Tips for blogs to get rich snippets in search

Rich snippets / selections are the results recommended by Google to its users because the article we are looking for is considered the most suitable. If you often use Google, you can be sure you also often see search results like this.

Rich snippet

Featured snippets are 1 level above google’s first result. Almost similar when you search for a list of photo editing applications and what is displayed is the result of roome. Unlike the position when our blog is on the first page, the position of the blog when entered in the selected snippet may not always be long.

That is, its position will alternate with other blogs that have articles of the same quality, and this works algorithmically determined by the google engine. But it doesn’t matter, even if it’s not included in the selected snippet, our article will still be below it, still on the first page too.

How do we get articles that we create can go into the Google Featured Snippet?

1. Using numbering

If you pay attention and I may guess, maybe about 70% of the search results that enter the selected snippet are articles that have numbering like the picture above, or you can also use a sequence of numbers.

Not all are like that and there is no guarantee that every article that has a number in it will definitely enter the selected snippet. But what is often seen is articles that use serial numbers, like on the spot on Trans7. And the use of this numbering is also one of the easiest ways so that the articles that we make can be selected into the selected snippet.

From now on you can try to create types of articles that contain certain lists, for example the 5 most tragic events, 5 recipes for youth and so on. Numbering can use standard like this

1 Number one

2 Number two

3 Number three


with indented auto numbering/list/letters

a. letter a

b. letter b

c. letter c


with H4/H5/H6 highlights in the wordpress and blogspot writing editors.

Can also just use bullet ;


2. Adding a picture in each numbering

In addition to beautifying, the use of images can also clarify what you want to show, for example you give a list of number 1 in the form of The Conjuring Movie.. Not everyone knows what The Conjuring 3 is like, and the task of the image you add is to provide additional clarity to the reader .

If in regular articles you can use the clickbait title style, it seems that when you want to enter the selected snippet, this trapping writing style cannot be used. Give clarity to titles such as “5 Most Family-friendly Christmas Movies” and in it you provide a list of films that are the most okay in your opinion.

4. Article length of 800+ words?

Not so influential. And in every list that you make is also not required to have a long explanation.

5. The last but important plot.

When you want to get into featured snippets, consider reader-friendly articles rather than just SEO bullshit. Make it like chatting but within the general rules of blogging. The convenience of the reader is very important here, not limited to the speed of access to the blog, but from the flow of good writing.

The 5 methods above are just tips so that the articles you create can be selected to enter Google’s selected snippet. But again, this choice is automatically made by the Google engine, and as a blogger you can try to make it happen

Tips for writing human friendly articles

Human friendly can mean naturally or naturally, the articles made can be understood by human readers. Writing your own articles is the best way to achieve this than using an automatic article spinner tool. Many people think long blog articles will always be better than short articles, of course that’s not entirely true.

A long article is never a guarantee that the article will have a lot of readers and is well optimized for submission. Short does not matter as long as the market is right. There is no limit on how long and short articles are made, but at least make it an arrangement that includes what you will discuss.

If the article is deemed sufficient, you can finish it or add other parts such as images. Although not mandatory, naturally every published article must have at least 1 image displayed, at least for the cover or main image only.

To make it easier to understand, you can use the SEO Live Assistant plugin (for wordpress) to see how your article should be called “human friendly”, write in your own language, make it the way you like, the plugin will help if you feel you missed it. something, for example forgetting to edit the permalink, the number of words is too few compared to the number of images you enter or the absence of bold letters. The use of bold (bold) in an article is normal and not a requirement, but how much you can discuss with the seo live assistant tool

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