Must Know What are the Computer Components

IT People Blog – Computers are one of the electronic goods that have a very important role in today’s conditions. The computer itself is very helpful in your daily work and has become one of the basic needs today for studying, doing assignments, and working. With the many benefits offered, there are computer components that you should know so that you can know more about this one technological device.

What is a Computer

A computer is an electronic device that can be used to program or receive raw data as input and process it with a set of programs or instructions in order to produce an output.

General Functions of a Computer

Computers have several important functions as below.

1. Output Data

The data that has been processed on the computer, then the results will be available and can be used by users for several purposes. Examples of output data are hard copy to paper media, audio sound, monitor screen display and so on.

2. Data Storage

Data storage serves as a place to store various information. The storage varies. The function of one of these computer components is to make it easier for users to store and find the data they are looking for or will use again later. The data can be stored in the external or internal memory of the computer.


HDD or Hard Disk Drive and SSD or Solid State Disk are examples of internal storage of computer devices and serve to protect and house all digital data in the form of information contained in the computer.

3. Data Processing

Various forms of information and data are the result of computer processing. The data is then processed and produces an output in the form of information.

Processing of information or data is one of the direct functions of the computer. The brain of the computer itself is called the CPU where all the data is processed. The CPU itself is a chip that generally has a size of half an inch and is in the socket of the computer motherboard.

4. Input Data

This function is used to receive information or data from outside sources. Data that has been received through activity on the mouse, keyboard, or from other devices.

Computer Components

The components of a computer consist of hardware or hardware and also software or software. Here are some computer hardware that you can know.

1. CPU

The CPU itself has an important role in the working system of a computer. That’s because the CPU is the brain that functions to run and interpret commands that have been given by the user or the people who are running or operating the computer.


The working system of the CPU itself has been supported by several other computer parts, one of which is software or software which is an application to be used to carry out certain jobs.

You need to know that when carrying out its functions, the CPU is composed of billions of billions of tiny transistors mounted on a computer chip. All other hardware which is a computer component must be connected to the CPU. If it is not connected, then other hardware will not be able to function because there is no brain (CPU) that gives orders to do a job.

2. Monitor

Computer hardware is hardware where its physical form can be seen directly and clearly. The next computer hardware that is very important is the monitor. The monitor itself is the main hardware device that must be included in the arrangement of computer equipment. Monitor serves to display the results or output, graphics, and other videos that have been processed by commands from the CPU.


The desktop that has been displayed on the monitor screen has been connected directly via a cable that has been installed in the computer’s video card located in the computer system motherboard.

There are two types of computer monitors, namely LCD and CRT. LCD is the latest type of monitor with a lighter, thinner, and easier to use model. While CRT is a type of regular monitor and generally you can find on older versions of computers.

While the tablet or laptop does not have a separate monitor device. What it means is to become one or join so that the design looks simpler and more compact than a computer.

3. Mouse


Another computer hardware is the mouse which is an input device for the hand operator so that it can be used to move the cursor on the screen. You can find this mouse itself in the form of using a cable and there is no cable.

The mouse itself must also be connected to the CPU so that it can carry out its functions or tasks correctly. Inside the mouse is a laser ball that functions to scroll up and down.

4. Keyboard

The next physical component that makes up a computer system is the keyboard. The keyboard itself is a board consisting of symbol keys, letters, and several other command functions so that it can be used to provide input to the computer.

The general function of the keyboard is to write or type text and also various forms of data that you are working on. Like a mouse, you can find the keyboard itself in the form of a cable or not without a cable.

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5. RAM

Another computer component is RAM or short for Random Access Memory. RAM itself is a type of hardware that functions to store information and then process the information that has been obtained


The speed of processing that is carried out is much faster when compared to a hard drive. However, if the computer system suddenly shuts down, the data that has been recorded in RAM will be automatically deleted.

There are two types of RAM that are commonly used, namely Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) and Static Random Access Memory (SRAM). DRAM is generally used in today’s (modern) computers, while SRAM is generally used in CPU cache memory.

6. Printers

This hardware is useful for printing a document so that it can be seen physically. Generally, this document is printed on paper so that the data of a job that has been done can be read and seen in real terms. Printers themselves have various types and are distinguished by processing speed, size, and other factors.

7. Hard disk

The hard disk functions as a permanent data store. The hard drive itself is a computer component that generally needs to be installed first on the CPU or used as needed so that it can be installed and removed at will.

Those are some of the functions and components of a computer that you should know in order to be able to assemble your own computer at home. By knowing the basics, then you know which one is a priority when paying for the purchase of computer components



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