The Sims 4 Indonesian Wisdom CC Mod Collection

The Sims 4 Indonesian Wisdom CC Mod Collection – A collection of mods and CC The Sims 4 with local Indonesian wisdom that can be downloaded for free (lele pecel stalls, Indonesian food, high school clothes, trishaws, etc.)

The Sims 4 may not be a relatively new game, but EA and Maxis themselves haven’t finished the game. Until now, they still regularly provide updates and new expansions for The Sims 4. Presenting a unique life simulation, this game is still played by gamers to this day and is considered a lightweight offline PC game.

There are so many things to do in this game, you can be whatever you want. But it will be a “challenge” if done manually. You will need hundreds of hours to build character, social status, family, work, and more.

The Sims 4 Indonesian Wisdom CC Mod Collection

1. Indonesia Culture Fanmade Stuff Pack

a collection of various Indonesian theme objects. In this pack, there are meatball carts, food stalls, LPG stoves, trishaws, bajaj, etc.

I updated my old collaboration fanmade item package with my friend waronk, you can see the description in the picture.

This package includes:

– Indonesian food

– Indonesian food recipe

– Round tofu car

– Motorcycle

– Bajaj

– And more stuff in this pack

In addition to objects, this mod also adds various kinds of Indonesian food, drinks, and snacks to The Sims 4

Download links: Here

2. Tent of catfish pecel

Download links:

use a banner


banner for cart

banner 1


banner 3


3. Squat toilet, gallon aqua dispenser, and Monas

Download links:

aqua gallon coffee dispenser
double bed floor mattress
my sims hana family
cas style hello kitty recolor
monas light
new style toilet / squat toilet
original cas style sims 3

4. Indomaret

Download links:

Sims tray files

5. Indonesian flag, areca nut climbing, poco-poco gymnastics

Download links:

6. Farmer’s clothes, hats, and paddy fields

Download links:

side/cark cw fix perforated

7. High school uniform

Download links:

8. Scout uniform

Download links:

9. Sarong by aanhamdan93

Download links:

* Caps: Download

* Long Scarf : Download

* Sturdy Top: Download

* Sarong Skirt: Download


* Hijab Kids: Download

* Amanda Top: Download

* Amanda Skirt: Download

10. Javanese traditional clothes, kebaya, blangkon

Download links:

11. Javanese traditional wedding dress

Download links:

12. Indonesian police uniform

Download links:

13. Paskibra uniform

Download links:

For flags, you must enter a cheat

bb.showliveeditobjects, sis…

gun category index finger right

14. GoJek driver jacket

Download links:

15. Nyi Roro Kidul Costume

Download links:

which has the password: here

Along the way, you may also encounter all kinds of unexpected and unexpected obstacles. But luckily, you can use cc so the game doesn’t feel too complicated.

That’s a collection of The Sims 4 Indonesian Wisdom CC Mods


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