Photo Tricks on the Beach that are Instagramable Only with Hp

How do you make shots only with your cellphone Instagramable? Not all influencers always use professional cameras to produce interesting photos. Some of them only have cellphone capital.

Reported from Techno Cubic To be able to produce aesthetic photos, you don’t have to be professional first. Especially now that there are more and more sophisticated cellphones with expensive lenses that can shoot various types of panoramas.

Those of you who are curious about how you can learn the tricks.

Photo Tricks on the Beach
Beach photo tricks with HP

Tricks to make photos on the beach look Instagramable

The level of difficulty photographing on the beach is most often a matter of lighting. The scorching sun actually produces a gray photo display. Not to mention if the clouds are cloudy, the photos will be even more unattractive.

Now you don’t need to be afraid of bad shots, because every cellphone is now equipped with various features. You can change the look to make it brighter and even add effects to make the photo more charming.

Intrigued by how the trick to produce Instagramable photos? You can follow the following trick.

1. Photographing Ocean Objects

There are many marine objects that you can photograph without having to dive, especially at low tide during the day. There are so many marine animals such as coral reefs, starfish and fish trapped among the corals.

You should take pictures of all these marine objects because their shapes and colors are very beautiful. Close up photos that clearly show the texture of marine objects are more appropriate to choose.

2. Shooting with the Slow Speed ​​Feature

If you go into manual settings on the cellphone camera, there must be many features available, one of which is slow speed photos. This technique is usually used to photograph moving light so that it looks like a line.

When applied to moving sea water exposed to light, the water will appear calm. To do this trick you have to use a tripod because the photo shoot process takes a few seconds.

3. Shooting from a Height

The panorama of the beach will be clear if you shoot from a height. You can climb a fairly high rock and take pictures from above. So that the coastline and the vast sea will look attractive, especially coupled with sunset or sunrise.

Your photo will show a horizon line and a yellowish-blue sky. You can take these shots with your cellphone without having a professional camera. As long as you can determine the right angle and be careful not to fall.

4. Take Pictures of Fisherman Activities

Not always a beautiful model, you can also take photos of residents around the beach. Every day fishermen must have activities on the beach. Be it auctions, folding nets or cleaning their boats.

You can take pictures of their activities so that it becomes a photo that looks natural. You can make the sea as the background for their activities. Who knows you can get cool photos no less than professionals.

5. Create a Silhouette Photo

It’s not just sunset photos that you can get. When the sun rises or sets you can use it as a background for a silhouette photo. This type of photo requires light from behind that is bright enough so that objects appear only shadows.

It’s even better if you can take advantage of the reflection of the sea water so as to create a reflection of the silhouette. Whatever object you choose, silhouette photos are always a mainstay for the Instagramable.

6. Milky Way Photo

Are you camping on the beach? Take advantage of this moment to get milky way photos. At night, the lighting on the beach is very little and you can use it to take pictures of all the stars scattered in the sky.

Only at this time can you get a photo of the sky brighter than on earth. You can also combine photos of stars with rocky beach areas so that the beach panorama is still visible.

While shooting at the beach, make sure that your camera is in good condition. Don’t forget to clean your lenses often, because salt water can quickly make them dirty.


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