The characteristics of the iPhone battery is damaged and must be replaced

As you already know, the battery is one of the most important components of a smartphone, especially the iPhone. Without a battery, a smartphone will certainly not be able to turn on and work normally as a gadget device in general.

Characteristics of a damaged iPhone battery

However, as you use a smartphone, you definitely can’t always be in 100% good condition like the first time you use it. Since we are discussing the Iphone, it is the same as Android which requires a battery as the main energy source in it.

As I mentioned above, there are times when the iPhone battery feels abnormal when used, strange problems appear when used, for example; when the percentage of the iphone battery decreases even though it is not used, the iphone battery increases by itself, the battery suddenly runs out but when it is fully charged again

Things like this are a sign of a battery abnormality, the solution is to take steps to fix it, one of them is to service an iPhone or buy a new battery whose budget may be a bit expensive.

There are consequences, there must be a cause, therefore as iPhone users we must be wise in maintaining the durability of smartphone batteries to avoid unwanted damage.

Characteristics of a damaged iPhone battery that must be replaced

Maybe you are confused about when to replace the iPhone battery, there must be signs that the iPhone battery is not original or damaged that can be used as a reference before replacing it.

1. Abnormal capacity or percentage

Smartphone batteries that run out can be caused by various factors, especially in terms of intensive use, this will definitely drain a lot of power.

But have you ever felt that the percentage in the battery capacity changes abnormally, for example, in one minute the battery runs out 1 percent 1 percent, or runs out 10 percent in just 5 minutes, this has confirmed your iPhone battery is AUS and need to be replaced.

Maybe if you read on the internet there are those who recommend calibrating the iPhone battery, Yes you can but this only increases the accuracy of battery readings, not repairs the battery, some suggest putting the iPhone in the freezer, never mind just replace it with a new one.

2. Frequently Charged

Currently, many smartphones use large and long-lasting battery capacities, one of which is the iPhone. Besides being equipped with a powerful chipset, this device is also equipped with good power efficiency capabilities, therefore it is only natural when using an iPhone that you can save for hours without having to charge back and forth, generally iPhone for daily use such as Social Media, Chatting, Scrolling is the best. only need 1-2 times charging.

But what happens if the iPhone is often charged or runs out of battery, for example, when it has only been used for a few hours, the battery runs out immediately and the charging frequency is also more frequent, then this could be a leak in your battery and it’s time to replace it.

Even if you see Battery Health still showing 80%, don’t rely on that indicator alone. The point is to first analyze how often you charge your iPhone, if for example you are often tired of recharging then you don’t have to wait, you can immediately replace the battery.

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3. Batteries are bloated or bloated

If this happens, I can confirm that your iPhone battery is damaged and must be replaced before it explodes, which is when the battery size is abnormally inflated. If this is true, the battery may explode and destroy your iPhone, and of course this endangers the safety of innocent people around you.

Then how to see if our iPhone battery is bulging, now one way that is often done is of course by disassembling the iPhone first, or you can also see it through the LCD screen signs that look raised and exceed the side bezel.

4. Battery Voltage and Electric Current

Next there could be a problem with the electric current and the voltage of the battery itself, these two things should be normal but if there is a problem it could be the cause of the damaged battery.

Normal iPhone battery voltage is in the mains voltage of around 4 Volts to 5 Volts. then what voltage is the damaged iPhone battery? well definitely lower than usual. Moreover, if the iPhone’s voltage is more than 5V, it is certain that the iPhone battery will be damaged and must be replaced.

5. iPhone often turns itself off

If the iPhone that you use often turns itself off even though the battery capacity is still large or full, then it is certain that your iPhone has a severe battery leak and must be replaced immediately so that worse things don’t happen, such as causing fatal damage to other iPhone components.

Another solution that you might want to try is to calibrate the iPhone battery, this is like what we alluded to before. So this calibration method can increase the accuracy of iPhone battery readings, if you want to repair and want to fix 100% then the step to replace it is highly recommended.

6. Checking Battery Throttling

You can follow this method if the iPhone you are using now is an iPhone 6 or a generation after. Well, if you don’t know yet, there is a problem called Battery Throttling or Batterygate which has been around since iOS 11 where this is the focus of the user.

Battery Throttling is a condition where the health of the iPhone battery decreases and iOS will automatically reduce the iPhone’s performance, unlike if the iPhone’s performance is not lowered then the user can experience problems suddenly shutting down or restarting.

Now to check the condition of the battery on your iPhone, of course it’s easy, first, please go to Settings > Battery > Battery Life, look at the Peak Performance Capability section where you have to observe what warnings are issued.

7. iPhone Temperature Overheat or Hot

This can also be a consideration, the iPhone is famous for its smartphones which are equipped with a super good default chipset in the processor market, so this iPhone is already the best from there. But problems will arise if the smartphone feels overheating and has an impact on the battery that runs out quickly.

When the electric current in the battery is unstable, the incoming power can go up and down drastically. Well, if you still use it and continue to force it to work, the temperature will quickly rise and feel hot, it will greatly affect the performance of the iPhone as well.

How and where to replace the iPhone battery?

This time I will tell you the safest and easiest way to replace a damaged iPhone battery, you can refer to the Apple Support page directly. The process of replacing this battery can officially be done at Apple Store outlets or Apple Authorized Service Providers.

How much does it cost to replace an iPhone battery? iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 battery prices vary, each iPhone series has a different price such as iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR you have to spend around $69 while for iPhone SE, iPhone 6 series, 7 series, 8 series, and other models are priced at around $49.

In addition to official services from Apple, you actually don’t need to bother and so far, iPhone battery replacement can also be done through cellphone service services around your area.



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