I started writing computer tutorials, all I did was write down all the problems that were on my computer and what I was experiencing, especially the problems that I managed to solve, because I always believe in myself, everyone who has a computer and has the same problem.

I’m not the only person on earth to experience that alone. We don’t need to look for what tutorials are trending, but we make our own version of the trending. Usually, what I write today only rises in serp 1 or 2 months later, or even 1 year later, and that doesn’t really matter to me. (because my blog is auto paid every month)

Logically, when we continue to make articles without stopping, when our previous trending articles have gone down, there will always be our other articles in their place. I had no idea, when I wrote an article about games in 2017, it turned out that what I wrote was sought after by people a year later, when I had a deadlock in writing, the old articles that had been posted could be of help.

I once wrote an article about expired articles, and at that time only 3 blogs appeared in search results ( forum, my blog, and AGC’s plagiarism blog), and when I wrote it, I really didn’t do any research, which I just thought, that’s the knowledge I got that day.. maybe people will look for this later, and sure enough, that 1 article gives 300 stable daily pageviews to my blog. It’s just a list of photos with a good bit of explanation, the amount of text? less than 2000 words.

I don’t blame bloggers who prioritize optimization, and I also admit, optimization is good and recommended for blogs because it is more targeted than writing carelessly just relying on luck, but what I want to remind you once again is that blog content is still the main thing, not optimization.

Improve the quality of what you can provide, hone yourself to see all the best possibilities, instead of you always asking “this is the webmaster there is this error, why is this?”, “Oops my backlink is not indexed”, “Oops my article was plagiarized even though I was 10 years SEO writer” and all the trivial things that you bother, and finally make a lot of you give up

It’s better to open an SEO article service than to post on your own blog… even though the essence of being a blogger is writing. You can write anything on the blog now. Forget optimization first, you can do it 2 months later. Forget adsense, focus on writing and share your writing with friends because they definitely care more than anyone else.

Share your articles to facebook, share your articles to twitter, whatsapp status, dm instagram friends and family. With a note, share it to a place that gives real feedback. Find a family group, comment by providing your link, all of these ways are fine, learn first how to become a blogger with the content, after that you don’t have to worry about not being able to get traffic from google.

For example, invite your family to give vtuber… through the tutorial you made step by step on the blog

The formula is, when your article is read by many people, your position on Google will also increase, even if your initial readers come from social media. A strong foundation will make it easier for you to grow your blog.

In addition, people on social media will also get to know your blog, their potential to intentionally visit your blog in person is quite high. The visits they make directly to your blog, are as organic as the visits they make when they visit your blog via Google later on.

Then what if my blog visitors all come from social media, can it be registered with Adsense? The more days, your traffic sources will expand and more sources will come. When you start a new blog and all the traffic comes from social media, I say it’s okay.

You can try to buy a hosting and a domain, create 1 page and any content, let it not need to be promoted, just look at the daily traffic on the statistics dashboard, see what will happen? Your page will be indexed by Google automatically. Loyal readers come to see the latest information

In essence, all pages that are published online and are not intentionally banned from being indexed, will be indexed by Google. Likewise if you promote your blog on social media at the beginning of its creation, because there will be a time when your blog will be indexed by Google and can be on page 1, and when that time comes, this is the right time to start monetizing your blog.

Your blog can be accepted by adsense when it is 2 weeks old, but with minimal traffic and a very “toddler” age, adsense income cannot get maximum results, while your mind is already burdened with blogs and adsense

In my opinion, focus first on the blog, then on to adsense. The choice is yours, but that’s what I usually do. If you don’t understand some of the meanings of the words I wrote above, I will discuss them a little below

1. Indexed, meaning that your blog can be found on Google, how to open Google and then enter your blog link or your blog article link in the search field.

2. Page one / page 1, meaning that when your blog is ranked 1 when people search for certain words on Google, it means it’s been successful

Well, at least there is an increase in progress every time instead of a decrease in traffic, it’s really difficult if you blog all by yourself

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