Receiving Unordered Packages Mysterious Delivery

Receiving Unordered Packages Mysterious Delivery – mysterious package from shopee – shopee cod does not match – how to avoid being scammed – This is an example of exploiting a data leak in one of the marketplaces. Then, how How to Overcome COD fraud?

Not a login, a password like what the marketplace says is safe.

But personal data such as shipping address, name, and cellphone are enough for fraudsters to take advantage of.

Via: COD!

Yep, I’ve been wanting to fry the scamming case for a new variant that uses leaked data from one of these e-commerce sites, since Mrs. W herself is the victim, and this is the 3rd time, plus W has evidence. A little spoiler, this photo has a total of 130k, it’s just soklin sachets, wow.

Receiving Unordered Packages Mysterious Delivery

What is the fraud model? (1/2)

As I mentioned earlier, this fraud took advantage of the case of leaked e-commerce user data at that time. Fraudsters who get user data will send unreasonable goods that are given high prices, or cheap but very much

Receiving Unordered Packages Mysterious Delivery

What is the fraud model? (2/2)

Fraudsters take advantage of the “COD” and “perhaps” habits of people who like to play as long as they pay every time a COD package comes to their address without checking what comes.

Case 1 (1/3)

This first fraud case was conceded when I didn’t realize that the address from my mother’s e-commerce account had been leaked and was being used by scammers.

At that time, my mother just paid for it because she was also ordering some items in the e-commerce, so I paid spontaneously.

Case 1 (2/3)

The package costs 90k, it only contains 1 pair of thin material, which is even better if you buy it at the night market.

There, I felt something strange, considering the nature of Mrs. W who likes to look for cheap prices, good quality, this is really weird wkwkwk

Case 1 (3/3)

When I searched for the 2 e-commerce applications on his cellphone, there really was no history of buying the item. However, when you look at it, the address written on the package receipt paper (?) is exactly the same as in one of the e-commerce applications.

Considering that at that time there was an incident where the e-commerce user data was leaked, obviously I immediately thought about it

“okay this is the effect of the leaked data at that time”

On that day, I also thought that this kind of magical package would come again in the future.

Case 2 (1/2)

This 2nd case came in broad daylight, of course, in this shipment, Mrs. W has been more careful to check the packages before paying. It’s true, there is 1 package of unseen which is described as “socks” for 60k.

It’s a shame I didn’t get a photo of the proof of the package for the 1-2

Case 2 (2/2)

When he refused the COD package + invited the courier to chat with him while telling him about the previous unseen package, it turned out that the courier also suspected that the package contained unclear / fraudulent contents.

And it turns out not only to the w address, but many similar packages to other addresses as well.

Courier’s story

Sir courier


What must be appreciated is also the story, if he had brought many obscure packages like the w case to 1 address at once, and he was also aware that the e-commerce user’s address had been leaked and was used in this scam model.

Case 3 – Main Case (1/5)

Today, the address w has arrived again, the unseen package, in the mirror from the previous case, of course this one has photos to make a report wkwkwk

This morning there were 2 packages that arrived, and one of them was a strange package but was deliberately paid to get proof of a scam.

Case 3 – Main Case (2/5)

This case is the most overt of the previous 2, because the scammer uses his e-commerce store to send this magical package, aka it’s really easy to trace who the culprit is and it’s better to make a report to CS hehe

Case 3 – Main Case (3/5)

Yep, this package is what I’ve been waiting for, the address template is the same as before

1 so kl1n 10k sachets, it’s just okay, just pay at will for proof of report to CS because the nominal is small too.

But yeah, it’s still expensive for 1 sachet, so kl1n anyway

Receiving Unordered Packages Mysterious Delivery

Case 3 – Main Case (4/5)

Receiving Unordered Packages Mysterious Delivery

Since this case, the scammer carried out his actions from the e-commerce store, so he immediately reported the package, and yes, the CS response was fast + it was investigated.

I thought I was alone with a friend, in the afternoon I got a call from the courier.

Case 3 – Main Case (5/5)

The courier, who was also accompanying in the second case, turned out to find 13 more similar packages this morning, he knew that it was a scam package and he took the initiative to invite cooperation to cancel the package.

