The latest 7 ways to read whatsapp messages without being caught

Welcome to IT People Blog. After being acquired by Facebook Inc or now changing its name to Meta Platform Inc, whatsapp as the most popular chat application experienced a growth of 990 million users from all over the world, it’s no wonder that currently almost all of our friends in our cellphone contacts have used the WhatsApp messaging application and even I myself have several years not using the SMS feature. I almost forgot the last time I bought credit because every month I only refill internet data packages

Since being acquired by Facebook, WhatsApp has launched a variety of new feature innovations that have increasingly boosted its popularity as the best messaging application, one of which is the WhatsAppweb feature, video calls up to 50 people at once, reading messages from other people without showing a blue tick and so on. These unique features used to only be found in the WhatsApp mod application because at the beginning of its appearance, WhatsApp was very simple

However, as users grew, WhatsApp began to experience various changes in terms of features, design, capabilities and application size. Viewing messages without showing a blue tick that you’ve read the message is important, especially when dealing with annoying chat partners

For example, Andri wants to borrow money, if the message is caught, we just read it, he will be angry, right… that’s why the feature of hiding read messages from chatting opponents is needed, another optionally WhatsApp also provides features block chat until spam report to protect the user experience.

1. Peek messages from Quick Settings

Let’s say there are some incoming messages that you don’t want to open either because of debt requests, requests for help, promotional spam and the like. If you open the message normally, surely the chat sender will display a blue tick notification telling them that the message sent has been seen by the recipient.

The solution, you can peek at the contents of the message without opening it via Quick Settings

Peeking messages from Quick Settings

To run Quick Settings, it is enough to slide the screen down, so you can peek at the contents of the latest WhatsApp messages without having to open the WhatsApp application so that the blue check mark will not light up. For more details on the use of Quick Settings, you can tap down to see the contents of the message even if the content of the message is quite long then the entire contents of the message do not appear fully

2. Peek through the notification bar

The new notification serves to notify the latest info or updates from several applications installed on the Android smartphone, for example notification of comments on Instagram accounts, incoming SMS notifications, as well as WhatsApp messages.

Reading some messages through the notification bar, the blue check mark for read messages will not appear on the sender of the message but if you accidentally click the notification that appears then you will open the WhatsApp application to read the incoming message in its entirety.

You can block incoming notifications from certain apps via settings > manage apps > select apps > turn off notifications

3. Activate airplane mode

Sending messages to other people, especially if it’s urgent but only being read, will definitely cause feelings of irritation. The impression is like being ignored, considered unimportant … so that the chat partner doesn’t feel that way, you can read the message by activating airplane mode so that the blue check mark for the message that has been read does not appear on the chat opponent. This method is very simple even without the help of third-party applications

You do this by activating airplane mode and then opening incoming messages as usual, after reading you can exit the application and turn off airplane mode. The result? the blue check mark does not appear on the sender.. unfortunately this method has only been proven to work on Iphone users while Android users do not apply

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4. Change whatsapp privacy settings

Some of the methods above sound complicated and long-winded because WhatsApp actually has provided features related to user privacy settings. You can turn off the blue tick notification/read receipts so that when you read messages from other people, the chat opponent will not get a blue tick and vice versa you don’t see a blue tick when your message is read by the recipient

It’s easy, in the WhatsApp application, click the three dots > select settings > account > privacy > read reports > turn it off (if it is turned off, you will not send or receive read reports. But read reports will always be sent for group chat messages)

Change whatsapp privacy settings

That way you are free to read messages from everyone without them knowing whether your message has been read or not, and vice versa when you send a message to someone you can’t know whether your message has been read by the recipient or not.

5. Added Whatsapp Incognito extension

Since 2015, WhatsApp can be accessed directly through a browser with the address

This encourages the emergence of support tools for WhatsApp, one of which is an extension in incognito or incognito mode

This extension allows whatsappweb users to disable the read message blue tick and hide online status

By activating this addons or extension, you can read incoming whatsapp messages without sending a blue tick to the sender, other features include hiding online status

For Mozilla Firefox Quantum users, you can install the Shutapp addons here

I myself use the chrome browser so install the WAIncognito extension from Tomer here

You can see similar extensions in the related extension menu.. how to use it is easy

Whatsapp Incognito extension

Please install the extension > open whatsappweb > there is an anonymous mask icon > check dont send read confirmation / in the chat you can enter uncheck mark as read

6. Using whatsapp mod

As the name implies, the Modified Whatsapp Application is certainly different from the Official Whatsapp application, one of the striking differences is that WhatsApp mod is always equipped with a feature to hide the status of being online. hide the blue checkmark / double tick when the message is viewed / read / entered

Just a suggestion.. you can activate the feature to hide the blue checkmark but don’t turn off the second checklist feature because usually some messages get late / delay

Recommendations for a safe whatsapp mod application for your whatsapp account, one of which is Whatsapp plus

7. Turn off the data plan

The last way to read messages without getting caught is to temporarily turn off the internet data package, then open the WhatsApp application and read incoming messages from the sender

Then block the sender’s number via the three-dot icon > block and report

That way the sender won’t know if the message has been read and they can’t bother you anymore

That’s an article about how to read WhatsApp messages without being caught, I hope what I share can be useful, especially for WhatsApp users throughout Indonesia. If you have other tips, don’t hesitate to tell me through the comments column

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