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Telkom Wireless Wifi In the development of increasingly sophisticated communication technology today, not a few people use the internet for communication activities. This shows that the internet is indeed very important to help activities, and work, especially networks that adopt wireless technology.

There are many internet service providers in Indonesia that offer WiFi installation at home and for office environments. One of them is Telkom WiFi, which offers WiFi internet installation with the widest installation range today.

Not only for home and office needs, Telkom WiFi also provides WiFi installation for the needs of certain events or events so that it makes it very easy for those of you who need internet facilities practically.

Before discussing further, we should consider the following explanation about WiFi, computer network devices, and products from Telkom WiFi.

Explanation About Wifi

WiFi is a network technology that is quite well known which we often use to connect us to access the internet or exchange data to other devices.

This technology is usually found on laptops and smartphones, for some computer devices usually require an additional WiFi card to use this WiFi technology.

WiFi technology is able to make our devices connected to a network via a hotspot or router with a wireless connection.

Wifi Short Explanation

WiFi is a local area network or LAN that does not require cables to connect to a network at high speed. WiFi is also known as WLAN or wireless local area network.

This WiFi uses radio signals to connect to each other between devices. This WiFi technology also uses two radio wave frequencies to transmit and receive radio signals. The two frequencies of these radio waves are 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

WiFi History

We can see some brief explanations of the development of WiFi or the history of WiFi below:

  • 1997: the form of a wireless network has the name 802.11 by the IEEE or (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers).
  • 1999: the speed of wireless B is 11 Mbps, which has the disadvantage of having an operating frequency of 2.4 GHz, which can interfere with radiation.
  • 2003: Shared Wireless G has a maximum speed of up to 54 Mbps with a frequency of 2.4 GHz.
  • 2009: wireless N speeds up to 300 Mbps with 2 antennas or 450 Mbps with 3 antennas.
  • 2014: the emergence of wireless AC that carries speeds of 500 Mbps or 1 Gbps, and is able to operate with a frequency of 5 Ghz.

Tips for choosing wifi according to internet speed

If you want to install WiFi, it’s a good idea to consider the speed of internet bandwidth you want.

This WiFi speed includes downloads and uploads. Please pay attention to WiFi packages with download or upload speeds that are in accordance with the cost that fits your monthly budget.

Computer Network Device

There are various types of computer network devices that have an important role in creating a network.

Let’s look at some of the computer network devices below:


A server is a computer device that specifically provides various services or services to clients connected to it. Usually these servers have fairly high hardware specifications, especially on the processor side with a large number of cores and large RAM capacity.

Wireless card

Wireless card is a network device that serves to connect devices wirelessly. This wireless card is capable of connecting two or more computers without using a network cable.

LAN card

This LAN card is a device used to connect between computer devices using cable media. Usually this device is used in a computer to convert parallel data streams to serial ones, so that data can be transmitted using network media such as UTP cables.


Modem is an abbreviation of modulator demodulator which is often abbreviated as modem is a network device that has the function of converting digital signals to analog signals and vice versa.


Bridge is a network device that serves to expand the network as well as a liaison between networks.

The way the bridge works is to recognize the MAC address of the data transmission to the network, then the bridge creates an automatic internal table which determines which segments to route or filter.


HUB is one of the network devices whose job is to change the network transmission signal, but once the two computers can be connected to each other.


Switch is a network device that has a function similar to a HUB, which is a device that is more intelligent than a hub that can solve data collision problems. Not only that, this switch is able to direct excess bandwidth such as data transfer speeds or a better network.

Network Cable

Network cable is a transmission medium formed from cables used to connect two or more computers to exchange information. The type of network cable is UTP, STP, Coaxial or fiber optic cables.

Access point

An access point is a device consisting of an antenna and a transceiver that is capable of transmitting and receiving signals from the client or vice versa. AP works to spread WiFi signal with LAN network wirelessly.

Best Internet Provider

Those are some explanations about computer equipment that we already know to build a network. Currently, the Indonesian government is intensively improving communication via the internet through quality Telkom WiFi internet services.

