The Latest Collection of Menfess Twitter Bases That Must Be Followed

A collection of Twitter Base Menfess that must be followedTwitter Autobase Recommendations – Did you know that the way people get more Twitter keeps changing over time? When compared, Twitter is now very different from Twitter in the 2010s, especially in Indonesia!

What’s the difference? Check out the following short article!

If you remember, there was no reply feature on Twitter before, so when we reply to someone’s tweet, we make a new tweet and mention their username. Use RT RT too

Now there is a reply, retweet, and even quote tweet feature. The “favorite” feature is now a “like”

Not only the features and updates have changed, but also the culture. In the past, Twitter was used to follow each other with friends, so they could communicate.

Now we also often interact with people we don’t know because there is such a thing as AUTOBASE

As far as I know, this autobase only exists in Indonesia. In short, this autobase is a place for people to discuss, ask questions, or even fight

So we can send “menfess” via DM, later our submissions will be automatically posted on the autobase, simple right.

Well, I want to recommend some autobases that you really must follow on Twitter, because if you follow this autobase, your timeline will automatically be more colorful.

So quickly if you get viral news or other good posts, the term is that your world will open

A collection of Twitter Base Menfess that must be followed

1. @bertanyarl

A collection of Twitter Base Menfess that must be followed

This is an autobase to discuss life in general, so you can discuss anything in this base from asking questions or discussing!

Many funny posts are also very entertaining


A collection of Twitter Base Menfess that must be followed

If this autobase is specifically for discussing things about food/drinks, you can ask for recipes, show off food, ask for good food recommendations, etc. BreadDoughnutâ????

When I’m on a stalk base, I’m naturally hungry, wow.

3. @schcampus

A collection of Twitter Base Menfess that must be followed

Well, schcampus is a special autobase to discuss things about lectures. You can ask questions about campus, friendship on campus, lecturers, lessons, etc. Books

Very suitable to be followed if you are a student or prospective student!

4. @englishfess_

If you are learning English, this autobase is a must for you to follow!

This is your place to discuss, ask questions, and share things related to English! Flag of United Kingdom

5. @worksfess

it works! Not only work, freelance and internship are also available in this autobase

It’s really suitable to be followed if you are a student who is preparing for work or other than that.

6. @tubirfess

Tubir if you read it behind it becomes noisy. Twitter isn’t complete if there’s no fuss guys

But don’t get me wrong, the contents of this autobase are not only noisy, but also lots of information about current issues that can sharpen the brain to think critically. Must follow!

7. @ohmybeautybank

Come on, those who like ‘beauty’ things, come directly to this autobase! Here we can discuss about fashion, skincare, etc. related to beauty! Sparkles

I’m happy because I can get information about skincare products too!

8. @moviemenfes

Do you like watching movies? Fix must follow this autobase. Here you can talk about your favorite movie or series!

There are also many movie recommendations on this autobase, so it’s really fun for Clapper board movie lovers

9. @literarybase

This autobase is devoted to discussing books and literacy. You can also share your literary works such as poetry or short stories to this autobase!

The senders here are really good, they can enrich our knowledge about literacy as well. Scroll

So, those are some of the autobases that you really need to follow, because in my opinion, if we follow these 9 autobases, our timeline will be busy.

Playing twitter also becomes more fun, entertaining, and increases knowledge. But don’t forget to read the rules!

That was my first article about the new era of Twitter in Indonesia. Hope you guys like it!


I used to monitor the tweet from thegoodquote, the good one in the screenshot of the abs was installed as a blackberry wallpaper

That’s a collection of Twitter Base Menfess that you must follow


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