Things To Do While Waiting For Genshin Impact Update

Things To Do While Waiting For Updates Genshin Impact– Since I know that there are people who can’t wait for the delayed patch update, I have a suggestion for you guys.

I ate casually and decided to go to the GI. Hoping to get a good arte in the domain domain. BUT NO! Because suddenly I was surprised by 300 genesis crystals that came out of nowhere and it turned out to be actually from Welkin!!

I asked my closest friends did they sent this welkin and they said no. So I was left amazed by this Welkin and didn’t know if I could use the 300 genesis crystal or not..

Then, after going offline from genshin, I moved to enstars. Realizing that there is my free gacha, I hope while joking “if only I could get 5* new again” and boom, Hinata Fs came home in a free solo even though the light was yellow

My brain seems to be short-circuited at that time

May has started the month with a lot of surprises. I can only just hope that it’ll be more on the good parts till the end of this month..

Oh I almost forgot!! I have finally reached AR 54 on genshin!! YEAHH. Now i can come to more and many more friend’s worlds~!!


1. For what is in this article purely my own opinion, if you have other suggestions, please share them in the rep column.

2. NO RESIN, so I won’t include farming artifacts, leylines, and raising weapons in this article.

Things To Do While Waiting For Genshin Impact Update

1. Quest

Surely there are those of you who like to pile up quests, end up confused about doing the event quest but are blocked by Archon/World Quest

Now while the event is also loose, let’s finish it, as well as hangout too, it’s pretty primo

2. Exploration

Hey, who hasn’t had time to explore yet? Come on, now is the right moment to look for primo’s coffers little by little.

Things To Do While Waiting For Genshin Impact Update

As the saying goes

2 Primogems eventually become 1600 Primogems

3. Mining

Have a lot of weapons but can’t upgrade because of poor Ore? Get over your peat and come mine with me 👍🏻

4. Look for Crystalfly

For you guys, especially Sayu havers, let’s use your Sayu to beat Crystalfly. After all, your HP can still get 20 Crystalfly thanks to Sayu

5. Work on Web Events

I suggest that you follow Genshin’s social media such as Twitter and Facebook, because they often hold various Web-based events. The events are usually very simple and the prizes range from 60-120 Primogems, it’s a shame if it’s skipped

6. Investigation

It’s time for you to start farming the materials that you lack, especially those that drop invites you to fight like Nobushi. Just open your books because I know you guys will rarely open this after your newbie mission is over

7. Spiral Abyss

Floors 9-12 Abyss always reset on the 1st and 16th of every month, and you can get a max of 600 Primogems every reset. If you feel you can’t afford it, why don’t you need to be forced to full star, as much as you can at least primo from Abyss is not unemployed

8. Achievements

One more source of Primogems for loose change that you can do

9. Farming materials

I will not explain each one because they are more or less the same. You can use your free time to farm various materials such as Fish, Ascend Items, Wood, Fowl, and Meat.

Yes, here are things you can do when approaching a patch update without burning resin. As usual, thanks for reading.


1. Cutting wood while waiting for teapot maintenance

2. Fishing (for those who haven’t R5 the catch) or make a fish supply

3. Study and master in cooking recipes

4. Stock up on the specialty dish chara waifu/husbu

5. Genshindate in aesthetic places

6. Liyue race – Mondstadt

7. Inazuma boat driving competition – nameless island (mondstadt)

Nb: can only be nailed for those who have finished raiden story quest pt.2

One thing that still hurts, but it’s okay. First he said like “Genshin Boring, Over rated” and then he turned out to be addicted to Genshin Wow, I was the first to say “Yes, Genshin is fun, if it’s not fun, it’s not a game you mean”

Actually, if it’s overrated, I agree, it’s okay to be overrated. He’s kind of a pioneer (after Zelda) and can be played on many devices, like PCs, PSs, Smartphones, Nintendo (I don’t know when). That’s okay, it’s just overrated

so much Things To Do While Waiting For Updates Genshin Impact


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