Miniso Marketing Strategy and Why is Miniso Cheap?

Miniso Marketing Strategy and Why is Miniso Cheap? – Don’t be surprised if Miniso is cheap, because this brand is from China but has a Japanese style. It’s 8 years old, but “aggressive expansion” makes them have 3500+ outlets in the world.

Who would have thought that this retail store called MINISO is clearly not from Japan, you know, but from China. Many Indonesians today are deceived by the origins of the company. But that’s great in the business world. MINISO deliberately makes its marketing strategy similar to Japanese retail stores, namely Uniqlo and Daiso.

This is based on the fact that the Indonesian people trust high quality products from Japan. The statement above is the result of a survey conducted at the end of February, where 42.4% said they (respondents) bought Japanese brands in Indonesia.

6% mentioned certain brands and products in the last three months and on the 31st. However, about a quarter of the brands and products mentioned by respondents were from other countries. It is undeniable that MINISO is one of the largest retailers in Indonesia. This company provides cheap goods for daily needs.

Miniso Marketing Strategy and Why Miniso Is Cheap

There are 3 marketing things that make Miniso’s growth really fast compared to its competitors.

1. Low Cost Strategy

Many Chinese products have low prices because of low wages but have good quality work. This is also the reason why brands like Apple & Adidas have factories in China.

Low wages make them able to reduce costs but still have good quality.

2. In-store Experience

Miniso Marketing Strategy and Why is Miniso Cheap?

The Miniso store looks cool & the products are neatly arranged. Moreover, this is supported by the minimalist interior.

It’s no wonder that Miniso is often used as “window shopping”, especially young people. Indirectly this increases their store visit & looks busy.

3. Psychiatric Presence

Phyangital is a concept that bridges digital stores with physical stores to provide an interactive experience for users.

This digital-physical combination is now widely used by retailers, to make it easier for consumers and provide a better customer experience.

Another reason why Miniso has fast growth is because its products adapt to the current market needs, especially young people who want branded, cheap & quality goods.

The concept of one stop shopping also seems to have been really thought about by Miniso, they provide various kinds of household needs. Starting from cutlery, make-up, perfume, bags to sandals are also available. Society considers this efficient and effective, Practical.

The choice of pastel colors that young children tend to like is dominant

Various partnerships that are quite frequent and ‘funny’ for the market, one of which We Bear Bears at that time quite boosted Miniso when it was first released here

Don’t forget that Miniso’s visual strategy is “Golden Display” ya minjar hhe, namely the entrance display strategy, where the top 3 shelves always steal our attention.

It’s rare to enter Miniso and don’t immediately see the top shelf arrangement, which makes us want to buy it on purpose

Miniso is quality = price

Grandpa, have you bought things that cost that much, if it’s broken, you won’t cry a lot

And the quality of the miniso tends to be fair

If you go to a mall, it’s really mandatory to enter minuso, even if you just look at it, you can’t buy it 🤣 The price is also still affordable, especially if you buy it for a gift, it’s still okay

Who usually shop at Miniso? What do you think is interesting about this Miniso?


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