The most important blogging goal is traffic

Blogging is seen as an instant way to make money passively and online. Back then, when I was in college, blogging was so easy. Some content topics are still rarely written and even if there are few of them. Youtube can’t be monetized yet so video content isn’t that popular yet

Nowadays, almost everyone has an online blog with their own domain name, for example (what a cool name )

The cost of creating a blog is very cheap, everyone can create several personal blogs instantly and quickly. Although creating a blog looks easy, the next process requires a struggle because the blog must be filled with content that is sought after and interesting for visitors. The blogging trend has an impact on the emergence of article writing services from beginner to expert level

Making money from blogs for now seems difficult and easy because in addition to the large number of competitors, it is also accompanied by unhealthy competition from the bloggers themselves. Therefore, let us understand the basics of blogging from its roots;

1. Purpose of Blogging

Everything we do in this world must have a purpose, the activity of peat also has a purpose;

a. Diligently worship and do good deeds to get to heaven

b. Work from morning to evening to earn

c. Financing children’s schools to be smart

d. Go to the market to shop for necessities

What about your goal of blogging? not sure yet?

Blogs and websites are almost the same, both blogs, websites, forums, social media, e-commerce (now online stores also have blog channels), streaming and so on are filling in the google search results which are limited to each page containing only the 10 best search results according to Google’s version.

Just imagine if your personal blog has to compete with various types of websites whose names are quite popular, such as Shopee, Tokopedia, Alodokter, Ruangguru, etc.

Shopee Blog

Shopee Blog

As far as I know shopee is an online marketplace for buying and selling, but they also have a blog channel addressed at which contains various popular articles in the genre of technology, health, lifestyle, home design, etc.

If your blog happens to take a niche around techno, it means you have to compete with shopee in google search results

Ruangguru’s Blog

Ruangguru's Blog

Likewise, this online learning site also has a blog channel addressed at which contains articles about education, technology and so on. The number of index pages on google is very much up to 9 million. They are already startups, of course, it will very easily shift your page rank on google

Tribunnews Blog blog

Tribunnews Blog blog

News media sites that should only focus on news information that is happening in the community are also targeting articles on song lyrics, anime stories, guitar chords, which are mostly worked on by personal blogs, are now also being worked on by big media websites like tribunnews.

Well, if your personal blog only focuses on publishing articles every day without a clear plan, the big blogs above can publish tens to hundreds of articles every day. Behind the blog channels they have, it turns out that they sell something that looks expensive and doesn’t depend on banner ad revenue like most personal bloggers

So, what is your goal in starting a blog today?

– Just to post articles and hope to make a lot of money? the sites above can post hundreds of articles a day, automatic blogs resulting from scrape content can publish thousands of articles in a day

– Just a formality? Yes, when I was in college I was also told to create a blog to publish college assignments

– Promotion? this looks good, the supporting content on the blog must be relevant to the product you are promoting

– Reviewing products and sharing experiences? that’s good!

Now try it when the keyword “latest hp laptop” is googled and see how it turns out

latest hp laptop

From the screenshot above you can learn that;

– Top search results show ads from Googleads

– The emergence of e-commerce websites such as Bhinneka, Tokopedia, idprice price comparison sites

– There is a technology-themed blog search signal that presents the latest information about smartphones, laptops, applications, games

Next, we open the contents of the Cari Signal article;

best laptop recommendation

It contains a list of recommendations for the 20 best HP brand laptops, product photos, complete product specifications, estimated price ranges, product explanations, buttons to price comparison sites, buy buttons via e-commerce/affiliates.

How else can you be pampered as a visitor, now if the article on the web can be inserted an affiliate link, that means one source of income from there. Meanwhile, if you open an article on the Tokopedia blog channel, the goal is to lead visitors to the Tokopedia product catalog page

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I give 1 more example, try searching on google with the keyword “short stories examples” and this is the result;

example of blog short story

If we open the article from Gramedia, the contents look very detailed from the definition of short stories, types of short stories to short story ebook recommendations along with spoilers which are directed to the Gramedia purchase page

buy books at Gramedia online

From the 2 examples above, we learn how to make money from a blog, namely creating a blog > article content > optimization > collecting visitors > earning money!

Like in the night market, if there are many visitors, the turnover will also increase. So, a blog with a lot of visitors has a high potential for cash, even if the blog owner only relies on visitor clicks from advertisements or selling certain products from his blog.

Busy places are always used for business;

– Your blog is busy but you can’t use it, it’s useless

Even on a crowded campus, there must be students selling snacks

D-1 during Eid al-Fitr where people go to the graves to make pilgrimages, the residents must use them to sell flowers, ice cream, pentols, etc.

Social media accounts that have many followers and are busy can open advertising endorsement services

That is why the first important purpose of blogging is to bring in many visitors regardless of where they come from, now for the benefit of the blog owner, these visitors can later be converted into buyers, loyal readers, customers, clients and consumers.

What if the blog is quiet? Just scroll and scroll the Indonesian Blogger group, who knows, you can get a trick to enliven the blog hehe

The true purpose of blogging is to find traffic/visitors, please don’t agree.

After the blog is crowded with visitors, don’t let it go, because over time the popularity of the blog will decrease… the owner must be able to maintain it

– Direct them to buy the product

– Collect their contacts and emails so that later you will get the latest information from the blog, the cool term is lead

– Turn them into clients and get the best testimonials

– Improve personal branding by repeating the brand

Conversion of blog visitors sometimes does not immediately bring in money even though the end result is still money;

– Tokopedia through its blog channel provides as complete information as possible and then directs visitors to their product catalog list to buy

– Ruangguru through its blog channel provides information about school lessons and offers easy online learning subscription packages

– Gramedia through the blog channel for the best short story recommendations can direct visitors to order ebooks/physical books through their online store



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