Tips for Buying a Used Printer So You Won’t Be Fooled

IT People Blog – Buying a used printer is indeed an alternative option to save the budget in order to get a printer at a low price just for ordinary printing needs. Check out the following explanation about tips for buying a used printer but still worth using, so it doesn’t disappoint when used.

Tips for Buying a Used Printer

Reasons to Buy a Used Printer

The reason for buying a used printer is, of course, to get a cheaper price compared to new products or maybe you are a final semester student who wants to print a thesis assignment. Buying a used printer is a great option if you have limited funds but really need the equipment.

In addition, tips on buying a used printer will also help you avoid the persuasion of used printer sellers who say the condition of the goods is good even though there are some obstacles. Used printers actually still have good quality as long as you choose them with the right criteria.

Used printers can be used to meet home needs, so there is no need to spend a lot of money to go to a printing service. In addition, you can also print tasks quickly without having to queue first at the printing service.

Recommended Used Printer Brands

There are several printer brands whose reputation is quite good in the market, even though they have been used. Epson is the first most popular printer brand recommendation that is usually considered because it has cartridges with refill mode and is more ink efficient.

Epson printers even only need 1 bottle of black ink to print 4,000 sheets. Meanwhile, when combined with other colors, used Epson brand printers can print up to 6,500 sheets.

The next second-hand printer recommendation is HP which already has advanced technology in it because it only takes 9 milliseconds to print A4 documents. In addition, HP printers are also equipped with automatic shut-off technology that turns on and off automatically, thereby saving electricity.

Tips for Buying a Used Printer

Before buying a printer, there are several important things that must be considered so that you don’t make the wrong choice. Check out the following explanation of some tips for buying a used printer that can be applied;

Determining the Type of Printer As Needed

The first tip, you can determine the type of printer according to your needs first. Determine whether the printer needed is an inkjet or laserjet type because both have different ways of working.

Inkjet printers use titan in the form of a liquid consisting of four basic colors, namely cyan, magenta, black, and blue. While laserjet printers use ink in the form of a powder known as toner.

Both also have a speed difference where laserjet printers can print up to 20 pages in just one minute. You need to consider the printer that will be purchased according to the needs of printing daily documents, whether for school or work purposes.

Finding out the Printer Market Price

Next, prospective buyers must find out the market price range of the printer in advance so that it will be easier when bidding. One of the reasons for buying a used printer is of course to get a cheaper price.

Each brand and type of printer has a different market price, so potential buyers need to do some simple research first. Do not let you get a used printer offer equivalent to market prices that are not relevant to the condition of the goods.

Finding out the market price of a used printer is also useful for preparing funds when buying it. You can check the market price of this printer through the internet or a marketplace platform as well as compare the prices of several product brands.

Buying a Printer with Additional Features in It

Considering the additional features is the next tip to consider when buying a used printer. This is because printers that have additional features will have more functions and are not just for printing documents.

For example, you can look for a used printer that has a document scan feature, whether in the form of pictures, assignments, materials, or photos. Used printers that are equipped with scanners are generally more useful

These additional features make it easier for you to do various activities at home because you have your own printer. The existence of a scanner feature on the printer makes you not need to leave the house when you want to scan documents and can print them directly.

Checking the Completeness of the Printer

If you want to get a used printer whose quality is still reliable, then checking the completeness of this tool is important. Make sure the printer to be purchased still has the manual, USB, DVD Driver and power cable.

After making sure all the equipment is still there, also make sure that the USB and printer power cable can still function properly (not loose). In addition, if the printer uses an infusion system, prospective buyers must check the tube.

Check the infusion tube again to make sure there are no leaks that will waste printer ink. Not only that, make sure the infusion hose can still drain the ink well, so that the printed documents look quality.

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Paying Attention to First Hand Usage

For those of you who get recommendations for used printer brands from people around, it is highly recommended to pay attention to first-hand use. Pay attention to who uses the printer before selling it, whether it’s for home, office, or business needs.

In addition to paying attention to who the user is, prospective buyers also need to ask how long the printer has been used. If the life of the printer is still short, then the quality of the used goods will certainly not decrease much

Especially if it turns out that the printer is indeed used for home needs that do not print documents too often. Not only that, the first person to use it for home needs is generally also more careful and maintains cleanliness when using the printer.

Doing the Final Result Print Test

Next, test the final printed document that can be produced by the printer to determine how it performs. When checking the condition of the printer, try printing a sheet of colorful documents to check the printer’s performance further

Checking the final result is useful to determine the accuracy of the used printer in printing the color arrangement. The next benefit, you can find out the quality of the printouts from the printer after the trial stage.

Prospective buyers can also find out how the condition of the used printer is during the document printing process. This is important to consider so that you get a quality product according to your needs, even if you only buy a used printer.

Checking the Printer’s Physical and Non-Physical Conditions

The last tip for buying used printer products is to check the physical and non-physical conditions of the tool. Checking this physical condition includes the cleanliness of the used printer, seal, and body. Prospective buyers are advised to choose a printer whose body is still smooth and has not been scratched a lot.

In addition, the body of this used printer that is still smooth indicates that the tool was well cared for by the previous owner, thereby increasing your interest as a buyer. Also make sure that the bolt seal is still installed perfectly to ensure this printer has never been disassembled or replaced with spare parts.

Checking non-physical conditions is the last tip to buy a used printer because it affects the performance of the software and its supporting drivers. Make sure the condition of the printer driver is still normal to ensure that the tool can function properly.



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