Promising Online Investment Options for Young People

IT People’s Blog – Currently there are lots of e-wallets that offer digital money storage to support payments from trusted online store merchants with tempting cashbacks. Saving in an e-wallet is also more profitable than in a bank. The millennial generation must be literate in online investment so that in the future they have a lot of money savings

Starting an online investment can be done by anyone without having to sell the house and its contents, even today many students have set aside their money for investment.

If my pocket money when I was in elementary-junior high-high school-college was used up for buying food, the current xyz generation’s pocket money is not just for buying food, there is a need to buy internet packages, gasoline, dating and others

In this post, I will share examples of online investment options that are suitable for easy children or what we call the millennial generation

Online Investment Promises For Young People

1. In Mutual Funds

If you are still a beginner, afraid to lose, look for something that will definitely make a profit even if it’s only a little, try setting aside savings to a mutual fund because it is proven safe, definitely profitable and more profitable than saving in a bank

So this mutual fund collects funds from investors which will later be managed by the manager to be distributed to a securities portfolio such as buying shares and so on.

The types of mutual funds themselves have market mutual funds that are certain to profit even though they are small, bond mutual funds have a minimum risk, stock mutual funds have a lot of profit but the risk is also large and mixed mutual funds (alternative options for newbies)

If you are a beginner, choose money market mutual funds, if you want to see more attractive profits, I suggest choosing mixed funds

2. Buy gold

Gold itself is an ancient form of investment that has proven to be stable and safe. You can physically store gold and then sell it when the gold price is rising to enjoy the profits

In this digital era, you can save gold through applications such as funds, neo bank, etc., although it is virtual, it is proven safe as long as it is legal

Gold is a safe investment and very minimal risk. You have digital gold savings and can sell them whenever needed. No need to be afraid of the house being robbed or snatched while shopping

What if you need the physical? so gold investment in digital form can also be physically printed with certain conditions, saving gold is suitable for long-term financial plans

3. State retail bonds

So, bonds are debt securities that are traded and can be owned by the general public like you and you. Indirectly you participate in lending to the state for debt rather than lending to friends who are fierce when they are billed hehe

As an investor, you are entitled to receive a full loan refund with interest. Retail State Bonds, abbreviated as ORI, are highly recommended for online investment

The way to buy can be through a conventional bank that sells ORI or it can be through a special application on a smartphone, usually seeds

4. Buying Shares

If you own shares of a number of companies, you indirectly participate as the owner of the company, that is if you have enough slots

Where do the advantages of buying stock slots come from? from the increase in stock prices and dividends/profit sharing of the company. But do not be too demanding profit because some companies do not promise a definite dividend to their investors. If you lose, it’s okay

It is not recommended for beginners, even experts must be careful in choosing stock instruments and indeed require certain skills. What you need to learn about stock transactions, how the capital market works, strategies for managing stocks

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The key, a big return means a big risk too. If you expect to receive a large profit, it means that the opportunity for loss is also very large

5. Play deposit

If you have cold, unused money, you should just put it in a deposit because in the future it can be a source of passive income every month and can only be disbursed after maturity

You only need to open a deposit with minimum funds, choose a period of one month, a year, two years, the bigger the deposit, the bigger the yield. Suitable for long term investment

Money on deposit cannot be withdrawn at any time until maturity. Look for the bank with the highest deposit interest for big profits.

Deposits do not have to go to an official bank, through the Neo Commerce digital bank you can also open a deposit and the yield can be monitored directly through the application

There is Neo Wow Instant a month with 8% PA, choose as you wish.

Now you know the various trusted online investment options that are profitable for young people. If I was still in junior high school, I would probably be very excited to join an online investment program. Because it’s almost 3 heads where the need is a lot, the emergency fund is tight hehe

That’s reasonable because my budget is small, if my budget is 1 billion I can passive income 4 million / month hehe if you want big results then the capital must also be large, but indeed the concept of saving is setting aside money regularly so that you know there are a lot of pluss, the difference is if you use an ordinary piggy bank our money is according to the accumulation of temporary savings, if through online investment, our money will continue to grow every month according to the profit sharing from the company


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