Selection of keywords to win SEO

Anything you type in Google to find information is called a keyword or in English “Keyword”

Writing articles without paying attention to keywords is useless, even though by choosing the right keywords we can;

– Determine what kind of content is created

– See potential search articles all the time

– Answering the needs of google users

– SEO looks more popular

Most bloggers normally do a series of keyword research to find potential keywords before creating content. Here I give an example of how important keywords are for SEO

Types of keywords based on their use;

1. Navigation keywords

Sometimes we want to access certain pages but are lazy to type the entire website address in full

I want to open whatsappweb then just type “wa web”, I want to update facebook status then just type in google “fb”

When you want to open a blog, you just need to type in google “IT People Blog” or simply “Helmykediri” even though it’s still long enough to be summarized

Those were the keywords that were usually typed to visit certain websites, not to find information related to the keywords you typed. When we type “fb” we mean to visit the site not

Even though in the search results, sometimes there are blogs that discuss about facebook, such as how to delete fb, create fb groups, etc., at least the top search results are the most relevant.

2. Keyword information

These are the types of keywords that Google users usually use to find certain information about news, tutorials, entertainment, business and others

The following are examples of keywords related to information search; how to extend an online sim, items for your application, various programming languages, 69 lovemaking styles

A newly created blog can target the above types of keywords because the search volume is quite high. Search potential can be chosen from medium to high level

3. Commercial keyword investigation

Before buying a product, we usually look for information on the internet. This type of keyword is called Commercial keyword investigation

For example, I want to buy an 8GB HP RAM with a price range of 4 million, then just type the keyword “HP 8GB RAM 2022”

Or if you want a car driving course in Kediri, you can try the keywords “Best certified car course in Kediri”

People need to gather information before buying something, that includes price, specifications, user reviews and so on

After the information collected is complete, then make a purchase

4. Buying keywords

These keywords are used by Google users who are ready to buy certain products. In commercial investigations, keywords are still looking for information, while buying keywords are in the ready-to-buy stage


I want to buy a Samsung A32 cellphone because my cellphone was damaged due to being slammed by my wife due to being caught ……

So I typed “Samsung A32 Price” after finding the cheapest price I probably immediately pressed the order button

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Furthermore, keywords are also divided based on the length of the word,

1. Short tail keywords

This keyword consists of only 1-2 words, the shorter the keyword, the greater the search volume. The level of competition is also getting higher and crazier.

If your blog can appear on page one with 1 popular keyword, there will be a flood of traffic, for example short tail keywords

– Surrender

– Programming language

– Slow

2. Long tail keywords

This is a long tail keyword of more than 3 words, the advantage is that our article appears in the most specific search results and the visitors are also specific

Although the search volume is moderate to low, this keyword is suitable for affiliate blogs and product sales


– How to order backlinks in the store

– How to order followers on rajaliker

More definite and clear visitor conversion opportunities

Next there are keywords that are divided by time/duration;

1. Seasonal keywords

This is a keyword that has an instant increase in searches at certain moments, for example during the fasting month, the keyword ‘Menu open satisfied’ will increase its search compared to other months.

Likewise, when the world cup is in progress, the keyword “World cup match schedule” experiences a sharp spike compared to normal days after the world cup is held.

2. Keyword Evergreen

Another name for eternal keywords, always sought after even for the next 10 years though. Search volume is relatively stable so you can relax a bit in blogging.

The evergreen keyword is closely related to something that other people constantly need, for example;

– How to make a blog on blogger, from the time I was in college 5 years ago until now, the appearance of bloggers is just like that

– The most effective natural cough medicine

– How to type 10 fingers while closing your eyes

– How to reinstall windows

Important metrics to consider when doing keyword research

Not all the keywords you choose can bring organic traffic to your website or blog. Actually, as blog owners, we are free to write any article, but considering that writing an article takes time, energy and thought, it feels redundant if no one reads it.

Having a blog with 1000 articles and 100 daily visitors feels bleak, not worth the effort we have taken care of the blog so far. But it’s a different story if the news blog is indeed some of the articles have expired so they are no longer searched for, for example the bodies of the drowned ash nawas have been found, but in our articles we are still in the search stage.

So, what are the advantages of keyword research before writing an article?

– We know the approximate volume of keyword searches every month

– We know the estimated difficulty of keywords in search engines, the number of competitors, etc

In any keyword research service, I think the basic features are the same

Ubersuggest keyword research

– Search Volume

How many users are searching for that keyword? every keyword research service always displays the estimated number of keyword searches in 1 month even though it is a rough estimate, at least we know the keyword is popular or not

For example, the keyword “marriage book photo” has a search number of 33,000/month, so if you use that keyword, the potential traffic you will get if you manage to rank first is around 30%, if you total it in a month, right?

For beginners, you can target a keyword list with a monthly search volume of 500-1000 because more than that has been carried out by the big web

– Recommended keywords

When typing a few words in the google search field we see a list of keyword suggestions appear below it. The type of keyword is longtail and we can use it as an alternate keyword

– Keyword difficult

The difficulty of reaching the first rank of google can be seen from the Keyword Difficult metric, the score is 1-100 which means the higher the score, the more difficult the chances

Some popular keywords are already occupied by large blogs and are difficult to shift by personal blogs, although the possibility is not impossible

But indeed for new blogs you should avoid high KD scores, it’s difficult and the chances are very small

The first page of Google only displays the 10 best results, let’s say your blog appears on page 7 then it’s impossible to get organic traffic

– SERP (Search Engine Result Page)

Displays the total search results found based on that keyword. We can analyze how the quality of competitors in terms of article content, authority and popularity

If our blog is better then there is no problem taking similar keywords. Until here, all you have to do is work hard to shift the competitor’s position



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