Slang terms in dating relationships

Slang terms in dating relationships – Maybe you don’t know and maybe you need to know. The presence of social media has made some terms in romantic relationships increasingly popular, such as “cook”. But did you know that some terms that are popular among young people have been around since time immemorial

In relationships, there is always a term or status that describes your relationship with someone. We know words like “break up”, “dating”, and “ex” that are common in the world of love. Also, there are quite modern relational terms, namely TTM, PHP or PHO.

Slang terms in dating relationships

The terminology for these relationships has evolved over time. There are some new terms that are unique but also difficult to describe a person’s relationship. What do you think?

The more drama there is in a romantic relationship, the more slang that surrounds the relationship.

There are many slang abbreviations in dating to describe the conditions, feelings, or status between you and him.

Slang terms in dating relationships

1. HTS (Statusless Relationship)

A ‘statusless relationship’ when you and your partner are really compatible, you behave like a real lover, but no one ever shoots.

2. Baper (To Bring Feelings)

Baper or ‘to be carried away by feelings’ is a condition when you initially have no intention of crushing, but in the end you become a victim of feelings. Baper can happen with friends, with colleagues, even with friends.

3. Bucin (Slave of Love)

Well, if you’ve reached the baper level, usually you will be ‘bucin’. Bucin stands for ‘slave of love’. This term refers to a boy or girl who is drunk in love, to the point of wanting to do anything for the person he loves.

4. Peter (Pepet Continues)

This abbreviation of ‘pepet continues’ was originally a satire or ridicule for people who crush someone but do not use their brains. Petrus shows that you are very ambitious in pursuing something or someone.

5. Gaslighting

Gaslighting actually comes from a play or film from the 40s called “Gas Light.”

Finally, the term gaslighting is used to describe the condition of a person trying to manipulate one’s perception of a reality.

6. Orbiting

The term courtship in English is inspired by the planets that make the sun in their orbit. These planets will not approach the sun, but they are always in the vicinity.

This is a term for those of you who are still looking at your ex’s Instagram or even being pointed at by the ex. Usually your ex will look at your Instagram Story, be the first to like your latest post, or leave a comment in the form of an emoji on your latest selfie.

7. Ghosting

Well, this is the term dating which is very popular; ghosting. This condition describes when your crush suddenly disappears without explanation, even though communication is usually intense.

8. Breadcrumbing

Actually, this dating term is inspired by the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel, the story of two brothers who leave breadcrumbs or bread crumbs on a path in the forest to find their way home.

In a romantic relationship, breadcrumbing is when someone gives a signal or code, but he doesn’t really have a crush on you

9. Bench

At first glance, it looks the same as ghosting and breadcrumbing, but the intention is more ‘evil’ than ghosting. Benching is a dating term used when someone has a crush on you, but doesn’t want to have a serious relationship because they want to date someone else too.

10. Roaching

Roaching is the condition of someone who is close to you but lies about their relationship status. The ‘cockroach’ usually says that they are single, but actually they already have a boyfriend.


I’m confused with people who are benching, they have spread hope here and there, sometimes they also like breadcrumbing, but different people like roaching.

Some Slang Terms in Dating Relationships.


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