Telkom Wifi

In Indonesia, the Telkom WiFi internet service provider is a state-owned enterprise that has a growing number of customers throughout Indonesia.

Telkom WiFi itself is one of Telkom’s products that offers home internet installation at an affordable price for Telkom WiFi.

As well as an extensive network of state-owned companies, WiFi Telkom has lots of interesting internet promos.

About Telkom Wifi

Telkom WiFi is one of the service products from PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia in the form of communication and data services such as landline telephones, internet, and interactive television services.

This Telkom WiFi is labeled with Indihome which has a fiber optic connection that serves Triple Play which consists of Home Internet (Fixed Broadband Internet), Home Phones (Fixed Phone), and Interactive TV (IndiHome TV).

Types of Telkom Wifi Networks

There are various types of Telkom WiFi networks that you can enjoy, namely using WiFi using a Telkom cable and WiFi without a Telkom cable.

Wifi Using Telkom Cable

In using broadband WiFi using a Telkom cable, you usually need a router to be able to connect to the Telkom network itself.

This router will be connected to your router using a fiber optic cable so that the router can transmit WiFi signals to your WiFi devices such as laptops, PCs, TVs, and smartphones to connect to the internet.

Telkom Wireless Wifi

For those of you who don’t want the hassle of subscribing to internet services using a Telkom cable, you can use WiFi internet services without using a fiber optic connection.

Yes, it’s true that there are several choices of routers that provide internet services without using a Telkom cable, namely using a 4G modem from several cellular internet services on the market.

However, this configuration has a weakness in terms of signal strength depending on the location you use it.

Various advantages of telkom wifi

Telkom’s WiFi itself has several advantages that you can use as a reference, including:


Telkom’s WiFi provides a fiber optic connection capable of transferring data up to 100 Mbps, which is much better than using coaxial cable or copper cable.


By using a wifi network that uses optical fiber, it is more stable than a coaxial cable network or copper cable that can access the internet simultaneously.


Fiber optic cable has resistance to various kinds of weather such as rain, lightning, electromagnetic interference.


Fiber optic is the most advanced data transmission technology today that offers the best advantages for internet services.

Various telkom products

As previously stated, Telkom provides three main services, namely internet, landlines, and interactive TV with the following explanation:

Fiber Internet

Fiber optic internet is a superior product from Telkom WiFi that offers the best internet speed and stability.

House phone

In addition to internet, WiFi Telkom also offers home phone services that have clear voice quality and are free of interference.

Interactive TV (IndiHome TV)

The era of analog TV will increasingly be replaced by interactive TV which offers quality TV shows and better pictures.

Terms of Installing Telkom Wifi at Home

In providing Telkom WiFi for events or at home, you need to know some of the installation requirements first. Among others: a

1. Service Area

Before installing the Telkom WiFi service, you should check whether your area is covered by the Telkom network itself. To check it, you can contact Telkom.

2. Speed ​​To Upload and Download

After knowing the installation area already covers your area, you need to know the speed of Telkom WiFi by downloading or uploading files to the internet. If you already know the upload and download speed is it in accordance with the internet package you paid for.

3. Monthly Fee

Installing WiFi at home or at an event will definitely incur a monthly fee and installation fee. Therefore you need to adjust the cost of WiFi according to your budget.

4. Additional Features

Additional features are optional which you can add to increase speed, or interactive TV features with more channels.

Price of Installing Wifi Telkom

The price for installing Telkom WiFi does vary depending on the technology you use. For example, for Telkom WiFi using cable, you can get information about the price of installing Telkom WiFi on the Telkom WiFi website itself.

As for the Telkom wireless WiFi, you can choose a WiFi modem that varies according to the existing brand.


Those are some of the things that have been Netdata talk about WiFi technology. If you want to install a WiFi device wirelessly you should opt for a quality mobile WiFi router or modem.

If you are confused about where to buy, where can you buy a WiFi router without a Telkom cable at has various types of modems and WiFi routers with well-known and high-quality brands. Immediately contact customer service with the live chat feature or contact by telephone listed at the top of the website.

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