Recommended accounts that are suitable for saving

Suitable Accounts for Saving

Administration fee is a fee charged by the bank to its customers. As a customer of a bank, you will be charged an administration fee every month. The nominal is usually very much influenced by the bank where you save, the type of savings you open, and what services you use.

For certain services, such as transfers to different banks. You will also be charged a certain fee. To make payments such as paying bills, you are usually also charged an admin fee.

Regular monthly administration fees alone will reduce your savings balance per month. Well, did you know that there are several banks that provide a free option of administration fees for several types of savings. Interested in trying? Here are some savings recommendations that are absolutely free of monthly fees:

my savings

Tabunganku is a savings product that is easily accessible to the people of Indonesia. You can open this type of savings at various banks in Indonesia. Such as Bank BRI, BCA, BNI, Mandiri, Bank Jateng, and other banks. Almost all banks provide this type of savings.

At Tabunganku, you will be exempt from monthly administration fees. The initial deposit is also low, a minimum of only IDR 20,000 (commercial banks & private banks). Meanwhile, for Rural Bank (BPR) customers, the minimum is only IDR 10,000.

Each bank usually has its own policy for this type of Tabunganku, you can ask the bank of your choice first.

Woman One/Woman One iB Savings from BII

As the name implies, this savings target women. You do not need to pay a monthly administration fee for this type of savings. However, the initial deposit of this savings is quite high, namely IDR 2,500,000.

For the next minimum deposit is IDR 50,000 with a retained balance of up to IDR 50,000. The requirements for creating an account are: provide an initial savings deposit of IDR 2,500,000, fill out an account opening application form, and include proof of identity in the form of KTP/Passport for Indonesian citizens and Passport and KITAS/KITAP for foreigners.

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OCTO Savers Savings Account from CIMB Niaga

Third, a savings account that is completely free of monthly fees is OCTO Savers from CIMB Niaga. This savings frees each customer from administrative costs. Terms and conditions for opening an account:

  • e-KTP
  • Minimum initial deposit of IDR 100,000,-
  • The minimum deposit balance is IDR 50.000,-
  • Proof of ownership of savings using e-statement
  • If you make a transaction via a counter teller, you will be charged a fee of Rp. 10,000 per transaction and will be automatically debited by the system the next day, except for the initial deposit.
  • If the savings account is inactive for 6 months, a dormant account fee of IDR 5,000 per month will be charged.

In addition to free monthly administration fees, in OCTO Savers savings you will also get: 20x free transfer fees to other banks, 20x free withdrawal fees at any bank ATM, and 20x free e-wallet top up fees every month.

Danamon Savings MORE

Bank Danamon also has an admin fee-free savings product called Danamon MORE. In addition to free monthly administration fees, in this type of savings you can also get various benefits such as:

  • Free balance checks, cash withdrawals, and online transfers between banks with ATM Bersama, PRIMA or ALTO networks a maximum of 10 times per month for each transaction as long as you maintain a balance before the transaction of IDR 1 million.
  • Free life insurance worth IDR 10,000,000 for the first 6 months.
  • There are various complete features such as: D-Bank, Danamon Online Banking, Danamon ATM, and Danamon SMS Banking.

Smart Cellphone BTN Savings

Furthermore, there is a BTN Cermat Ponsel savings from Bank BTN which is free of administration fees. Reported from the official website of Bank BTN at, the initial deposit is only Rp. 3,000 and the minimum balance is free. The maximum deposit is IDR 20,000,000.

The supporting documents are only KTP/SIM/Passport & NPWP (WNI, at least 17 years old).

Saving Plus from Standard Chartered

Saving Plus+ provides convenience in banking transactions anywhere and anytime through branches, ATMs, Online Banking, and SC Mobile. You are also exempt from the monthly administration fee. You will also get 6 free transactions through ATMs in Indonesia and abroad, debit card facilities, and up to 1% interest in your daily account.

Savings Bank Jago

Bank Jago’s digital bank also provides a free option of administration fees. Not only that, account opening fees, account closing fees, initial balance when opening an account, and dormant account fees (no transactions under 6 months) are all free. You will also get free Gopay balance top up fees, and 25x Transfer and Top up e-Wallet/Month.


Furthermore, there are PermataME products from Permata Bank. This savings account from Bank Permata provides the option of being free of monthly administration fees. There is also plenty of cashback. You can also have an Exclusive Debit Card specifically for all PermataME customers.

There is also free online transfer fees to other banks via PermataATM, PermataMobile X, PermataNet & admin fees. You will also not be charged with any monthly card fees. Account closing fee is also 0.

Meanwhile, Accounts that do not make transactions for 12 consecutive months will be subject to an administration fee of IDR 10,000 per month. The initial deposit for Indonesian citizens is IDR 0 and IDR 50,000 for foreigners.

You will be charged IDR 5,000 if the average balance is less than IDR 1 million.


Those are some savings that are completely free of monthly fees that you can take advantage of. In addition to the types of savings above, there are many other types of free admin fee savings in Indonesia that you can try.

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