The reason housewives need to have income

After marriage, generally a woman holds the title as a wife whose life is the responsibility of her husband, starting from the needs of physical and spiritual support. Usually a wife gets a deposit from her husband every time her husband receives a salary, it can be weekly or monthly

Although the role of a wife does not require her to work and earn money, it does not mean that a wife cannot have a career and have her own income other than her husband’s income. The reality is that in our society, there are still many wives who work hard to earn a living to help their husbands

According to data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) in 2020, it shows that female workers in the formal sector reached 34.5% while males amounted to 42.71%. I open a side business such as a food stall, laundry, opening a shop, cellphone counter and so on

Regardless of their status, women also need to seek work experience and raise money so that later they will feel for themselves how difficult it is for a husband to work to meet the needs of life, especially in our society, a woman who is financially independent and does not depend on other people’s livelihoods looks independent.

The reason housewives need to have income

The following are some of the reasons why a woman needs to make her own money;

1. Life becomes happier

With money we can buy happiness, everything we want as long as we have enough money can be bought. For example, taking a sauna, reflexology, buying a new cellphone, etc

The money earned from hard work itself gives a feeling of happiness and satisfaction that cannot be expressed in words. It makes women look smarter and more beautiful

2. Save money and manage your finances wisely

A wife who has experienced the difficulty of making a living will be more grateful for whatever income her husband gives. Apart from being able to practice being thrifty and saving for emergencies, you are also wiser in managing your daily expenses

Meanwhile, a wife who has never worked and finds it difficult to earn a living may demand her husband to work even harder or perhaps resign from work.

3. Feel the freedom

Subconsciously, having your own hard-earned money gives you a little freedom to use the money just to fulfill personal desires. You can also choose to save to speed up buying a desired need or invest

Because it’s your own money, you are free to use it but don’t let that sense of freedom give birth to a wasteful nature to waste money. We have to keep allocating funds for savings and funds for delinquency

4. Have an emergency fund for the future

We never know what bad things might happen in the future. The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic that has occurred over the last 2 years has made many husbands lose their jobs and it is increasingly difficult for unemployed people to find work

Incidents such as work accidents and layoffs are indeed disasters. Luckily I read several stories of successful entrepreneurs who started their careers during the pandemic after being laid off from their place of work, of course this was thanks to emergency savings so starting a business was not difficult even though there were many obstacles.

5. Easing household burden

The reason why a wife chooses to work even though her husband also works is not only to fulfill her own desires. Sometimes a wife is forced to work to help her husband meet household needs.

The husband’s income is erratic or even not enough for daily needs, not to mention the price of basic needs continues to increase in line with the removal of subsidies from the government

Especially if your child suddenly gets sick, that’s where our financial strength is really tested.

Now you know the reasons why women and housewives need to make extra money, unless your husband is really a sultan

So, what is a side business that is suitable for housewives in today’s modern era?

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