The Twitter Business Child Abbreviation You Must Know

The Twitter Business Child Abbreviation You Must Know1. BA (Business Account / Business Account)

Business accounts are accounts used by people who run a business on Twitter. Usually in the bio there is an identity that shows that the account is a business account. Examples like this:

What business on Twitter? Lots. Here are examples of businesses that I know while doing BA on Twitter. And I will give a little explanation about the business.


Ba Verif is a person who provides number verification services for those of you who want to register an application or something else that requires a number but you don’t have many numbers yourself. Ba Verif usually has lots of numbers in stock for verification. For example me hehe.


Ba cv or Convert is a person who provides balance exchange services between e-wallet, bank, credit, etc. So, for example, you need balance A but you have balance B, you can use a convert service. But remember, be careful in transactions and look for trusted ones.


It is ba that provides various needs for your profile to make it more attractive. There are many profile needs here, ranging from layouts, wording bio, pinned, etc.


It is ba who provides services to help you with Twitter problems. Usually unsus services (recover suspended accounts), unlock (restore locked accounts), unshadowban, etc.


This is the most common you know, usually they provide premium applications. There are many kinds, for example YouTube, Netflix, Viu, Spotify, and many more.


Well they provide services to help you do your assignments


Boyfriend Rent / Girlfriend Rent that provides services for those of you who are interested.


Is a person who provides services to increase your followers and the number of tweets on your account.

And there are many other species that I can’t mention here. Next, I immediately explain the abbreviations that are often used in the scope of children ba Twitter.

2. UFS (Up For Sale)

This means that what is being offered by the ba is being sold or for sale. It can be an account, username, etc. So just accept money for a replacement for what is being offered.

3. UFT (Up For Trade)

So if this trade means that what is being offered can be exchanged for something he is looking for. For example: Uft account A to username B. This means that he has account A that is willing to be exchanged with the username Chara B.

3. WTS (Want To Sell)

This means that the user of this format is offering something he is selling.

4. WTB (Want To Buy)

It means he wants to buy something he is looking for.

5. WTT (Want To Trade)

This means that he is in need of a trade, usually in the form of a balance that is not too large.

6. BO (Based On)

Usually used for the domain username. So the point is to show the username that you use based on what word? For example the username is based on shotgun.


Usually used in buying and selling transactions. If the seller has said nett. This means that the price is non-negotiable. The point is nett is the right price, so buyers don’t bargain anymore if the seller says nett.

8. PRICE (R) FOR (C)

R here is Reseller and C is Customer.

9. Sushi / SUSI / KE S

Usually used as a pronoun Sus*pend.

10. Lock / KE L

Commonly used as a pronoun Kelock*ck.

10. SPES (Specialist)

Is a way to mention types of businesses on Twitter. I have given examples of specs above, verif specs, layout specs, un*sus specs, joktug specs, etc.

11. JASTAG (Tag Service)

Now this is behind, Jastag is one of the species also in the business realm. They help you to promote your services/specs. Remember, Jastag is not a seller, they only help promote!

12. @ / USN / UNAME

Commonly used as a pronoun Username.

13. Money with wings

Usually used as a pronoun price / price.

14. HM (How Much)

So if someone replies hm hm at the base it’s no longer Limbad’s cosplay. But they are still asking the price! How Much?

15. Chara (Character)

Commonly used in the realm of Roleplay, usually shows the artist / idol who is being played. Example: I want to buy Chara Jeno’s layout! This means that he needs a layout with Jeno’s face as Ava.

16. Mulchar (Multi Chara)

In per-username’s. There is such a thing as mulchar, namely Multi Chara, where this username is not based on the name of the artist or idol. But based on random. And can be used by all characters

Not mulchar : Jenno (bo Jeno)

Mulchar : Shoytgun (bo shotgun)

17. Restock (Ready Stock)

Commonly used in per-layout’s. This ready stock layout means that the layout that is sold is not by request.

18. CU (Commercial Use)

It means anything that is made to sell and make a profit.


Everything is used for personal gain. For example, you can get a username giveaway from someone. And asked for PU, which means you can’t sell the username.

20. Y and T

Commonly used in per-accounts. Y or year, indicates the year you joined the account. T or tweet, indicates the number of tweets of the account. Where the longer the account will be more expensive, the more tweets will be more expensive too.


Is a term for first-hand people who provide a service, usually having many resellers.


Is a person who takes advantage by selling something he took from FH.

23. HT (Hastag)

It is a new child zone for interaction, for promotion, and for seeking services. The hashtags that are commonly used by children on Twitter are #zonauang and #zonaba

24. SFU (Sorry For Using)

Usually used when asking something and apologizing for using hashtags.

25. PL (Price List)

Is a list of prices or services that are being offered. This is my pl example as ba verif. You can make your own or use ba editing services pl.

26. WTA (Want To Ask)

Usually used for someone who wants to ask something.

27. OOT (Out Of Topic)

Out of Topic means to deviate from the discussion.


Usually used in the realm of e-wallet, where Prem’s e-wallet is usually verified with an ID card and can be used for free transactions. Meanwhile, nonprem is usually used to refer to an e-wallet that has not verified its ID card, and has limited transactions.

I’ll add more to this thread. So friends who want to correct or add can directly rep or qrt. The goal is to inform people who don’t really understand the world of BA Twitter. thank you


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