The Latest Review of An Art To Be Stupid

The Latest Review of An Art To Be Stupid

“A sane approach to living the good life”

Instead of scrolling through Twitter’s timeline, let’s talk about a book review.

so “An art to be so stupid“This is the New York Times best seller book that discusses Self Improvement and translated into Indonesian, guys, let’s just peel it off right away

The Latest Review of An Art To Be Stupid

In this book, the author wants to open our minds that “THERE ARE THINGS THAT DO NOT NEED TO BE INQUIRED IN LIFE“.

This book will also help us to be more indifferent to things that are less important through three arts.

The Latest Review of An Art To Be Stupid

Key of first art is a TIME OF BODO AGAINST ALL OBSTACLES and struggles in achieving something we want.

We should face these obstacles and just enjoy them, guys, because in pursuit of an achievement, there are bound to be obstacles that arise.

second art we have to find important and meaningful things to prioritize so that you can more easily ignore trivial things guys.

third art it reinforces the previous art, namely WE CAN BEGIN TO SORRY WHICH IS MORE IMPORTANT WHEN WE GROW UP.

Even though the important thing seems simple, we can still be happy with that simplicity.

okay, then we will discuss some parts of this book that can make you really stupid. ok, let’s get straight to it guys, here it is…

Discussion of Parts of this Book


this part is an inspiration from Bukowsky’s life story. He is a famous writer whose work is considered to be very broken and disgusting, but he managed to become a winner because he feels comfortable with himself and is very ignorant of the perspective of “success” of others.

Well, from this story Mark makes a statement that “the key to a good life is not about caring about more things but about caring about simple things, only caring about what is right, urgent and important.”

Why do you have to be so stupid? Because when we care less about something, we actually do it well. In other words, being really stupid will actually do big things that make us not afraid of the challenges in life.


Mark mentions that “happiness comes from succeeding in solving problems”. Sometimes to solve a problem is very simple, we just need to set our minds to “immediately solve the problem, then be happy!”

However, it turns out that we often respond to it is not as simple as this. Because we usually:

– Denying it: denying reality so that it leads to fragility

– Promote a victim mentality: choose to believe that nothing can be done to solve this problem


actually none of us are special. Because in fact instilling the belief that we are special does not necessarily make a population full of people like Bill Gates, for example. But it can actually create delusional self-confidence.

According to Mark, appreciating simple experiences in life and accepting the existence of mediocrity, will free us to complete what we really want to get done without excessive judgment or expectations.


the more we accept uncertainty and ignorance about something, the more comfortable we will be in knowing exactly what we know. On the other hand, a man who believes himself to know everything will not learn anything.


Mark emphasizes the need to say no to rejecting something so that we don’t lose our reason to hold on. So to appreciate something, we have to limit ourselves.

At the end of the section, Mark argues “Live as it is without worrying too much about things that shouldn’t matter. Because being very stupid is actually fun and useful.”

So, no matter how harsh the scorn, we should use the law of the opposite. That, we are the ones who think it’s negative. We immediately judged it bad. In fact, these comments will make us better day by day and keep moving forward.

So, that’s the book review about self-improvement tonight, there are so many lessons that can be taken from the book so that we can become better individuals, and of course don’t hesitate to act “Foolishly” in accordance with the art that has been discussed above.


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