The Danger of Leaking Personal Data What Can We Do

The Danger of Leaking Personal Data What Can We Do – This article was created not to judge but to share a little information about maintaining the confidentiality of one’s identity. For those who feel disturbed I apologize.

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Lately, there are lots of people who claim that their personal data is leaking everywhere. Whether it’s a cellphone number, ID card number, family card number, email, account password, etc., the contents of which contain all personal information that is closely related to personal data held.

Leaked data is usually spread and can be misused by unscrupulous individuals to commit crimes that can later harm the owner of the personal data itself. If it’s been leaked like this, those who have personal data like to shout and feel that their data is deliberately stealing it

Even though he didn’t realize that he was the one who leaked his data to the public. How come? Yes you can. It’s like my first time using social media. It was the first time I used FB, I always followed anyone who passed by. let’s just cool that’s a lot of friendship. though I don’t know.

Keep posting pictures and videos of my daily life, the important thing is to get attention from my FB friends, most of whom I don’t know either. Not to mention that in the past, when I was on a plane, I liked to show off photos of my boarding pass with a barcode, then beside it was my full name.

Not only that, in the past it was very often when there was an incoming message in the email/DM like to play, just click on it even though we didn’t know it was a link that took us to a site where hackers could break into/take over our account. things like this that we often do without realizing it

Looks like last night, one of my mutuals (not anymore because I’ve unfollowed it, it’s really annoying because) he posted an invitation for people to want to register in one of the most hyped virtual account applications. the system is downline guys. Well, this person just calls him QQ (NOT THE REAL NAME)

This QQ is luring people who want to register in the application with a compensation of 35 thousand rupiahs if they successfully register to the application on the condition that at the time of registration they must use/enter the REFERAL CODE they have.

If it’s successful, the person who registered must DM him/her showing the evidence and then he/she will give the 35 thousand via the virtual account application, of course. Another requirement for registering this application is that you must have an ID card for self-validation and enter a selfie as proof

What’s worse, the QQ also invites people who don’t have an ID card to register using someone else’s ID card, as long as the face selfie verification has to be the ID card owner who takes the selfie. Is there anything here that feels weird? If it doesn’t mean you’ve probably signed up for this app and got the money

Okay, let’s continue again, from here, I didn’t realize that PERSONAL DATA IN THE FORM OF KTP had not been pawned for the 35 thousand promised by QQ. What about ID cards that are not from the registrant. It’s easy like this, you are still under 17 and you try to register using your name but the identity is using your friend’s ID card.

what if one day their data is leaked cm because you use their ID card to register the application like that? who wants to be in charge? My friends and I have also been invited to make a list like this, in fact there is 1 friend I hang out every time I always ask for this application list so he can make a profit

What advantages do you and QQ get?

QQ BENEFITS: He gets bonus money from everyone who registers using his referral code. Just when there are 100 people who register times tens of thousands, he’s already made a decent profit.

YOUR BENEFITS: you get money from the QQ (according to him if it works)

then he will tell you to invite your other friends to register too so that he will add more profit from each person who registers.

Here, you don’t realize that what you’re doing is indirect, until you sell your ID card which contains personal information to the application, guys.

Here I do not mention the name because I’m sure you all already know the application I mean. I just want to educate a little here. KTP is a personal identity that is owned by all Indonesian citizens. There is data on names, addresses, religions, etc. that you all know, right?

If your ID card is leaked, you will never know that bad people will misuse your identity for criminal acts, such as fraud in your name even though you didn’t do it, so your ID card will be used by someone who hates you to get all the information. you have

That was the leak of personal data from joining the application list with the lure of money. Other data leaks can also occur through the frequent updating of photos of packages (delivery) that you just received after shopping at the online shop. On the part of the package there is an address and barcode, guys,

sometimes when we take a photo of the package, we already cover the name, cellphone number and address. but we forget that if there is a barcode on the package, we should close it too. Then we just throw away the plastic/packages after unboxing in the trash.

Even if you don’t know, people can steal your data from the barcode only (know your shopping history and your personal data in it) which can be the entrance for naughty people to steal all the information. can you do it?? In today’s era, what can’t be bad people?

My advice if you shop online often, when the package arrives and then finishes unboxing, make it a habit to cut out the address and barcode as small as possible to reduce the risk of someone messing with your trash can and finding your personal data from the remaining unboxing trash of the package you bought.

The Danger of Leaking Personal Data What Can We Do

1. Get in the habit of not making a list of applications that are not clear, which actually you don’t really need that application

2. Have you ever wanted to be tempted to ask for some money and include an ID card for any registration


3. For you social media users, have you ever clicked on any link that entered via DM. It could be a bait link or a phishing link so that your account can be taken over and hacked for data to be stolen.

FYI Citing a journal entitled Phishing as a Form of Cyber ​​Threat by Dian Rachmawati, link phishing is a form of crime in the form of fraud, where victims are lured with the aim of taking all important information.

At first glance, this link looks like the original link from the site, like the one that often goes to my DM, which my mutual click accidentally clicks on.

4. Especially for personal data on social media, so that your account is safe, make it a habit to change passwords every few months, activate the existing 2 STEP VERIFICATION

Almost all social media now implement 2-step verification for double security of user accounts. This is specifically for personal account information, yes.

5. Lock your account if you feel that you post a lot of your personal information on social media.

If you feel that your account is never up-to-date on matters relating to your personal information or are afraid of being caught by your RL friends, it’s okay if you make your account public. like my account. I didn’t update any information so I decided not to lock my account. so safe.

Be selective in choosing mutuals so that your account is safe from intruders who want to know all the information from your account through the posts you upload there.

7. Especially on cellphones, try to password or use your cellphone with a fingerprint (that’s if the cellphone already supports fingerprints).

If your cellphone is an apple, you’re lucky because Apple provides high security for its users.

8. Get used to not uploading your KTP, SIM, PASSPORT, and all forms of identity that you have to social media to avoid data theft

That’s all from me, I hope all of our personal data is safe from abuse. For those who don’t have an ID card, then once you have enough, you just keep it up and up, brother and sister. You can show off, but remember your PRIVACY is leaking once, your life is over.

From now on, take care of our privacy like we take care of our loved ones, also until other people know that your tears will be taken away. Then no one will remind you to eat again.

I’m done. Peace Out✌️.Happy Monday.End.

What are the dangers of leaking personal data, what can we do?


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