Tips for buying a domain and hosting for chewing gum

Looking for a discount on domain and hosting prices also has a technique. Here I will give a little trick to get big discounts when buying a domain and hosting.

Tips for buying a domain and hosting for chewing gum

1. Big day

Domain promos for crackers almost always occur on national or world holidays, for example during Chinese New Year, Eid al-Fitr, National Independence Day, Sacrifice Day, my birthday, Halloween, summer, autumn, resurrection day and so on. etc

If you want to get a cheaper price than the original, even almost free, visit the domain provider’s website on these important days, not only domains, sometimes a package of buying free domain hosting is like one elbow to both, buying for the first year is cheap, hopefully just the next year already passive income from the blog.

The birthdays of national figures are also often used by domain providers to provide price discounts. Not only that, in the internet world there is also a big day of its own, if in Indonesia like harbolnas (national online shopping day) whose peak usually falls on December 12, there are discounts of up to 99% almost free, abroad there are also shopping days where merchants and merchants online stores give super big discounts, for example Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday (really crazy)

Just follow the fanpage of the most popular domain and hosting provider websites, there will be various events when they make new posts about product discounts or games with free domain/hosting prizes.

2. Domain promos and cheap normal prices

There are many registrar who offer cheap domain offers but at certain moments, there are also some places that more often provide cheap price info for their domains, even the normal prices are no longer promo prices until next year’s renewal is also very cheap, some of these sites include:


Pretty familiar isn’t it? the price of the domain there is around $ 8 only, while in general the price of the dot com domain is $ 12 a year.


There are many choices of domain extensions on Namecheap, starting at 0.88 USD/year or slightly cheaper around 1 USD/year. Unfortunately, this does not apply to domains, but to other less popular domains such as .bid .online .cz etc.

The advantage of buying a domain at namecheap is that there is a reseller system so that the price of the domain you buy is even cheaper, yup, as the name implies

c. Dotster and Netfirm

The price of the domain is only 1 USD, please check to make sure, because every promo usually has its own duration. Dotster and Netfirms offer very low price options for the first year, just imagine, at only $1.99 for the domain and only $0.99 for the domain or has almost the same dashboard and menu display, as well as prices and advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Dotster and Netfirm:

1) Cheap/affordable

2) Payment supports Paypal can be disputed if the name is wrong

3) Customer service full support 24 hours.

4) Domain activation from the dotster / netfirms is not long

Disadvantages of Dotster and Netfirm:

1) Does not include whois, so your biographical data is not hidden

2) The price is $1 only for the first year, for renewal it will cost normally around $10 USD/Year, but can be more expensive too. (domain transfer is also not easy)

3) Your Paypal must be verified, you can verify using VCC. (if unverify is rejected)

4) If needed, you will be asked to send a photo of your ID card via email or the form provided, the goal is to match the identity of your name and the name of the account holder on paypal, therefore paypal carding results cannot buy domains here.

5) When registering you are not given a password field, but when the domain has been activated you can login by clicking reset password and entering the email you registered earlier. (complicated)

6) This promo is usually given once a month and only a few days a month, so there is no promo every day, while normal domain prices are quite expensive. You can try it every now and then to see the existing promos.

The process of buying a domain at Dotser:

1) Access or, enter the domain name you are looking for, the next step can follow the instructions, you will be asked to register and wait for the activation email for the domain .

2) For the login password, simply open the web dotster or netfirms, click Account login and click reset password/forgot password again, wait 1 minute there will be an incoming email, click the reset password link provided and you can enter a new password which can then be used to login to the main menu and start setting your domain.

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