The importance of choosing a topic focused blog contains information about technology, especially gadgets and laptops. Back when I was still in college, I often visited this site to get information about the latest cellphones with advanced features because at that time I wanted to switch cellphones.

In the past, the page display looked normal, there were no ratings, comments with emoticons, the content of the article was also incomplete when compared to now which is presented more fully and in depth. Although sometimes I am lazy to read from the basics such as understanding the latest features that I have known before.

On the web portalmedia tribunnews there is also an android category, but I prefer to read on the blog because the content is more convincing hehe

Actually, there is no need to argue and there are no special rules regarding niche blogs, want to take a hodgepodge or specific please, but take a look at the series of advantages of managing a blog that focuses on the following 1 topic;

a. Writing articles can be more focused and continue

b. We are known as experts and master certain fields

c. Easy monetization from various blog income sources, especially paid content

d. CTR adsense ads are also good because they are targeted to the right visitors

a. Focus on writing articles and continue

Blogging is not just made and left behind. Blogs need to be updated with the latest articles and not only that, SEO optimization and branding are also important

At the beginning of blogging we can focus on one topic, work on articles to be structured, create a container containing people with certain interests and save energy

Unless you already have a team of writers, it’s okay to fill blogs with various topics, but I personally prefer to read articles on blogs that focus on 1 topic.

b. Considered an expert

Even though Jalantikus currently has mixed content with film synopsis, a collection of hilarious memes, lifestyle, fashion to less important news about Raffi Ahmad, the forum was quite busy in the past.

Even now, Jalantikus is still considered as a blog with the most popular technology theme in Indonesia, because even though it is mixed with content outside the main topic, the number is small.

c. Easy to monetize

If the blog topic is mixed, what kind of monetization relates to our blog? want to offer health products but the number of health articles can be counted on the fingers also not according to the target reader

We are also confused if we want to offer a cooperation proposal to companies engaged in certain fields

d. Ad CTR increased

This is suitable for banner ad players, especially adsense devotees. The most classic way to make money from a blog is at the mercy of clicks from visitors

If the articles and related blog articles are relevant, then the ads that appear are also relevant. Target visitors according to the topic of our blog so that the opportunity for ads to be clicked is higher and the income received from ad clicks by visitors is also a lot

Meanwhile, visitors to the Gado-Gado blog who are engrossed in reading articles about laptops are sometimes not interested in Tai-taian toy products from Tokopedia advertisements because they don’t come because they are looking for toys.

The following are recommendations for niche blogs that never die, but there are also many competitors;

Indeed, some of the following niche blog recommendations are timeless, in the sense that the fans are always there as long as they are updated with the latest content.

1. Technology Niches

We live in an era when information and technology is growing rapidly where all lines of life are technology-based. A simple example is that schoolchildren are already online and have class groups

Technological products such as smartphones and laptops have become toddler toys. Children aged 2 years are already proficient in operating the YouTube application on an Android phone

There are many content ideas for the technology niche and are not limited to physical products, digital products such as applications/software can also be discussed. Experience with technology devices is the most exciting reading for the clueless people

For example;

– How to use GoogleDrive, many people share links via GoogleDrive for download but when they are accessed they are limited or have to apply for access rights, even though if it was made public from the start, everyone can easily download the shared files.

– Googlemeet for online learning is widely used by colleges and schools because it is considered easier than zoom + free

– How to use zoom, it seems that there are still many who don’t know how to change the background and share the screen with meeting participants

2. Health Niche

When someone feels sick, he will not immediately ask the doctor but first searching on google. For example ringworm that appears in my groin, it feels itchy and sore but I didn’t come to the dermatologist but first searched on google and got advice on Miconazole Nitrate ointment and after 3 days of use Alhamdulillah it’s healed hehe

Problems with acne, palpitations, dizziness, eating and vomiting, searching google is the first step. Just… after the information was googled telling us that the symptoms were dangerous and we had to go to the doctor immediately, we just wanted to come to a specialist

In the past, when there was a pandemic, it was difficult to find a hospital that would serve patients… you had to isolate yourself first, you had to show proof of the vaccine and so on. Many patients died because they were treated too late because they had to be in self-isolation first

Even though this niche is very risky, especially if the author has no medical background at all, the information shared is misguided

3. Travel niche

Where do you want to go on holiday?

Okay, let’s open YouTube to see recommendations for tourist attractions in Kediri, open Google and TikTok to read reviews of tourist attractions along with reviews of visitors there.

Travel-themed blogs experience a rapid spike in traffic ahead of holidays, whether it’s a 1 day holiday, every weekend, holiday, etc.

What needs to be discussed on a travel niche blog is usually a review of tourist attractions, ticket prices, looking for tourist attractions in certain areas, visitor reviews

In addition, there are still many busy niches, for example education, finance, automotive and the like

Never take a blog niche that you don’t master, it will be difficult to develop a specific blog niche in the future. Instead of using an article writing service… you might come up short in the future

Tips for choosing a one-topic blog

It’s been discussed on the internet many times, I’m just repeating it. We are often swayed by the accomplishments of others. When Person A took the topic of children’s toys and then we succeeded, we followed suit, when Person B took the topic of cats and millions of viewers were interested in following in his footsteps even though we have never had a cat.

Even though you create a blog with the same niche, the content and development of the blog is definitely different, so don’t choose the wrong blog niche so you don’t regret it in the future.

Tips for choosing a blog niche for beginner bloggers

1. Like and master the niche

If you are sleepy, every day in your room playing games, why not just take a niche around games? no need to take a niche about automotive if you only understand how spark plugs work but don’t know other components

Unemployed graduate of mathematics why should take the religious niche? the topic of religion is difficult even though it is ingrained in our lives from an early age

Choose a topic that you like to study and you have mastered the basics so that in the future finding content ideas will not be difficult

2. Popular topics

It’s not enough to just like and master it, some topics are not very interesting and are rarely searched for

For example novels, it’s a big mistake to write novels on a personal blog.

Love stories and personal daily life are also not interesting, you know many bloggers like this quit. I’m tired of telling my love story, but apparently no one reads it hehe

For suggestions for popular content ideas, you can look at googletrends


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