The Beautiful View of Nature Peak Bukit Bintang Bandung

IT People Blog – When you hear the city of Bandung, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? It is certain that you will imagine beautiful natural tourism. The Bandung area does have many famous tourist destinations today.

The natural beauty that is presented is very beautiful and gives its own uniqueness … in particular, for natural tourism in the form of hills. From the top of the peak of Bukit Bintang Bandung, you will see a very wide view of the expanse of the city of Bandung.

Nature tourism with a different atmosphere also provides an interesting experience for local and foreign tourists. Check out a more complete review of the Puncak Bukit Bintang tour, Bandung, Bandung.

Natural tourism that has beauty from a height is currently on the rise. One of them is Bukit Bintang Bandung

Bukit Bintang Nature Tourism Bandung

The atmosphere at a very cool altitude accompanied by a breeze makes visitors feel at home for long. Not infrequently, many tourists also rest peacefully in this area.

From the top of the peak of Bukit Bintang Bandung, you can clearly see the atmosphere of the city of Bandung from the morning or evening. The following is a further review of the Puncak Bukit Bintang tour in Bandung

Complete Information on Nature Peak Bukit Bintang Bandung

1. Natural tourist location

You need to know that, the location of the natural tourism place of Puncak Bukit Bintang, Bandung, is precisely in the Cimenyan area. The place itself is still in the Perhutani area belonging to the KPH North Bandung. The location of this natural tourism is not too far from the hill more, which is about 210 meters.

This area was once a pine forest which has been turned into a natural tourist spot. Currently, it is a very beautiful and attractive spot that attracts many tourists to visit it.

Moreover, most of the spots that visitors are looking for must have an instagrammable nuance. This area provides several beautiful spots that you can capture. The management works directly with the community to develop this natural tourism potential.

It has the perfect height and provides a wide range of facilities to please tourists. One of them is a hanging swing to take a selfie with the object of the city of Bandung.

star hill swing
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2. Route to location

For those of you who are interested and want to visit it immediately, don’t worry. We will tell you the best route to family tourist attractions in Bandung that are cheap, such as Puncak Bukit Bintang Bandung. The access road to the location has been made quite good to make it easier for visitors. Here are some routes that can be used:

a. From the city center

Well, for those of you who are initially in the city center and want to visit the hill, you can use this route. From the direction of the city then continue towards the Cicaheum terminal. Then go straight until you find an intersection that is right at the stop light.

Then, from the intersection turn left and lead to the Padasuka area. After that, keep going straight until the area called cartil bandung. From here, you can see many road markers that lead to this location. Follow the road signs correctly to get to the exact location.

b. Through expert dago

Different from before, you can choose the Dago route if it is close to your current location. From the direction of dago then walk straight until you find the first fork. Then you turn towards the cafe stobe. Then travel by turning right. Then, keep going straight until the area called cartil. Follow the signposts until you arrive at your destination

3. Tourist facilities

The management of Puncak Bukit Bintang Bandung tourist attractions provides quite complete facilities. The place is clean and tidy so that it makes visitors more happy to linger until the afternoon. The facilities that can be used are:

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a. hiking

One of the facilities that quite a lot of enthusiasts is hiking. Hiking is a journey to the top of Bukit Bintang Bandung by climbing. By walking about 15 minutes to get to the top it feels very exciting.

Especially for those of you who really like this activity in traveling, you must try it. Many people choose hiking as a means of providing an atmosphere to feel a unique vacation feel.

b. beautiful spot

Of course, visitors like places that look beautiful. Spots with beautiful objects are indeed hunted by many people as selfie spots. One of the spots that is widely used for taking pictures is a hanging swing and a horizontal sitting chair.

star hill flat table

From the top of the hill you can see the beautiful natural scenery of the city of Bandung both in the afternoon and at night. There is also a Puncak Bukit Bintang Bandung writing board which has a beautiful design with colorful led lights.

c. Toilet and Prayer Room

For those of you who want to worship first, then you can use the prayer room facilities available in this place. The management of tourist attractions always prioritizes cleanliness and good maintenance of places of worship. The fee for the use of the prayer room itself is sincere. In addition, there are also toilets that can be used according to your needs.

That way, the natural attractions at Pucak Bukit Bintang, Bandung, besides having beautiful views, are also available public facilities that support the needs of visitors

4. Nature tour ticket

The price for admission to Puncak Bukit Bintang, Bandung, is Rp. 15,000-25,000 for each person. Ticket prices are comparable to the natural beauty of tourist attractions. With a very cheap price, you get a variety of interesting photo spot experiences and complete facilities.

Moreover, in the morning you can enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of the sunrise from the top of the hill. Then you can take selfies alone or with your family.

5. Nearest lodging

For you tourists from out of town, you don’t need to worry about lodging. In the Puncak Bukit Bintang area, Bandung itself, there are many lodging places that you can choose from. The price varies from inns, hotels, to villas.

For those of you who are on vacation with a large family, it is recommended to rent a one-day villa. The condition of the villa in this area is very good and close to tourist sites. Puncak Bukit Puncak Bintang Bandung itself is a tourist spot in Bandung which is open 24 hours on certain days.

It is recommended to choose a hotel or villa because the services provided are very guaranteed. Especially for purposes such as electricity and water itself is very clean. But still make sure to choose lodging that fits your budget. Hotel prices at Puncak Bukit Bintang, Bandung, Bandung are relatively standard.

Well, that’s the full review of the nature tourism of Bukit Puncak Bintang, Bandung, Bandung. This tour is included in the top natural destinations that must be visited this year. Then, what are you waiting for? Please visit Bukit Puncak Bintang Bandung as soon as possible

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