The Dangers of Using a False Identity For Online Loans

Currently, there are many cases circulating about people who make online loans with fake identities belonging to other people, even people they don’t know. According to the explanation on Investbro.idthis identity falsification can trigger criminal consequences because it causes losses from various sides, both for victims whose identities are misused to make online loans and for perpetrators who have used other people’s identities without permission from the owner.

The Dangers of Using a False Identity to Stand Out

The rise of these cases made the victims restless because they did not know anything about it and were suddenly billed to pay off debts that were never borrowed, this suddenly made the legal entity again tighten the special regulations related to the incident. Check out the full risks about using fake ID cards that are not recommended for online loans in this article

The rise of the use of fake identities for online loans

The widespread use of fake identities to make online loans is a case that is mostly handled by the police thanks to reports from victims who have complained a lot about anxiety about this happening.

In addition, parties from government legal entities will also intervene and provide sanctions for irresponsible actors who misuse the identities of others. This incident clearly had a considerable impact on the owner of the original identity as well as for the perpetrators who had used the fake identity.

Danger to the Original Identity Owner

Many victims, as owners of real identities, have reported cases of identity falsification to the authorities and they really want the perpetrators to be given the appropriate punishment in order to have a deterrent effect.

Not only that, the original identity owners also want their personal data information to be safe and will not be misused by irresponsible parties.

The following is the risk that is accepted by the victim when his/her identity is used to make an online loan by someone else.

Getting Terror or Threats From Online Loans

The victim as the owner of the original identity can get terror or threats from the online loan party even though the victim does not know anything about online loans that have been made by the person who has stolen his identity.

The behavior carried out by the perpetrator can also disturb the victim’s psyche due to too often getting threats and terror from online lenders. The victims will also feel uneasy as a result of this, the best way for the victims to do is to report the case to the authorities.

Victim’s Identity Spread

The most dangerous thing is that if the identity of the victim is spread widely to other parties, it is feared that there will be more and more risks that can arise from the case of identity falsification.

Danger for Perpetrators Using False Identity

The risk of danger is not only accepted by the party whose identity is used, but will also be very and even more dangerous for the perpetrator who has dared to use the identity of another person without permission.

This is an act that is very contrary to the law in force in this country. Here are some of the dangers that can arise if someone fakes their identity to make an online loan:

Entrapped in Criminal Law

The perpetrators who have deliberately falsified identities with the identities of others when making online loans will be charged with criminal law articles because they have harmed other people who are victims of the actions that have been carried out by the perpetrators.

This can be categorized as a Fraud article which is considered to violate the current law. If the perpetrator does this widely and with bad intentions, the punishment will also be more severe.

Getting Penalties According to the Law

The current law has become a final decision and is in accordance with the benchmarks of life that is currently taking place in the State of Indonesia.

The perpetrators of identity falsification will be ensnared in Article 378 of the Criminal Code Law concerning Fraud, where those who violate this will receive a punishment in the form of a prison sentence that is quite heavy and quite commensurate to the perpetrators. Imprisonment imposed can reach a maximum of up to 4 years and the perpetrator is also still subject to a fine for the sanction for violating the applicable law.

Getting Social Sanctions

The perpetrator will also receive social sanctions where if he is proven guilty, the perpetrator must receive a sentence in the form of imprisonment for a certain period of time, adjusted to the severity or severity of the case he has committed.

In addition, he will also receive social sanctions, both from the surrounding environment and from social media that has spread news related to the actions of the perpetrators.

Conclusion :

Fake identities are often used by borrowers of money in online loan applications where most of the perpetrators obtain the identities of other people through ID cards from people they know or don’t know.

These irresponsible actors use fake identities from other people who have been stolen by them to make loans on online loans which of course is very dangerous and very against the laws in force in this country.

In addition to causing a fairly high risk and danger effect, not only the identity owner will feel the impact and risk, but the perpetrator who falsifies the identity will also get a greater risk than the identity owner, even the punishment received is also commensurate.


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