Yep, this is a case of cheap but many scams, a total of 140k

•Who is harmed?, what should we do?, What should be pursued?

For those of you who use this e-commerce, of course you also have the potential to experience what I experienced, aka yes, we already lost before we got scammed.

It’s a pity that the courier brother has to deliver the unseen package.

If you are a loyal customer of the COD feature, please be more careful with what comes, always check/remember what you ordered, don’t be too hype with shouting “pakeet” and just play and pay spontaneously.

Don’t forget to remind your neighbors that your COD packages are often blocked by neighbors.

What should we pursue in the long term? Yes, it’s clear that the PDP Bill is dead and the security system of the parties concerned

But I’m confused, let me say cod but there should be a purchase order history in the application, right? If not, who is the buyer paying for? What does the scammer mean, how do you get the money?

My 1st and 2nd cases are not in the application history, and my assumption is that the scammer ordered the package in the application and used a fake account to go to our address wkwkw

But I’m also curious that the COD feature can be used by people who don’t use e-commerce, right?

Fraudsters can act when there is an opportunity that we openly provide.

Incompetence and unpreparedness as well as public ignorance about the development of digital technology and cybercrime are both gaps and opportunities available for fraudsters


– That’s right, bro, last week I was also a victim of this, suddenly there was my package, even though I didn’t order the goods, until I checked all my MP accounts and my child was so surprised while telling the courier to wait to check, worried if the child pressed the wrong button, it turned out there’s no order.

Seller Side Comments:

I want to share from the seller’s point of view on this ecom.

For those of us who sell this, it happens very often, ordered a lot of items ordered but returned to the seller. This is what happened to me myself.

1. Someone called my cellphone, saying that he didn’t order the item and asked for a refund.

But at that time I didn’t want a refund because I sent it according to the order that came in & that was his name.

2. Order 1 version of goods in large quantities. This one I already suspected before sending. The problem is that his address doesn’t have a house number, there’s no rt/rw. But I still send because if I cancel-

I will also be deducted. This is what he ordered, it came to 100 thousand more, yes, with the same 1 product, there are 7 pcs.

3. I often just have fun looking at the delivery status. If the one behind it is flat, the reason is that there is no money / the house is empty / doesn’t want to pay.-

Honestly, I’m really annoyed because after all we as sellers have packed as good as possible, as safe as possible. But when I turned it over, there was something that the box was dented.” It’s a loss in the cost of packing. And not to mention if the items inside are damaged, the damage is double.

Other Stories:

If it happened to me, it’s been almost 2 weeks since I was on the phone with this ecom party. Only on the phone to the number of the house that my sister uses. Even though it’s a number I just bought and my sister is also a minor, there’s no way she can use something weird. Just got the phone.

At first it was my brother who adopted me but he gave it to papa because he didn’t understand. This ecom org explained to papa, yes papa said that the sender’s name was not one of the names of the people in the house and the address was also wrong, just wondering where did you get this number from for that org’s cod item.

Eh, the name of the sender, the name of the person who ordered the goods. But from the ecom side, they still insist on asking for the item to be cancelled.. Now how can you cancel if the number on the phone has never been registered from the homeowner, and we don’t know the app password to enter it 🙁 .

The sample was chatted with WA because the number on the phone was indeed registered with WA, until the photos of the items totaled 13/15 in total… the same as the thread, bro

But again, we can’t cancel in the app even though we say cancel in WA. Ths tomorrow.

On the phone again, we said we didn’t order. Oh, yes, the one who called this from the courier came to WA, but the courier was still very adamant about asking for it to be cancelled. Because from the courier, those who have reached the limit are forced to be bullied back.

I’m really tired 🙁 it’s been explained many times.. and also from the address of the item (this cod) and my home address, we are in different provinces :)..

In the end, the phone didn’t work from there.

Only 3 days ago the party from ecom called, I happened to pick up.

Then I just said “I’m sorry, sir. I didn’t order anything”

while using the tone of someone who has finished

In the end, the ecom party immediately said goodbye to resign wkwkwk, maybe I thought my tone was like coming to the moon wkwkwk

So Received Unordered Packages Mysterious Delivery


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