Strengths and Weaknesses of Windows 11 You Must Know

IT People Blog – The new version of Windows is now available and can be used by all users. Windows 11 has many interesting features with sophistication and a fantastic new look. In addition, the Windows 11 operating system also has a faster and optimal performance than Windows 10. In addition, all new operating systems must have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Disadvantages of Windows 11

For those of you who already have a license for Windows 10, you can upgrade Windows 11 for free through the windows update feature. Everyone knows that windows is the most popular desktop operating system from the first release to the Windows 10 series. When compared to some of the older releases it is clear that Windows 11 has several advantages and disadvantages. As a loyal user, of course you have to know this so you can adjust it to your needs

Well, here I will describe the advantages and disadvantages of Windows 11. Before you decide to install Windows 11 .. make sure your PC meets the criteria and has a capable capacity, yes.

Advantages of Using Windows 11

Every time there is a system update, there must be something that distinguishes between the old and new systems. Just like Windows 11 and its predecessors. Lots of new features that you can have after updating the OS system.

1.Support Android Apps

Previously, the BlueStack application was a mainstay for PC users to be able to experience the use of Android applications on Windows. Now you can run Android applications without the help of BlueStack again, just by using the Windows 11 operating system then you can run Android applications.

2.Available Tablet Mode

On the Windows 11 operating system, Microsoft has provided a tablet mode. Previously, this tablet mode also existed in Windows 10 but there are still many shortcomings. The presence of Windows 11 provides a tablet mode that provides more complete features such as a touch screen, digital pen, voice typing, and custom keyboard typing.

3.Attractive Graphic Display

In addition to the many new features, Windows 11 also provides an elegant graphic design appearance. Through this new update, Microsoft provides many pretty big changes in terms of graphics, a new taskbar, and an adaptive cursor. This is felt in the user interface that is different from before.

4.Added Features

There are several interesting features that you can play using this Windows 11 OS. Curious, what are the interesting features? Let’s just look at the following reviews.

-Support Search Engine Bing

The search engine used for Windows 11 uses Bing. This search engine is no less popular than Google, ranking right below Google as the most used search engine. Well, it’s not much different from Google, where when you want to submit articles or download anything you need an account. Here you need a Microsoft account to be able to access Bing

-Modern Interface

The interface in Windows 11 is a Blending desktop and a modern interface. These two features make it easy for users to use UI-based applications that can be accessed using the desktop.

For those of you who want to experience this feature, you can upgrade the system to Windows 11. This feature was previously expected in Windows 8.1, but it looks different from Windows 11.

-Azure Storage for Cloud Storage

Furthermore, Windows 11 uses Azure storage on a cloud basis. Almost most devices now use cloud storage as a storage system. No wonder Windows 11 uses cloud storage because the cloud relies on Microsoft.

In addition, this feature speeds up the data retrieval process. You can keep your data more secure by using cloud-based storage.

– Xbox Windows 11

Xbox Windows 11 is perfect for those of you who like to play games. Of course you will feel pampered with the Xbox Windows 11 feature. Windows 10 does not yet have this feature, so you can say this is very new which is intended to improve the playing experience for gamers.

Xbox features embedded in the advantages and disadvantages of Windows 11 offer a fun service and can make gamers more flexible in playing games. With this you can add properties such as DVR or Share Connection.

– Cortana Windows 11

The next feature is Cortana. This feature can help you access files, applications, data, or anything else. This is because Windows 11’s Cortana feature provides efficiency and practical needs for users. This feature is not much different from the services provided by Google, which can use voice messages or use voice messages to find what they are looking for.

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Disadvantages of Using Windows 11

In addition to having advantages, there are several disadvantages in running Windows 11. Here are some disadvantages of using Windows 11. Of course, apart from having advantages, there are also disadvantages that follow. In this way, users can weigh according to their needs after seeing the advantages and disadvantages of Windows 11.

1.Chipset of 64 bit

Windows 11 uses a 64-bit chipset. Indeed, this does not need to be complicated by looking at technological developments that almost all devices already use 64-bit chipsets.

However, for those of you who use an old PC or laptop, it will definitely be an obstacle in running Windows 11. This is one of the shortcomings found when you use Windows 11 with an old PC device that is less than 64 bit.

2. Minimum 64GB Memory Free

In addition, you also have to provide 64 GB of free space to be able to operate it. Of course, this is quite large for emptying the room, and it’s a little hard to believe that if you don’t pay attention to it, it can cause system performance to decrease

Well, for licensed Windows 10 users, you can get Windows 11 updates for free. However, in addition, users must be able to meet the minimum hardware requirements at least already have TPM 2.0 with secure boot.

3. Windows 11 OS Problems

Windows 11 is a newly released device operating system. Where there are still some flaws and imperfections, so there are still many bugs found. It is also possible to find various OS problems in the application of Windows 11

Surely Microsoft has given the best before launching Windows 11 which is done by experts. They pay attention to various feedbacks to make it easier to solve various problems that will be found from users.

Indeed, each particular program or system has its own advantages and disadvantages. Through this article the user can choose which one is suitable for him. If you find other things about the advantages and disadvantages of using Windows 11, please add them through the comments column.

Feature deprecation and removal

When upgrading to Windows 11 from Windows 10 or when installing updates to Windows 11, some features may be deprecated or removed. Please see below for information on some of the key features affected:

  • Cortana will no longer be included in the first boot experience or pinned to the Taskbar.
  • The desktop wallpaper cannot be browsed to or from the device when signed in with a Microsoft account.
  • Microsoft Edge with IE mode replaces the Internet Explorer 11 desktop app in Windows 11.
  • Shortcuts from Lockscreen and related settings will be removed.
  • The Snipping and Snipping Tools and Sketches have been combined into one experience using the familiar name of the Snipping Tool.
  • Live Tiles are no longer available
  • Tablet Mode removed and new functionality and capabilities included for keyboard mounting and removal postures.



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