The reason you should raise your blog’s DA PA score today

Welcome to IT People Blog. Today having a blog with a high DA PA score is very important, especially for those who want to increase the income potential of their blog whether through ad placement services, guest posting, selling backlinks and so on.

One of the important factors that prospective clients see from your blog is the DA PA score regardless of whether your client is just a beginner (layman about SEO) or an automated system that accumulates the price of a link from your blog by calculating the blog’s DA PA score criteria.

For example, at, this is a backlink buying and selling platform that is quite popular in Indonesia. This platform connects bloggers with various brand owners who want to promote their services through blogs.

At the price for each backlink is calculated automatically taking into account the blog’s DA PA score, alexa ranking, number of indexes in search engines and several other factors. Of course blogs with a DA PA score (though not natural) can benefit from this kind of backlink trading platform

rajabacklink helmykediri

So don’t be surprised if services to increase the DA PA score of blogs are currently scattered everywhere, the price is relatively cheap or around Rp. 400,000, to increase the DA score of the blog to 60+

The process of increasing the DA PA score of a blog using the service is also relatively fast, about 2 weeks I think it’s enough, you can see how the DA history of a blog is through The picture below shows one of the blogs whose DA score was obtained in an unnatural way

there is a purchase

How do they do it? very easy maybe even a child can do it haha ​​😂

The fastest way to increase your blog’s DA score is to take advantage of high quality dofollow redirect urls from google products such as search engines, maps, images and so on.

redirect backlinks dofollow

You can also take advantage of PBN sites with high DA scores, regardless of whether it’s the result of a dropped domain, PBN, or just a comment backlink from a forum site.

comment backlink

Your blog can look more professional with a high DA PA score, the chances of getting clients for content placement or blogroll purposes are more convincing. The end result is that you can increase the profits from your blog without having to rely on the Adsense banner ad unit

Talking about the goals of a blogger, we will clearly discuss various potential income that can be optimized. For sultans they are used to burning money for blog promotion costs on Caucasian platforms but for beginner bloggers who have a thin budget they prefer to optimize what is already there.

Does DA PA affect blog popularity?

DA PA (Domain Authority and Page Authority) is a score between 1-100 (lowest – highest) which was introduced by MOZ as a replacement for the long abandoned blog Pageranks, although on the official website moz also says that these results are sometimes uncorrelated

At least the Google algorithm is not like it used to be, which is a little bit directly de-indexed, taken down and lost from search engines

Here are the facts;

– Google doesn’t use MOZ’s DA PA score at all in determining page rank in the SERP, so I see blogs that use services to increase their DA PA score instantly but can still be indexed in Google normally.

Then a high DA score also does not guarantee an easy page one blog, so it should be noted that services to increase a blog’s DA score are very different from SEO services. Service owners do not promise nonsense about SEO, what they promise is to increase the potential of the blog in terms of income by manipulating the DA PA score instantly (boost DA value without increasing spam score)

– Google is more focused on creating quality and useful content for readers, once again having a high DA score does not mean your blog is better than the blog

The reason people use blog DA score boost services

There are several reasons why bloggers are willing to spend money to increase their blog’s DA score instantly, usually they already understand very well the benefits that can be obtained in the future.

Are you among the bloggers who underestimate their service users to boost DA PA blog scores? Actually, we are the same, it’s just that recently the blog has received lots of content placement offers because the client is interested in the DA score of 24 and the global alexarank ranking of 121,000 (even though both are not used by Google)

These are a series of advantages if you have a blog with a high DA PA score even though in reality the blog traffic is very low

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1. Selling backlinks through guest posts/content placement

There are lots of platforms to offer blog content placement such as viva, rajabacklink, sosiago and so on. This platform calculates the price of backlinks on your blog based on your DA PA score, number of search engine indexes, alexarank rankings and so on despite the fact that the blog is actually worthless in the eyes of google.

In addition to boosting the DA PA blog score, there are also services to streamline Alexarank rankings, there are indexer services to increase the number of blog page indexes in search engines, for smart bloggers they already understand how to make money from their blogs without having to serve adsense

selling backlinks

If they offer backlinks manually through groups and forums, they may exaggerate the reputation of their blog to attract potential customers

2. Selling domains

Buy a new domain > boost your DA PA score > pretend you want to sell the blog domain because you’re bored > comment using a fake account “well that’s great, perfect for PBN”

domain sale

I often see patterns like this, some use dummy accounts to increase interest… well that’s okay

3. Offered as PBN

When blog traffic is low and a desperate blogger complains in a group, that’s where PBN blog owners offer their services. Usually blogs on the PBN list have a high DA PA score even though the power is dwindling… at least this can treat a little frustration for failed bloggers

Up here, you must understand why some bloggers are willing to spend money to pay for DA PA score boost services, right? basically they know how to use blogs with high DA PA scores to make money.

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Blog reputation cannot be measured by DA score

The hope of frustrated bloggers when they see low blog traffic is to improve it by increasing the blog’s DA PA score, yet the service providers promise no increase in spam score even though it turns into a dream.

It’s also not possible for a new blog with a DA boost of up to a score of 60+ to automatically shift the ranking of a blog that has been rebuffed like unless the quality of the content is indeed better.

To increase blog traffic, you have to make various SEO efforts both Offpages and Onpage, of course increasing the DA PA score is not included in it

Examples of SEO efforts to increase blog traffic;

– Create articles that are popular (you can do research with googletrend) or create articles with search potential (you can use keyword research tools).

– Advertise, including instant SEO efforts to bring visitors to the blog. Tell people that the content on your blog is good and get them to subscribe. This method makes more sense than paying for DA PA DR UR boost services

While the tactic of paying people to increase the DA PA score in an instant is only useful for manipulating customers or creating attractiveness which actually does not provide great benefits to customers

Thank you so much, just a casual writing


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