The Latest Collection of SCTV FTV Songs

The Latest Collection of SCTV FTV Songs – the latest ftv sctv soundtrack – a collection of ftv sctv songs during the day – the most popular ftv sctv songs – I realize that Indonesian FTV programs are designed and marketed to most Indonesians. TV programs are the FTV that the majority of Indonesians want and that’s what they get, FTV is their entertainment. It’s the basic law of supply & demand, FTV channels will supply what people demand. I realized this when my father came from my hometown to Jakarta, we watched FTV in my apartment,.

FTV SCTV Song Collection Latest Version The idea of ​​watching FTV for my father is entertainment. While I’m prepared to pay a monthly subscription just to watch my favorite shows, you can watch the same shows on FTV for free.

Sure, Indonesian FTV programs are good, some even international famous FTV series and surely most of them are good, but they illustrate how Indonesia looks like a society. For most people this is the only option. This is a harsh truth but these FTV programs may be the only source of entertainment accessible to them. I am one of those people who like to watch a lot of Indonesian FTV shows, especially soap operas (soap operas).

I understand why Indonesian soap operas are of good quality and people watch them. Infectious but often enjoyed among the lower middle class. Everything I ever enjoyed in my childhood was mostly FTV until I started watching comedy since I was 12.

Although I agree that most Indonesian FTV is entertainment, however, RCTI with its in-house production house, MNC Pictures, creates some good quality Indonesian entertainment. MNC Pictures wants to be different by depicting people from the lower middle class, their series is very different from the typical Indonesian holiday.

The following is a collection of the latest version of SCTV FTV Songs

Adhesa Passase – Not a Perfect Human
Randy Pangalila – Goodbye
Restina – Two Love Kicks
Element – pseudo
Randy Pangalila -Nothing is the Same
Glenca Chysara – When You Come
Fyan Ahmad – Dead in your heart
Randy Pangalila – Completely
Glenca chysara – Where is it
Amaira Helve feat Ram – Don’t Regret
Derizka Afrillia – What is Love
Element -limping
Randy Pangalila – All From the Heart
Derizka Afrillia – Falling in Love Again
Mahesya – Waiting
Derizka Afrillia – No Longer Troubled
Randy Pangalila – Before You Was
Band Illusion – Forget it
Natalie Zenn – My Secret Love
Green Leaf – Endless Illusion
Sisca Dewi feat Fyan Ahmad – Eternal love
Pesona Band – I’m The One Who Was Hurt
Republic of Indonesia – I’m Afraid
Kensen DJ – Go Go

The Latest Collection of SCTV FTV Songs

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