Reasons to Enter the Crypto World and Why Buy Bitcoin?

What’s So Interesting About The Cryptocurrency Business So Many People Get Into That Business? Why do I believe in Bitcoin? Because there is a great financial reset every 50-75 years. (Some call it the debt cycle) The last reset was in 1971 when Nixon removed the gold standard from the dollar bill.

Since then money has only become paper. Money becomes currency. It’s when money become “money” aka currency

Reasons to Enter the Crypto World and Why Buy Bitcoin?

Historical facts reveal more than 300 currencies none of which have survived. All failed and ended with war, revolution, downfall of empires, etc. (The new state system existed in the last 100 years)

When a great reset occurs there is always a massive transfer of wealth. In the last great reset the world transferred wealth to America.

America has the privilege of printing the world’s “wealth” reserves. And when a crisis hits, the central bank prints money for stimulus. The cool language is Quantitive Easing.

The beneficiaries are the capitalists, the ultra rich, the owners of the companies. Because the stock price soared. How about 80% of the people? Getting poorer because of inflation.

Fast forward 50 years after 1971, the great reset happened again. And most likely Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is different from crypto. Bitcoin was created for a revolution. Crypto created for the benefit of VC and “DAO”

Bitcoin is a revolution. Proof of work. Not proof of stake. Bitcoin is the answer to the current broken financial system. This is the last chance.

Bitcoin holders don’t need signals. You need to learn more history. History will repeat itself.

Either gold or BTC which becomes the next currency will be much better than ($) which is actually just a piece of paper whose real value is 0.

Some Reasons to Enter the Crypto World and Why Buy Bitcoin.


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