Tiphone A508, an old smartphone with a price of 100 thousand in 2022

HP Tiphone A508 is an Android smartphone with a small screen size of 3.5 inches and was released in the 2010s in Indonesia. Currently, this Smartphone is sold at a price of 100 thousand in several marketplaces, especially Shopee, even though this HP product has been discontinued (not produced by an official store). It looks like the size of this cellphone is small and friendly for a pocket or pants or shirt pocket. This smartphone is suitable for those of you who want to have an Android cellphone that can make calls, SMS, listen to MP3 music, and so on.

This mini smartphone makes you a little nostalgic for the time when you are proud if someone has this smartphone first heheheā€¦

Specifications of Smartphone Tiphone A508

Screen size: 3.5 inches

Android : Jellybean (4.2.2)

Storage: 160 MB (not 4 GB like most descriptions in some marketplaces)

RAM: 92 MB (not 512 MB like most descriptions in some marketplaces)

Front camera: 2 MP

Rear camera: 0.3 MP

SIM unit : 2 SIM

Network: 2G (Edge) because in early 2022, smartphones don’t support 3G anymore.

In addition to the specifications above, this Smartphone has other features or services which include MP3 Player, Radio, WiFi, Thetering Hotspot or USB, Bluetooth, and so on. Pretty HP is useful for you. There are several applications that are often used by Indonesian people, such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and so on. However, the Tiphone A508 has several popular applications that do not support the Tiphone A508 for several reasons such as insufficient RAM and/or Storage capacity, does not support Android Jellybean, some services in the application do not support, and so on.

Notes :

If you want to buy a Tiphone A508 Smartphone in the marketplace, then you must have a memory card to help install applications on the Tiphone A508 if the storage capacity is insufficient, fill in video or music content, photos or images, and other files needed on the Tiphone A508.

How to download apps on Tiphone?

To download this application, you have to download applications outside the Google Play Store or third parties because it slows down the performance of the Tiphone A508 itself. The simple way is to send applications from other smartphones to the Tiphone A508 via Bluetooth. Before that, you have to set the external storage storage (memory card) to be the main storage in order to minimize the failure to install applications into the small Smartphone.

Author Experience

Actually, the author has bought this Tiphone A508 cellphone since November 2021 on the Shopee marketplace because there is a warehouse-washing cellphone promo in the store and is curious about the current Android application for the cellphone. During the use of the cellphone, the author had no problems at all with the HP Tiphone A508 in terms of communicating. Well, can’t expect much with this HP Tiphone A508 because it wastes battery if it’s connected to WiFi constantly.


If you have this Tiphone A508 smartphone for 2022 with the aim of keeping up with the present, online games, and strenuous activities, then the author do not recommend to buy this smartphone because the RAM and Storage capacity is very small. Although you can use external storage, not all application data can be moved to external storage (SD Card). This smartphone is suitable for people who carry out interactive or communication activities such as telephone, SMS, several chat applications and supporting social media.

Later the author will make experiments to install applications such as Whatsapp, Instagram, and applications that are often used by the public on the Tiphone A508 smartphone in the next article.


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