The Latest Ways to Control Your Own Psychological Emotions

How to Control Emotions Self-psychology is excessive, understanding one’s own emotions – You must have experienced an event that made you angry or sad.

Then someone will say to you:

“Don’t be sad, it’ll be over later”

Even though the more you try to fight the negative emotions you feel, the more they get worse.

The Latest Ways to Control Your Own Psychological Emotions

When you are sad. The more you fight the sadness, the stronger your feelings of sadness become.

When we are anxious and overthinking, the more we force ourselves not to overthink. Just more thinking.

Finally you find an escape to get rid of your emotions.


Eat a lot…

Go have fun…

Play with friends…

Unfortunately, all of those ways don’t make your emotions go away. When you finish doing the activity, the feeling comes back. Whether it’s angry, sad, annoyed, anxious.

If you’ve ever felt that way, that’s OK. It’s just not the right way to solve it.

Many people, when they feel negative emotions, don’t accept their emotions by themselves.

In fact, the emotions when confronted are even stronger.

“The best way to deal with your inner emotions is not to fight them. On the contrary, to be aware of them and to accept them.”

You realize, if you’re angry, you’re angry.

You realize, if you’re sad, you’re sad.

After realizing, let and accept the emotion that comes to you, don’t fight it and try to get rid of it.

Don’t think, “Ah, I can’t be sad!”

So Alright, Accepted!

You just enjoy the emotion!

You must have asked,

“Why do emotions have to be accepted?”

“Is it okay if we hold our emotions or control our emotions?”

Emotions are important to be accepted by yourself.

Because emotions are automatic and we can’t control.

That’s why the more we control our emotions, the more they make us STRESS.

Have you ever been sad when you tried to be happy? is it hard?

Have you ever been worried when you tried not to think? is it hard?

The more you fight the emotions, the more they get worse. because why? because I don’t accept myself.

How can you accept the emotions within you?

How to Control Your Own Psychological Emotions

1. Try to be aware of whenever you are trying to fight, get rid of, avoid your emotions.

Pay attention to what sensations you feel:

When you’re sad, do you like it if you can’t be sad?

When you’re angry, do you like it if you can’t be angry?

So, try to minimize it!

Remember, emotions are automatic!

So just feel it, realize it, and accept it.

2. Realize! that emotions only appear temporarily

Remember that emotion only appears briefly, then disappears or changes to another emotion.

So, no need to try to quickly remove it.

You just feel it and you just accept it, why? because the emotions will also go away.

Try to minimize the thought that:

Negative emotions are “bad” or “annoying” or “uncomfortable.”

3. Take advantage of the emotions you feel for useful things.

If you’re happy, you can use it to do pending work.

If you are sad, you can use the emotion for self-evaluation for some time.

So, whatever emotions you feel, let it flow! just relax!

No need to try to discard, change, or avoid!

That’s it, I hope it’s useful.

QnA session:

1. Emotions that have been vented are really relieved

well this is what i mean. sad, upset, tired, angry. don’t hold back, don’t hold back. which is even stressful.

sad, admit it if you are sad.

Don’t be sad, but pretend to be happy. what is there is not even good.

2. Emotions are to be accepted, the more emotions you hold, the more dangerous it is for mental health.

whatever feelings you feel, let it out. enjoy it.

angry yes angry, sad yes sad, want to cry just cry.

don’t lie to yourself if we are fine.

if it is overflowed it can be more relieved.

3. How come the method above is a bit difficult?

It’s not hard, just accept emotions. whatever the emotion, just accept it, feel it, enjoy it, let it out.

it’s even more difficult to hold. for example sad but pretending to be happy, difficult. later will return to sad emotions again. If you spill it, it will be relieved and easy to lose

4. So it’s important to manage yourself so that your emotions can be more stable, right?

The point is that emotions should not be suppressed. just pour it out.

feel sad sad

angry yes angry

want to cry just cry

will definitely be relieved rather than suppressed

5. My anger only briefly, my emotions will subside. I fear when emotions can do things out of control. That’s why I choose silence

if the emotion… angry emotion. Just take it out on the person who was scolded, as long as it’s naturally okay. rather than being held in the heart.

6. Will it flow like water first?

yes the point is to accept all the emotions that arise in us, be it angry, sad, or happy, overthinking. Yes, accept it, enjoy it. taste it. Don’t fight it, if you fight it, you can’t lose it.

Some of the Latest Ways to Control Your Self Psychological Emotions


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