Some Recommended Software in Creating Android-based Learning Media Applications for Students

This article discusses the creation of its own Learning Media application that will be used in formal, informal, or non-formal educational institutions. Especially in the era of the digital 4.0 era, where people are “required” to be technology literate so that they are not outdated. Although, the author is not an expert in making Learning Media applications, the authors will provide some software that can be recommended for making their own learning media applications for final semester students that focus on thesis, final assignments, journals, and other scientific works as a condition for obtaining a degree.

For now, the author is informed that not only students majoring in IT can submit a thesis title about making Learning Media applications both offline and online. Apparently, there are some students majoring in Education, regardless of the sub-department, are “required” to be able to submit a thesis title about making Learning Media applications, both offline and online.

For final semester students who are still confused about using software to create their own Android-based Learning Media application in working on their thesis or final project, the authors provide several recommendations for software to be studied in creating their own Learning Media application for the benefit of educational institutions.

Adobe Flash / Adobe Animate

Adobe Flash / Adobe Animate (the current version of Adobe Flash) is one of the software that is often used to create creative and design-themed applications such as learning media. In addition, this software can also create learning media videos or themed animation.

There are 2 types of programming languages ​​supported by Adobe Flash or Animate, namely Action Script 2 and Action Script 3. If you want to create an Android-based learning media application, it is recommended to use Action Script 3 as the programming language. A service for exporting application projects into Android applications using Adobe AIR.

Constructs 2 or 3

Construct 2 or 3 is one of the software developed by Scirra in making animation-themed applications or creative designs such as animated quizzes. This can be an alternative to Adobe Flash or Animate software where the software is paid (can be free in a few days). Construct 2 can be used for free by anyone, especially final semester students in doing thesis or research in making Learning Media applications.

The programming languages ​​supported by Construct 2 or 3 are JavaScript and HTML5 Markup language in creating Android-based applications. In addition, the hardware specifications required are not as high as Adobe Flash (Adobe Animate) or Unity.

If you want to make a modern Learning Media application, it is recommended to use Construct 3 because Construct 2 has not been developed since mid-2021. However, you can still use Construct 2 in making Android-based learning media applications.


Unity is one of the software that is on the rise for game developers in making game applications that are on the rise or at the moment. Unity’s component objects feature far more than Adobe Flash or Animate.

This is suitable for students who have C# (C-Sharp) or JavaScript programming language skills in making interactive learning media applications by producing applications that are ready to be used by children or people who need such education.


Cordova is one of the tools to build mobile applications with a hybrid system which can be accessed directly in a web browser or converted into mobile applications such as Android or iPhone.

This is suitable for students who have the ability to use the JavaScriot programming language and several markup languages, namely HTML and CSS, who can create interactive learning media applications by producing applications that are ready to be used by children or people who need this education.

App Inventor

App Inventor which is one of the software created by the MIT campus which is open source so that it can be modified by anyone who can produce App Inventor derivatives such as Thunkale, Kodular, Niotron, and many more.

Students are not required to have any programming language skills as long as an application is not made and does not use a server such as an online learning media application. You only have the capital of logic in putting together program blocks like a puzzle that can produce a ready-to-use Android application.


Now, students in the final semester with the theme of the thesis title, namely Android-based Interactive Learning Media Applications, no longer need to be confused with tools or software that are suitable for making these applications.

Actually, tools or software that besides the points above can also create Android-based Learning Media applications according to your needs or preferences.

With the hope that the results of the application can be implemented in schools, courses, or other educational institutions that are in need of an Android-based Interactive Learning Media application.

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