Tips for buying cheap products for blogging needs

From discounts, to completely 100% free to help with your blogging needs. This article is expected to help you when you first start trying to become a blogger, some recommendations for where to buy hosting, my recommended domains

Tips for buying cheap products for blogging needs

1. Domain

Web recommendations for buying a domain:

a. (Payment via local Indonesian Bank)

b. ((Payment via local Indonesian Bank)

c. ((Payment via local Indonesian Bank)

d. (Payment via Paypal)

e. (Payment via Paypal)

If you want a free domain, just try claiming it on Freenom using an Italian VPN haha

2. Templates

To search for premium templates (including plugins) for free (freemium version) please visit

Blogger Templates

Talking minus is only credit in the footer or encryption of the template code, if the template is paid, you are still advised to buy it to make it easier to custom, but if you choose to download it for free, never download illegal versions on the internet

3. Free internet

It’s a shame if your place of residence is not covered by the wifi of public service agencies or schools, and you feel very disadvantaged by the need for a large quota for streaming blue films, try free internet using SSH, besides that there are also VPNs, injection for connections, and several others (how to illegal which is not recommended).

These materials are commonly used for Windows or Android OS computers as well (via tethering), the tools used to adjust the device. In the past, these items really helped me continue my blogging activities, although I must admit that it was very difficult to find materials that worked, besides that it was also not completely justified, but it was indeed effective.

You can browse on google or download inject via the site, for example, free ssh injection for tri cards, download the latest version. For convenience, you can get these tools in a special group so you have a monthly subscription so you don’t have to bother looking for / creating unclear injections.

Facebook is a gathering place for the poor, you can join these groups to mingle with poor users. I myself used ssh almost every day in 2013 – 2014 and at that time there was also a simple server tool (the quota was still expensive and I couldn’t afford it).

Right now I don’t use it anymore because I have received subsidized internet packages from the government, but the activity in the gretongers groups is still busy until now, and if you want to try it, please join but what can you do because the price of internet quota is cheap now rousing.

To get an ssh account for free, you can create it directly on the fastssh website (who is fast, he gets a premium server). An ssh account is needed for tools that require login access here, if you don’t need it, it means you don’t need an ssh account, because there are also those who only use their own configuration and will later be loaded into software injection. In the past, its use was very complicated, now it’s just a pancal

It is enough to use an opera browser filled with premium proxies that can bypass the limit, so I used to subscribe to the unlimited package after passing the FUP speed limit down to 15-20kb/s, finally I used a proxy to increase the speed 10x

4. MiFi Modem (Mobile Wifi)

Internet access for most people is easy, coincidentally, in my village, every RW has a free hotspot provided, but for some, of course, many have difficulties and become obstacles when we want to blog.

The price of this item is quite cheap, it can be 2-3 times more expensive than our pocket money, but judging by the benefits, there is no doubt about it, the models are varied and the price is also cheaper (usually the price determines the quality of the goods), usually in one package with the provider. certain.

My advice is to use a mifi modem that can be used for all GSM cards (it’s not binding on only 1 provider. When viewed from the quality of the goods, there is no need to doubt because almost all types of mifi that are popular in the Indonesian market are Huawei products. You may see other brands like prolink or tong fang

Mifi prices range from 600 thousand – 1 million, there are even cheaper ones under 500 thousand. The risk of buying cheap goods if you hit it a little will definitely damage it immediately.. You can also buy it online if the house is in remote areas that the postal courier can’t reach, or assemble the spare parts at Bukalapak, Tokopedia and Shopee too.

You can make your own using a pan lid and copper cable, but it won’t be as optimal as buying a mifi for 800 thousand

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