The role of computer technology in everyday life

Today’s technological equipment will be more sophisticated, of course this cannot be separated from technological developments carried out by humans. In short, with this technology, all things related to work, business or even education can be done efficiently

IT People Blog A computer is an electronic device that helps us to process data. Some of the benefits of computers include storing, processing and generating new data for research purposes. Some people use computers to type documents, send e-mails, play games or search for information from various sites, one of which is With a computer device, it can also make it easier for us to create spreadsheets for data presentation, meeting presentations or even holding video conferences.

The role of computer technology in everyday life

Fourth generation computer

Of course, the development of computers from generation to generation brings many changes. That’s because computer experts continue to innovate technology so as to give birth to various new specifications. In this fourth generation computer, it is more dominant to use the chip as the main component.

Of course, the storage capacity planted in this technology will increase to thousands of times. And the development of computers in the fourth generation has also been equipped with several external components, namely a mouse, keyboard, monitor and other supporting components. One example is the Apple I. This computer was developed by Steve Wozniak together with Steve Jobs by including a microprocessor in the circuit board of computer equipment.

Types of computers

Most people when they hear the word computer, they think of personal computers such as desktops or laptops, even though as we know that computers can come in various shapes and sizes and are capable of carrying out various tasks that help human life. Without us knowing it when we take money at an ATM, scanning the barcode of goods on the cash register or operating an application is also one of the activities that use a computer

1. Desktop computers

Most people use desktop computers at home, work or school. Because this computer is designed to be placed on a table. Desktop computers consist of several important components, such as CPU, Stabilizer, Desktop screen, external sound

2. Laptop computers

Laptop computers are already familiar and are generally referred to as laptops. A very prominent difference between desktop computers and laptops is the use of electrical resources where the desktop version of the computer relies on a direct outlet while the laptop has its own power source that comes from the battery.

Laptops are also portable so they can be taken anywhere without having to depend on a power outlet

3. Tablet computers

This type of computer is very different from the two computers discussed earlier. Because a tablet computer is a handheld computer or commonly called a tablet. It has a smaller size and is easy to carry anywhere, equipped with a touch screen feature if you want to operate it, you don’t need a manual mouse or keyboard. Simply touch to select a menu and type a paragraph.

4. Server computers

On this type of computer you can process various requests for information on other computers connected to the same computer network. As one example, if you use an internet server then you can view or access various information from various computer devices connected to the server.

In addition to server computers that can be used for daily activities, you can also use multiple data resources from several computers simultaneously via a remote server

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The difference between a Gaming PC and a regular PC

As we already know that there are many uses of computers. Mostly used for work, doing schoolwork or playing games. Of course, computer specifications in general are very different from the gaming PCs used by gamers. What is the difference between the two?

The most striking difference between ordinary computers and gaming computers lies in the specifications of the components that have been assembled in such a way. For example, if you need a computer that is used for office work, then what is needed is usually a Microsoft Office program to create reports. You must have often used Microsoft Office which does not require high graphics

As for the gaming computer, it will be equipped with various components that are higher than computer specifications in general. One of the differences between ordinary computers and gaming computers lies in the graphics card. What is a graphics card?

Graphics card itself has a function as a translator or converting digital signals from the computer to a graphic display on the monitor screen.

The role of computers in various fields

The role of computers in everyday life is very important. In fact, you could say it is ingrained in human life. There are several benefits that can be felt with the computer, including:

1. As a means of communication.

By using a computer, you can establish communication even at a very long distance. Because this device provides application facilities in the form of skype, email or whatsapp that can do video conferences virtually.

2. As a source of information.

One of the advantages of computers is as a more complete source of information than libraries. If your computer is connected to the internet, you can access various information such as entertainment, current news, spiritual content or others.

3. As a means in the world of work.

In an effort to use technology to support work efficiency, you need a computer to help process data or just make work presentations. Using a computer also helps to get your work done more quickly and easily. In fact, you can also use a computer to exchange documents or files that are needed.

4. As a means of education.

Currently, teaching and learning activities carried out online require a computer device as an indispensable virtual face-to-face communication medium. Because if distance learning does not use computer technology, students will miss a lot of material in school

5. As a medium for doing business.

In the business world, computers are needed to support business progress. As in the field of developers, programmers to marketers who use computers to help market their business. In addition, you can also use to open an online store on the marketplace platform you want.

In essence, there are many benefits of computers in various fields. You can even customize the computer specifications you want according to your needs.



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