Proven business ideas to make money for students

Welcome to IT People Blog. Being a student is the most profitable time to try various business models because they still have a lot of free time, a fairly young age, life is borne by their parents, creative mindset to healthy stamina.

While still in college, we have flexible free time, free internet access 24 hours on campus or even in a boarding house/dormitory, enthusiasm and physical health are still passionate, in terms of age it is still very easy to invest, or graduate from college already have the capital to build a business and get married

The needs of students such as paying for boarding, snacks, internet quota, gas money are still borne by parents. This is a golden period to seek work experience so that later after graduation you are not surprised, it is hoped that you already have a little picture of how to develop a business in the world of work or even be more successful. Most students after graduation experience depression due to unhealthy competition in the world of work, and of course there are lots of new graduates with cum laude predicate

For those of you who are still students, please don’t waste your golden period with useless things such as being a butterfly student who always feels cool even though he is considered the stupidest in his class, or doesn’t master any branch of science even though you already know. successfully passed through the learning of the course

You know, many students for 3 semesters have learned to code websites, it turns out that until graduation they still don’t understand how to make a website, maybe during lectures he just joins the group without ever studying independently, it’s really a waste

Even though the skill of a student who is still in the learning stage can generate large amounts of money, here are some examples of business ideas for students with high potential

Proven business ideas that make money

1. Become a photographer or videographer

Along with the development of technology, various business lines require the services of photographers and videographers as documentation and promotions such as at weddings, selling product photos, non-official official events to important events.

If you happen to have a hobby of photographers and want to pursue the world of videographers, there’s nothing wrong with joining a campus committee event just to hone your skills, oh yes, the wedding videographer I hired yesterday, the video maker is still in college, but the results are pretty good. The only capital needed is a cellphone with good camera specs and a laptop for the editing process

Can be done in a team of 3-4 people, or can join the CV as part time

2. Open private lessons

For those of you who take the teacher training program, you can try to open private lessons with the target of elementary, middle and high school children according to the college major you are pursuing.

If you are a student majoring in Mathematics and Natural Sciences, you can open private lessons for school children in mathematics, chemistry, physics and biology, as well as if your major is management, you can provide economics lessons.

The advantage of opening private lessons is that the first one is obviously getting a lot of additional income, then deepening the knowledge material being studied and practicing teaching skills. The time can be adjusted to lecture hours, for example at night after coming home from college, on holidays or weekends

Private lessons themselves can be done from house to house, open lessons for neighboring children to join online learning platforms

3. Open a graphic design service

Devoted to students who like design, making any design pattern can in fact generate high income. Especially if you major in graphic design and visual communication. On the internet there are many companies that buy design patterns that have not been registered with a copyright license. In addition, if your design sells expensively, it can be used as a portfolio to prepare for a job application later

All business lines require graphic design services as personal branding, promotion and symbols/logos. Well, most jobs like this are found in online marketplaces specifically for freelancers and usually the work system is remote working, aka working from anywhere

Try selling some design patterns on sites that sell pictures, they will definitely sell well

4. Opening an online shop

With minimal capital, students can generate millions by utilizing technology for marketing digital products through online marketing platforms/online shops and social media. The capital is minimal, you can make your own products or offer products from neighboring home industries. You can also offer goods from other places by using an item price comparison site

You don’t need to think about the monthly rent or looking for a strategic location to sell. There is no risk if one determines the market interest. By becoming a dropshipper and reseller, the only capital needed is free time, a smartphone and an internet connection.

5. Article writing services

His hobby of writing articles on various general themes such as technology, news, finance, is proven to be able to generate money, especially for the theme of specific articles on automotive, football, which has a very high potential for money. Writing is usually a hobby for most people.

Who are the target customers? small bloggers like me who keep popping up every day, online business people who have websites, well-known and less well-known media sites, all need the services of a freelance writer.

The capital needed is only free time because I myself feel the duration of writing an article of 1000 words is 30-45 minutes, with a fee per article 50-80k+ depending on your portfolio and ability

The hobby of writing can bring material benefits, also in the process it can be done anywhere, anytime and of course it must be completed on time according to the client’s request.

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6. Open a culinary business

One type of business that is timeless is culinary, in the past maybe food was still expensive and simple but now a variety of delicious culinary is available at affordable prices. Well, these students mostly like snacks. This golden opportunity can be used by students who like to make cakes, baby squid sauce, pasta / side dishes to sell their food.

If I like spicy macaroni-style snacks, just imagine if there is a student whose house is poor near a cheap macaroni reseller and then goes to college in Kediri selling these delicious snacks, selling out up to 150 snacks a day with the potential to buy at resellers for 6k/snack later for sale for 10 thousand / snack, you can multiply the profit potential

Opportunity to sell during active days in lectures to offer to local groups with a DO payment system or if the goods have not been restocked, you can PO first

However, it is unfortunate that some of my friends who are studying while working, actually neglect their studies and focus on side jobs that provide temporary benefits. In the past, I was also late for my thesis because of selling ebooks in online stores, but it happened to be selling well.

I thought that after graduating from college or maybe on vacation, I focused on selling ebooks online, it turns out that after graduating from college, online ebooks that used to sell in dozens of days are now very difficult because there are many good pirated/free versions.

It is hoped that after graduation students will not be confused about finding work, even if they are already civil servants/doctors/police workers, they will still have the desire to earn money through side businesses. During college, you can gather experience and hopefully after graduating college you can be successful because you already know the knowledge.



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