Reading Sholawat Jibril So that the ATM Fills itself

Reading Sholawat Jibril So that the ATM Fills itself

As Muslims, we are encouraged to multiply the practice. One of the practices that we can do is to read sholawat. One of the prayers that you can read and repeat is the Jibril prayer.

Sholawat Jibril itself is a prayer for the Angel Gabriel when he is giving teachings to Prophet Adam AS.

Jibril Sholawat Pronunciation

Sholawat Jibril’s pronunciation itself is quite short and easy to memorize, so you can practice it more easily. The following is the pronunciation and meaning of Jibril’s prayer:

Shallallaahu ‘ala Muhammad sallallaahu ‘alaihi wasallam.

It means:

“(O Allah) grant additional Your mercy to our lord Prophet Muhammad and the family of Prophet Muhammad.”

Benefits and Benefits of Reading Sholawat Jibril

There are so many virtues and benefits that you can get by saying this Jibril Sholawat. Among others are :

  • Provided convenience and given abundant sustenance.
  • Get protection, help, and safety from Allah SWT.
  • Get closer to the Prophet Muhammad.
  • Get help at the end of the day.

How many times is this Jibril Sholawat recited?

Generally, scholars suggest to practice reading the Jibril prayer 1000 times after the Maghrib prayer. However, there are also scholars who state that the reading of Jibril Sholawat can be read up to 100 times after the Maghrib prayer is finished.

In addition, the reading of this prayer can also be read 3,333 times, 7,000 times, up to 10,000 times per day. The more deeds that are done, the benefits of goodness will also be more abundant for those who practice them.

Reading Sholawat Jibril So that the ATM Fills itself

Have you ever read a website blog or seen on Youtube, there are people whose ATMs filled themselves after reading this Jibril Sholawat?

Yes, it is not impossible. Remembering if Allah SWT has willed, then anything can happen.

So, should this make you hope and just stand by?

Sholawat is a form of praise to the Prophet. You can get many benefits by saying this prayer. Sholawat is also trusted by many people as a means to speed up the fulfillment of desires.

However, doing Sholawat Jibril solely hoping that your ATM will fill itself is not the right thing to do. Sholawat must be accompanied by endeavor. If you want your ATM to have a balance, then you have to try to fill it. By working or selling, and so on.

If you want to harvest fruit, then you have to plant it first. The same goes for your savings balance. If you want your savings to increase, then you should try to find money in order to increase the amount of your savings.

Some time ago, the confession of a number of people who got impromptu money and their ATM balances filled themselves after reading Jibril’s prayer was horrendous.

So, what if this happened to you? It is indeed a miracle and something to be happy about. Especially if your current position is in need of money. But, you have to stay calm and don’t panic or get excited just yet.

When you notice that your balance has suddenly filled up, the first thing you should do is find out where the extra money came from. Let the money first, do not rush to use it. Who knows, the money is the wrong money transfer. You might get into trouble someday. Especially if the number is very large.

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You can contact your friends, colleagues, relatives or clients. Has anyone sent money with that nominal? If so, it means that it is indeed your sustenance. Also ask for proof of transfer as proof of the transaction. It’s possible that they forgot to confirm it with you.

If it turns out there isn’t. So, you can directly come to the bank where you open a savings account. Go to customer service, ask about your ATM balance which was suddenly filled. Ask the cs of the bank to check the name of the account owner, account number, bank belonging to the fund transferer and the exact nominal. Then, you can also request an account statement report.

If the person is not someone you know, this could be a case of wrong transfer. Immediately make a report to the bank regarding this wrong transfer case. The bank will connect you with the transfer of funds.

After it is confirmed that the recipient of the funds is not you, a wrong transfer occurs, and the owner of the funds wants the money back. So, you must return the money immediately. However it is not your right.

In some cases, the owner of the wrong transfer of funds can also forgive the money or not make a problem with it. This can happen due to several things. For example, the nominal is not too big for the owner of the funds, he has already re-transferred it to the intended recipient, or he has given up the money.

In this case, of course, you must have clarified to the bank and the owner of the funds. If that’s the case, and the owner of the fund does in the end give the money to you and doesn’t make a fuss about it again. So you should be grateful, maybe this is one of God’s ways to provide sustenance for you in an unexpected way.

Religious and criminal law recognizes that money is wrongly transferred, especially in the criminal law itself which is regulated in Law number 3 of 2011 concerning the transfer of funds.

In essence, if you receive a wrong transfer of funds or the ATM is filled up suddenly then you must make a report and clarification to the bank or the authorities. This aims to avoid the criminal snares regulated in the law, because the customer (you) has shown good faith and the precautionary principle.

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