The Story of Francys Arsentiev Sleeping Beauty Mount Everest

The Story of Francys Arsentiev Sleeping Beauty Mount Everest – Sleeping in the eternal embrace of Mount Everest, this is the story of Francys Arsentiev, the sleeping beauty at the top of Mount Everest.

In fact, Francys Arsentiev is not a professional climber, a woman from the US who is even 40 years old does not have any ambitions, let alone challenge Mount Everest.

The Story of Francys Arsentiev Sleeping Beauty Mount Everest

But because she married professional climber Sergei Arsentiev, nicknamed the snow leopard, she finally got up the courage to climb with her husband.

This is one of the missions to break the record for the first woman to climb Everest without oxygen.

As we know, Mount Everest is one of the most dangerous mountains for climbers. Many climbers’ lives have been taken on this mountain, they ascend but fail to descend and must forever be residents of Everest.

In addition to very thin oxygen, the temperature at the top of Everest is also extreme. Can reach minus 160 degrees. And if he dies on the top of Everest, his body will not be able to descend because it is too dangerous to be brought down.

Even on Everest, corpses are used as a benchmark for climbing points because so many people have died climbing this mountain.

The climbers who died on Everest on average were still intact and still wearing climbing equipment. So you can find out what decade they were from, from the 70s to the 2000s.

Back to Francys Arsentiev. Finally in 1998 she and her husband made the climb, and managed to get to the top without the help of oxygen. Francys Arsentiev won the record as the first woman to climb Everest without oxygen.

Unfortunately when going down from the peak problems occur. During a blizzard, Francys Arsentiev and her husband were separated. She tried calling her husband but no one answered. Unfortunately, it turned out that Francys Arsentiev’s husband died from falling from a cliff.

In desperation and fear, Francys Arsentiev finally died of hypothermia near the summit of Mount Everest. At the same time another climber named Ian Woodall and his wife saw a female corpse wearing a purple jacket.

When approached, they were shocked to learn that the body was Francys Arsentiev. Previously they had met at the climbing point a few days earlier.

Horrible. When approached, Francys Arsentiev could still speak like a living person. He said three phrases namely, “Don’t leave me”, “why are you doing this to me”, and “I’m an American”.

Both partners realized that this phrase was empty and not actually spoken by Francys Arsentiev. This is because it is a result of brain spasm. After those three phrases, Francys Arsentiev fell silent forever.

Frostbite has infected Francys Arsentiev’s body. But instead of turning blue and black, Francys Arsentiev’s skin still looks shiny like a wax statue so that at first glance it looks like Francys Arsentiev is sleeping.

That’s where the nickname sleeping beauty was pinned to Francys Arsentiev. Many climbers then made the photo with Francys Arsentiev a challenge. It’s like climbing without taking a photo with Francys Arsentiev, it’s not legal.

The behavior of these people adds to the burden on the family. Losing both parents is hard, plus you have to see the photo of his mother’s body as the object of the photo.

In 2007, he felt uneasy because he had left the body of Francys Arsentiev. Ian Woodall has finally returned to climb Everest with a mission to carry out a proper burial for Francys.

In addition to the funeral, Francys’ body was also moved to a location that was not passed by many climbers so that it would no longer be the object of the photo.

Until finally the sleeping beauty can sleep peacefully in Everest’s arms forever.


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