The Horror Experience of Being Disturbed by Satan at Night Warriors LDKS

The Horror Experience of Being Disturbed by Satan During Night Soldier LDKS Leadership – The intention was to try to jury at night, but instead they were disturbed by those who didn’t.

This experience of being disturbed by ghosts but not ghosts lasted for the LDKS cave when I was in 7th grade

To be honest, to be honest, this cave experience has no imitation at all and I just want to tell you what happened to me and my friends. I apologize in advance who knows where the place is, please really don’t open the card, luckily it’s also original.

At the beginning of high school, it was mandatory called LDKS (Basic Student Leadership Training)

One day when I first left, I was still just ordinary, really normal, I actually had fun, really, really. and coincidentally, LDKS students go back and forth on TNI trontons.

Long story short, when I was in the middle of the road, I didn’t really feel good, I don’t know if it was a sign or if I was basically drunk (because the car was really sitting really tight, really, really urgent)

Yauda, ​​what can I do, and finally the students arrived at the place. In the beginning, there hasn’t been anything happening yet, oh, btw, the place is beautiful, the view is good too

The first agenda was the briefing followed by the division of the villa. After the division of the villa, I and my roommates repacked the goods, right? anyway, the position of the cave villa is in the corner, next to the ravine (but not really deep)

After repacking my belongings with my friend, Rifky, I intend to go to the bathroom, yes, the position of the bathroom is under the villa, so let’s go down the stairs first. underground, that’s the point (effort taxi?)

So the first incident was that the story was that I had urinated, even though I had turned off the faucet completely, it was strange when I got out of the bathroom, the faucet turned on again

I and my friend, Rifky, are still thinking positively, maybe the faucet is broken again.

(btw only my room with my friends has a lot of minuses, starting from the base which is a bit fragile, the bathroom is underground, the lights don’t turn on) there are a lot of minuses, really, really

Afterwards, all students were called to the field for lunch, the material was continued for outbound events. In the brief, the afternoon until the afternoon event was over, students continued to prepare for the evening prayer, Isya continued yasinan.

The second incident was when I was taking a shower, another friend of mine was sitting and chatting, right, so it was a coincidence that I was in the bathroom alone, but how come it was like someone was calling me that, it was really cool again.

I answered reflexively, but when I answered the voice disappeared. I immediately rushed to the soap and pulled it out, until I spontaneously asked my friend Daffa, do you know what she answered?! “I’ve been talking to the kids ever since.”

immediately sluggish original, I told them. no trusting dong, don’t believe they are joking, he said, even though it was clear that someone was calling me really loud, really, really while shouting. You know how people call and shout like that?!

I was immediately ready to continue going to the mosque with the others. Just how many steps did I take to leave the villa, how come I feel like someone is watching the cave from the end of the road. and it’s okay, doi look at the cave. that was the beginning of the cave being seen by the figure of Kunti.

maybe the one who’s been bothering him this time huh?! the definition of lazy, don’t know what else to do

When I arrived at the mosque, I automatically told Rifky. he’s still no trusting, so far I’ve only seen one figure, the rest is just annoyances like someone calling him but his form is still the same as a faucet that suddenly turns on by itself.

At the beginning of the evening prayer, the situation was still safe, very safe, in fact, there have been no incidents other than that I was seen and harassed. Until the isha prayer is finished, the event is at its peak.

In the first incident, there were one or two students who were in a trance, until finally three more people were added (it’s still normal, because it’s only natural that only one or two people are in a trance?)

The Experience of Being Disturbed by Satan During Night Soldier LDKS Leadership

Now, the second incident, which was really unnatural, almost all students had a trance (thank God, I’m safe), the definition is really scary

The Experience of Being Disturbed by Satan During Night Soldier LDKS Leadership

I dare myself while reading read it in my heart. I think the incident only lasted for a short time, I don’t know if it was really that long. until the school canceled the name jurit night. because the state of the definition is no longer very safe

One time, the story was that there was a student council member, if I’m not mistaken, the old man was finished, he broom beside the mosque’s toilet. I don’t know if the demon is angry or what, suddenly he immediately goes into a trance. he said his aura is really really strong

there are also some teachers who handle it, the definition is really really bad.

After that incident came a smart person who said he could, and it’s true that when the smart person came the situation had changed to normal again.

Anyway, the students who are in a trance are already conscious (but still in a state of unconsciousness).

he said, yes, he said, the fault was because the woman who was unable to enter the mosque, it was clear that the guard was not happy.

By dawn, there were no more incidents like that.

I don’t believe this, I don’t believe, make the position of the mosque like going up the stairs, the left and right side is the forest, it’s a bit high, really. So if we look from the top of the mosque, we automatically see the view below the mosque.

So, my friend said that he could see 3/4 of the pocong lined up below, meaning 2 on the banana tree near the stairs, 1 on the banana tree too (but in a different place) and the other one was just vaguely said.

he said that he was just staring at the top, the more panicked I was. Then, yes, he said, my friend also saw a tall figure with big eyes glowing (but only briefly).

there are many, even if there are those who see kuntilanak too.

OK, the incident is finally over, let’s talk about one another. This is precisely what my friend said, who was in a trance, he didn’t feel anything, he just said his body felt a bit weak and stiff

The intention was that we only went to the mosque to pray with Yasinan, and we were going to sleep in our respective villas, but why was it the other way around.

at the time, in the morning around 6 o’clock we headed to our respective villas, when I and my friend Daffa wanted to go into the villa to get things, I and him saw a shadow that penetrated the wall (but only briefly)

I and Daffa immediately rushed to prepare and then pulled it out, there was panic. Until that definition, the teacher wonders why Daffa and I are the same

one more there is a friend of mine whose name is apis. His position was in the bathroom, right, he said he could hear me when I was going down the stairs to the position of going to the bathroom. he was surprised when he said that I suddenly entered the bathroom like that

Apis saw me, but I didn’t see Apis, should it be a startled reflex?

last time there was such a thing as a closing ceremony followed by lunch. the original there, I really don’t have the appetite to eat, I really want to hurry and get it out of there

at 11 pm all students are preparing to go back to Jakarta, thank God, it’s safe on the trip.

arrived home around 7 pm. My definition immediately rushes to take a shower, pray and rest. because in the morning I went to school again, great.

I thought yesterday’s incident was over, yes, and I don’t know yet.

I swear panic…

the story is that during recess, the situation can still be said to be safe, yes, until finally there is a classmate of mine, the student of the student council, when he is sitting, he suddenly has a trance.

and when he realized that, he said, yes, he said, there are some figures who really follow him. The original oath was that one school panicked, until finally all students were sent home quickly

After that incident, about a week. Every time I sleep, I always respond and even have an out of body experience (OBE), and have a fever for a few days.

I’m thinking, what’s the point of this? How come it’s always the figure who followed me here, the original caper

Anyway, sorry to be born and inner heart, this thread is without any photos/videos of the incident (privacy)

proof two: do you know what the reason is? Hahaha

The Experience of Being Disturbed by Satan During Night Soldier LDKS Leadership

That’s the experience of being disturbed by Satan during the leadership LDKS Night


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