OA LINE To Find Match and Friends

OA LINE To Find Match and Friends – The Line interface is similar to WeChat. The first tab allows you to find the Line app, receive friend recommendations, create groups, and view a list of friends and official accounts you follow.

Line offers free Voice over IP calls, video calls and instant messaging. Line has even surpassed apps like Skype in terms of the number of users registered and using it, with an estimated user base of around 700 million users worldwide. Line has earned a strong reputation in many countries in Asia as well as the West as a WhatsApp alternative.

There used to be two types of LINE business accounts, [email protected] accounts, and OA BOT LINE accounts. At , Line simplifies its business account system. Now there is only one type of LINE Business Account: OA BOT LINE Account. If you want to start a messaging customer on Line, LINE’s OA BOT Account is your only option. The previous line is used to have the account type Line @.

There are 3 additional tabs. One for chats, this tab lists all your conversations in order. The other is the news tab which shows posts from friends and from OA BOT LINE Accounts you follow.

Like WhatsApp and Viber, Line registers users using their mobile number. It also offers paid calls to mobile devices, in addition to free user-to-user calls and text messages through the service.

Line offers several features that extend the app into the realm of social networking. For example, the service provides stickers and emoticons, many of which are available for purchase through the Theme Store and Sticker Shop.

OA BOT LINE Account To Find a Match

OA BOT LINE Account To Find a Match

The solution when the peat hits

Feature :

looking for a soulmate
Find a new friend or even a new crush by using the Find Match feature! 😀

Family 100
Do you think you are the best at guessing questions? Let’s try this Family 100…

find word
A game that sharpens your foresight 😀

Penalty Shootout
A game that is suitable for football lovers 😀

Connect Words
Feeling good at connecting words? Let’s try the Word Connect game

Guess the Song
Smart in determining the title of the song from the lyrics? Let’s try Guess the Song!

Guess the word

This game is both annoying and challenging. Let’s Try Guess the Word 😀

Bot Line looking for matchmaking ica ica :

just add it


Id line (use @):


1. First ADD First the OA account above can use the link or id
2. After that it will appear on your veranda

Feature :
– Looking for a soulmate
– Find Friends (directly type in chat)
– Search Group (invite ica ica to group and type Search Group)
– Search Room (invite ica ica to multichat and type Search Room)

How to find a match on ica ica BOT

– Find a mate (directly type)
– Search Room (invite ica ica to group or multichat and type Search Room)
– etc

Question And Answer

– Sis ica ica can’t send pictures, right?
You can’t, because the line is not given access.

– Sis ica ica can’t send stickers, right?
Yes, free stickers from the line… if you buy it, you can’t.

-Sis, can you download photos/videos other than Instagram?
No, Instagram only.

– Sis, how do you download videos/photos from Instagram?
You copy the photo/video link, paste it and chat with ica ica. you can see the video below.

– Sis, the features of ica ica apart from “Find Friends” and “Download from Instagram” what else is there?
If you invite ica ica to the group and someone says rude/dirty, they will be reprimanded. the rest is still in progress.

that’s all OA LINE To Find Match and Friends, hopefully it’s useful.


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