Things to understand before becoming a blogger

Things to understand before becoming a blogger


Different from wordpress, at you don’t need hosting and only need a domain, which is optional. Even without buying a domain, your blog can still be accessed. It’s just that, your blog address uses the default (free) subdomain of the platform, namely “”.

If you frequently access blogs that use the suffix “”, it means that the blog was created on, for example: Meanwhile, if you don’t use “” it means that the blog can come from and may also come from other than

Because all blog services must provide a free subdomain installation feature for their users. You only need to access and login using a google account then fill in the name, address of the desired blog and choose the default theme for your blog. In less than 2 minutes your blog can be accessed by everyone publicly.

Blog is the type of site, while blogger is the person who fills the content on the site and is a blog site creation platform service such as wix, wordpress, tumblr and so on.

Being a blogger is fun and profitable, you are free to express yourself through writing, videos and images that can be accessed freely without any rules as long as it doesn’t lead to criminal acts.

Share any content for public consumption and of course a blogger can make money from the work he likes. To be able to earn money .. we can place ads on blogs, and a fairly popular advertising service is Google Adsense.

Besides that, you can also offer content placement services, product reviews, endorse and make blogs as CVs to apply for jobs

2. WordPress

There are 2 wordpress (WP) sites, namely and while what will be discussed here is or what people usually call self-hosted wordpress, which is an open source platform that you can download and install via the control panel (Cpanel). ) on the hosting that you have previously rented.

From a management point of view, wordpress is a little more technical than Because it costs money to rent hosting, domains, not including the maintenance costs needed, you should learn first by installing wordpress on a localhost computer with XAMPP software because it is free of charge and can be accessed offline/locally.

Installing wordpress locally using XAMPP

This method is usually used to practice before making the online version on hosting. WordPress created with xampp can only be accessed by yourself on the same computer or on the same network. Xampp aims to create a server on your own computer, like having hosting but in the scope of space only on your computer and not online to the public.

Guide to install wordpress on XAMPP:

You can also download XAMPP through the official website here

Installing wordpress on hosting

You don’t need to download files on because every hosting service has been facilitated by the provider (almost all hosting services have this! We live in an easy era, just click next-next finish ..) including Cpanel. Choose the best place to buy hosting, you should buy hosting and domain from the same place, so you don’t need to confuse hosting with a domain.

Recommendations for the best hosting rental places:




d. (Paypal/Debit card)

It is important to understand, the types of hosting are quite diverse. If you are a beginner choose the type of shared hosting or cloud hosting, not VPS or equivalent. The choice of non-VPS is not because of poor performance, but because of the ease of use and preinstalled management tools such as Cpanel which I mentioned earlier.

After all, a little redundant blog visitors / still learning, already renting a VPS unless you have a lot of money, go ahead. This will save you time instead of having to learn the basics of operating a VPS. After all, the average hosting package is now available for monthly rental packages such as VPS.

You can try it without spending much. You can also directly try worpdress hosting as offered by and at promo prices. But if you choose wordpress hosting, then as the name implies, this hosting package can only be installed on wordpress, nothing else.

If you want to try more web in one hosting package (to be more efficient), I still recommend shared or cloud hosting instead of wordpress hosting. In terms of tutorials on YouTube, there are already scattered

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Choosing a name for the blog

Creating a blog does not have to include the name of the author, for example .. Prioritize choosing a blog name that is easy to remember and makes an impression on the memory. It is better if the name is relevant to the topic being discussed. This means that, in addition to well-crafted content, your name or blog address (URL) will be remembered by visitors according to the topic of the article.

In addition, choosing a good domain name will make your web/blog look professional. The name or address of the blog that will be chosen must show the blog topic and who the author is. But if you are a unique personality, the rules I mentioned above do not apply.

The blog address does not need to show who you are, but show the characteristics of your blog. Using a name that is not common even if it’s a little weird and the name you choose may not have anything to do with the content being shared is also okay.

1. Choose a domain name based on shared content

For example, here you will create a blog to review / review special products, there are many choices of names / urls that can be used and I think the following list is quite good:





For example if here you will create a blog with the topic of travel:




2. Choose a name based on the taste effect

a. (food blog, etc.)

b. (a play on the video)

c. (selling hair growers)


e. Bangk.ak (horror story blog, silly)


To create a unique domain name, you can take advantage of the extension from the domain, you don’t have to stick to the domain, because there are many other unique domain names .me .net .id


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